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Best Mesh Safety Shoes 2023 – Industrial Solution For Your Everyday Safety

Mesh Safety Shoes

Mesh material are highly popular in the sportswear industry due to its natural ability to absorb sweat and allow the feet to breathe. This is exactly why mesh safety shoes are an excellent choice for your everyday workwear. Combining this breathable material with high-quality construction, mesh footwear is extremely durable, comfortable and functional – a perfect combination of qualities that you need in a safety shoe.

The mesh safety shoes are made up of durable, lightweight and breathable materials like nylon, steel toe cap and high impact molded midsoles. These type of shoes are more flexible than conventional safety boots and provide excellent support to the ankle. The mesh breathes, letting air inside the shoe to keep feet dryer and reduce odors, which are associated with moist environments.

They are also lightweight making them easy to wear all day long without discomfort. Mesh footwear makes a perfect choice for any industry that requires high levels of activity and provides superior comfort to its users. A mesh safety shoe is perfect for many types of workers, especially those who need to wear the shoes all day long, but do not want their feet getting too hot or sweaty in them.

Mesh safety shoes provide excellent support and are very durable despite being quite lightweight. They are available in all the regular sizes and widths, which ensures they will fit most people perfectly.

What is OSHA Standards for Safety Shoes

Not only for Mesh type of safety shoes but also who are looking for new safety shoes, they should go through OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has some standards for the safety shoes. It is compulsory to follow the rules of OSHA while purchasing safety footwear. The upper part of mesh safety shoes need to be resistant against heat & flame.

This upper area will get in contact with high temperature of molten metals, chemicals and hot particles. Mesh safety shoes must be made up of leather or synthetic leather which has high level of abrasion resistance property.

  • OSHA safety standards require the safety shoes to have good quality rubber outsole with slip resistant. This will prevent accident of worker from slipping by providing proper grip and traction on the floor.
  • OSHA has different standards for different types of industries; we can take example of Chemical industry or pharmaceutical industry where workers required high level protection and care which is only provided by safety shoes.

Mesh Safety Shoes Application

Given that almost all industrial workspace require workers to be on their feet all day, mesh safety shoes are probably one of the best options if you want your employees providing comfort and safety both. Mesh safety shoes offer everything that workers need in order to stay safe, comfortable and well-protected during work hours.

These lightweight safety shoes can easily bear rough conditions like wet or oily surfaces without getting damaged. They also provide excellent ankle and arch support while walking for a long time and prevent the feet from getting tired easily. The most popular applications for Mesh Work Shoes include:

Industrial Use

Mesh work shoes are present in many industrial workplaces and factories because of their lightweight, breathability and comfort. They are suitable for work environments where the temperature is high, such as boiler rooms or steel mills, due to their tough design and ability to keep heat out.

Healthcare Use

Due to the lightweight nature of mesh safety shoes, they are not only suitable for outdoor work, but also in the healthcare industry. They offer comfort and safety for workers who need to stand and walk on hard surfaces all day long, such as nurses and orderlies.

Food Production

As mesh safety shoes are available in lightweight styles with steel-toe caps, they provide protection against heavy machinery and ankle support for when you’re working around moving conveyor belts and vehicles.

Construction Use

Mesh safety shoes are perfect for people who work in the construction industry, because they provide all-day comfort while still offering protection from falling objects or debris that may be present on a worksite. They also come with slip resistant soles to prevent accidents when walking over wet surfaces.

Transportation Use

Mesh safety shoes are available in styles with steel toe caps, which protect the feet when running or jumping onto moving vehicles. They also provide comfort and support when working on long hours, so they are perfect for people who work in transportation industries such as aviation.

How to Choose the Right Mesh Safety Shoes for You

There are many things to consider when choosing the right mesh safety shoes for you including:

1. Comfort & Fit

Mesh safety shoes should always fit well and provide enough support to reduce strain on your feet and legs due to prolonged standing or walking. They should also be no more than half a size