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Best Face Shield Manufacturers of 2023

Looking for the top face shield producers for your business or own specifications? We have compiled the top face shield companies for you in this article. Continue reading!
Face Shield Manufacturers
Face shields are manufactured to secure the whole face. They come in different shapes, but all comprise a transparent plastic obstruction, a full-face visor covering the front past the chin. Face shields empower quick manufacturing, making it conceivable to create them in expansive sums when required. The generation takes a few steps, starting with the tall, gleaming wrap-up PET film. A protective coating is connected straightforwardly to prevent the surface from getting scratched or messy.
Best Face Shield Manufacturers of 2023

FACE SHIELD Breaker Market Overview

The global face shields market estimate was esteemed at USD 0.7 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to witness a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 7.2% from 2022 to 2030. Rising mindfulness of healthcare-associated diseases, at the side of an increment in Covid-19 cases around the globe, has expanded the request for face shields. A colossal number of development ventures have been delayed or ended as a result of the effect of the new coronavirus on the governments and ventures that commissioned them. Besides, supply chain limitations of materials and gear, particularly raw materials such as steel from Asia, are anticipated to form extended delays within the coming long time, constraining requests for face shields. Taking after the widespread, booming healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses will drive market development.

11 Leading Manufacturers of Face Shield of 2023

Below are a few of the leading face shield manufacturers you’ll select from. Moreover, given the subtle elements such as their item list for encouragement, offer assistance:

Sanax Protective Products Face Shield

Established in 1990, Sanax Protective Products has strived to supply the maximum conceivable contamination control and disposable products to our esteemed clients worldwide. Their items are sold within the medical, dental, veterinary, and tattoo markets. They have partnered with different manufacturing face shields companies worldwide to deliver items that meet or surpass legislative prerequisites within the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan, and elsewhere.

Sanax Protective Products Official Website: https://sanaxinc.com/
Sanax Inc. Face Shield: https://sanaxinc.com/product-category/face-shields/
About Sanax Protective Products: https://sanaxinc.com/company-profile/
Other Products: https://sanaxinc.com/products/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Sanax Protective Products1990105 Palmer River Rd, Swansea, MA 02777, USAAlex Freedman

PT Packaging Face Shield

In 1979, Printex Packaging began manufacturing a few of the nation’s original, innovative, adequate packaging. Based in Islandia, N.Y., Printex Packaging utilized state-of-the-art innovation and strategies to make plastic packaging with unprecedented visual requests. Over a long time, Printex became known as a master in advertising packages that drive deals. Their clear plastic packaging, plain plastic packaging, and clear plastic boxes joined the most recent innovation with appealing packaging designs.

Printex Transparent Packaging Official Website: https://www.ptpackaging.com/
Printex Transparent Packaging Face Shield: https://www.ptpackaging.com/products-services/clear-plastic-face-shields/
About Printex Transparent Packaging: ptpackaging.com/about/
Other Capabilities: https://www.ptpackaging.com/capabilities/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Printex Transparent Packaging1979Islandia, New YorkDavid Dennison

Anand Plastics Face Shield

Established in 1990, Anand Plastics entered the commerce world with the dream of seizing a position as a fabulous exporter, provider, dealer, and merchant of impressive quality development division-related outside and inside materials, as well as moments and trophies. With our special effect within the showcase through our faultless item line, we universally allude to an assortment of interior/exterior planning materials, minutes, and trophies. With great referrals from our worldwide supporters, our items stand out compared to our competitors in terms of overall quality, strength, and longer benefit life.

Anand Plastics Official Website: https://anandplastics.com/
Anand Plastics Face Shield: https://anandplastics.com/face-guard-face-shield-for-corona/
About Anand Plastics: https://anandplastics.com/about-us/
Other Products: https://anandplastics.com/all-plastic-sheet/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Anand Plastics1990New Delhi, Delhi 110055, IndiaSumit Pahuja

JBC Technologies Face Shield

JBC Technologies has been in commerce since 1988 and was established on quality, responsiveness, extraordinary client benefit, and design back. Their center values distinguish the standards they trust will drive the activities and behaviors of all our staff. They are the establishment for how they conduct their individual and proficient lives. It is the conviction that an effective organization must grasp the soul of these central values.

JBC Technologies Official Website: https://www.jbc-tech.com/
JBC Technologies Face Shield: https://www.jbc-tech.com/about-us/covid-19-response/medical-face-shield-kits/
About JBC Technologies: https://www.jbc-tech.com/about-us/
Other Capabilities: https://www.jbc-tech.com/capabilities/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
JBC Technologies1988North Ridgeville, OH 44039, USATodd Wright

Medtecs Face Shield

The largest supplier and retailer of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the world, Medtecs International Corporation Limited (the “Company” or “Medtecs”), is a dependable multi-national PPE stockpiling arrangements supplier to governments and mass acquiring organizations all over the world.

Medtecs International Corporation Limited Official Website: https://www.medtecs.com/
Medtecs Face Shield: https://www.medtecs.com/face-shield/
About Medtecs: https://www.medtecs.com/about-medtecs/
Other Services: https://www.medtecs.com/integrated-hospital-services/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Medtecs1989Taipei City 110, TaiwanJean-Pascal Tricoire

Media Blink Face Shield

In April 2020 within the early stages of COVID-19 widespread within the U.S., there were PPE deficiencies across the nation as healing centers and other care offices were overpowered by the influx of patients. They instantly rotated their trade to reply to the emergency. The reaction was so positive, and the shields were so well surveyed and gotten by nationwide businesses that they started advertising their face shields for a deal to open.

Media Blink Official Website: https://www.faceshield.com/
Media Blink Face Shield: https://www.faceshield.com/ppe/box-of-5-kids-face-shields/
About Media Blink: https://www.faceshield.com/about/
Other Shops: https://www.faceshield.com/shop/

Service Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
 Media Blink
United States
Bruce McMillan

3M Face Shield

More than a century ago, 3M began as small-scale mining wanders in Northern Minnesota, at that point, named Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Presently a worldwide powerhouse, their items move forward the everyday lives of individuals worldwide. But their victory and life span needed to be clarified from the beginning. They attempted. They fizzled. They tried something modern. Rehash cycle. Development and tirelessness drove their originators, and it goes 3Mers nowadays.

3M Official Website: https://www.3m.com/
3M Face Shield: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/v000265031/
About 3M: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/about-3m/history/
3M Partners suppliers: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/partners-suppliers/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
3M1902Northern Minnesota, USAMike Roman

Casco Bay Manufacturing Face Shield

The Casco Bay Molding group comprises experienced item advancement experts and plastic and silicone fabricating insiders. They appreciate the item improvement preparation, particularly when they can help optimize a product’s execution and make it simpler and more solid to fabricate. Their staff increases in value the opportunity to advance a manufacturing handle that requires numerous disciplines, counting plastic and silicone portion molding, portion gathering & taking care of, ultrasonic welding, and assessment.

Casco Bay Molding Official Website: https://www.cascobaymolding.com/
Casco Bay Molding Face Shield: https://www.cascobaymolding.com/face-shield
About Casco Bay Molding: https://www.cascobaymolding.com/our-team
Other Term of Services: https://www.cascobaymolding.com/terms-of-service

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Casco Bay Molding2000
ME 04073, USA
Andrew Powell

ABNG International Face Shield

BNG International is the leading accomplice of choice for American and European manufacturers who want to market, brand, and offer their items universally. It is a trusted accomplice for outside wholesalers looking to offer premium quality items. A US-based company in New York with department workplaces in Madrid and Dubai, they are superbly situated to communicate with and bolster their accomplices, clients, and clients around the globe. They offer natural capabilities to the producers of their services to boost their worldwide nearness and give a proficient stage to execute commerce bargains with certainty.

ABNG International Official Website: https://www.abnginternational.com/home/
ABNG International Face Shield: https://www.abnginternational.com/abng-face-shield/
About ABNG International: https://www.abnginternational.com/about-us/
ABNG International Differentiation: https://www.abnginternational.com/differentiation/

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
 ABNG InternationalUnknownPearl River, NY 10965, USAHugh Burgess

Safetywala Equipments LLP Face Shields

Built up as a partnership firm in 2017, Safetywala Equipments LLP could be well-known. They are manufacturers, distributors, providers, benefit suppliers, dealers, and retailers of Safety Gloves, Security Head protectors, Face masks, Body Protection Suits, Ear Protection, Face shields, Protection Items, etc. Being a client-arranged substance, their major center lies in understanding and satisfying all their prerequisites.

Safetywala Equipments LLP Official Website: https://www.safetywala.net/
Safetywala Equipments LLP Face Shield: https://www.safetywala.net/face-shield.html
About Safetywala Equipments LLP: https://www.safetywala.net/profile.html
Other Products and Services: https://www.safetywala.net/safety-products-and-lifting-equipments.html

Service Offered:
Product features:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Safetywala Equipments LLP2017Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382210, IndiaRushabh Sutaria

What is a face shield?

Face shields protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and face from flying objects and fluids. They are not an excellent substitute for confronting covers since they offer different assurance against COVID-19. A face shield could be a piece of personal defensive gear (PPE). To supply ideal protection, they are planned to cover the complete confront (from the beat of the head to the chin and covering the ears evenly) and ensure the wearer from viral spray particles. Face shields are best at providing from coughs and wheezes.

Benefits of a face shield

One of the most prominent points of interest in face shields is their transparency. Face shields are inconspicuous updates to clients not to touch their confront. Touching your confront is exceptionally common, and often, you might not realize that you’re doing it. Face shields offer a number of key benefits to wearers, including:

Viral Protection

Face shields stop airborne particles from coming to the face, counting the eyes, frequently cleared out unprotected by other implies of PPE. Face shields constrain face touching, so wearers don’t exchange viral particles to the face, where they can rapidly enter the body.


Face shields can be securely sanitized so that a single shield can give proceeded assurance.


Face shields are lightweight, cushioned, and vented, so you can wear them for hours without making them awkward. Face shields, moreover, don’t cause glasses to fog, which may be a visit complaint related to masks.

Facilitate Communication

Masks darken facial highlights and suppress the voice. Where secure, selecting a face shield over a cover can encourage communication, particularly for individuals with hearing incapacities who depend more intensely on facial signals for comprehension.

Material Used for Face Shield

When selecting face shields, the foremost critical thought is the focal point plate. The quality of the focal point plate eventually reflects the clarity and affects the resistance of the face shield. Here are a few common materials for face shield uses.

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate face shields make a see-through boundary between you and the individuals you’re working with or serving. These shields ensure you, to a degree, guard your eyes and other mucous film regions from exterior germs.

Glycol Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETG)

More than ever, high-quality materials are in hot request, particularly materials that can assist individuals in remaining protected from airborne germs and viruses. This transparent face shield fabric can be die-cut and works incredibly for exact, molded-in subtle elements without compromising basic astuteness.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) face shield comprises polypropylene (headband) and splash-resistant PET foils front screen. Perfect for face assurance against COVID-19. Can use PET face shields to protect against COVID-19. In any case, it does not supplant the utilization of covers. They are displayed as an extra elective to the requirement for security from COVID-19.

Things to Consider when Choosing Face Shield

Choosing a face shield that fits legitimately is the foremost vital. Face shields should work cozily, and there shouldn’t be any crevices between your temple and the headband. The protection should amplify underneath your chin and cover the best of the temple. Face shields are too accessible in more extensive choices, although it’s suggested to discover one that fits as portrayed over.

Comfort and Fit

Lightweight development guarantees laborers don’t encounter weariness amid long working hours. A face shield ought to too fit cozily, and the headgear plays a crucial part in accomplishing an appropriate fit. It is ordinarily flexible through an adjustable headband for the circumference and a beat band for profundity.

Anti-fogging coating

Fogging is more than annoying. When lenses haze up, they essentially diminish the perceivability of the wearer, expanding the chance of mishaps. Thin-film coatings made of polymers and hydrogels are utilized to avoid misting at exceptionally low and elevated temperatures.

Anti-scratch coating

The lens’s exterior should be ensured with scratch-resistant coatings for additional strength and scraped area resistance. It moreover makes the item simpler to clean.

Care and maintenance

One of the points of interest in face shields is their toughness, permitting them to be re-worn numerous times. Another advantage is that they are simple to clean after utilization and prevent the wearer from touching their face. Reusable face shields are safe from disinfectants, serializable, and launderable.


Price is, of course, something to consider. Be careful of too-good-to-be-true offers, as fake items are effectively accessible, as well, and can jeopardize laborer well-being and safety.

Things to Consider when Choosing Face Shield Manufacturer

Choosing the proper manufacturing is an integral portion of effective commerce. In expansion to being an initial step towards victory, the right manufacturing company can assist in optimizing both the effectiveness and quality of business. To best direct your look, it can be helpful to begin by characterizing your particular manufacturing needs and discovering a company to meet the criteria.
Define your communication needs

The frequency you may have to communicate with your manufacturing company can promptly contract the look. The group of supervisors can consistently communicate with customers’ requesting frameworks and guarantee they meet their clients’ communication needs on time.

Learn how long the firm has been

They center their ability on manufacturing steel holders and have persistently progressed their commerce and manufacturing capabilities to meet their customers’ needs. Furthermore, their ergonomic gear has been utilized within the car manufacturing industry for over a year.

Ask for references and a sample product

Inquiring for references can unveil the standard of client benefit that’s to be anticipated. In expansion to concerns, a test item can give a substantial pointer of the quality to expect moving forward.

Choose companies with large production capacities

The number of items they wish to be delivered can straightforwardly reflect the measure of a manufacturing company and stockroom to seek for. Numerous producers have a least or most extreme prerequisite. Inquiring approximately their generation’s capacity can show distant better thought of their capabilities, and in case they’re inside a perfect run for their generation’s needs.


The benefit of face shields is their durability, permitting them to be worn an inconclusive number of times, the capacity to clean and clean rapidly after utilization, their consolation, and may too anticipate the wearer from touching their face. Through the shield, clarity is one of the best essential viewpoints. When obtaining a face shield, you must consider whether the structures, materials, and measurements suit your setting. You’ll, too, inquire about the manufacturer to supply pertinent data.
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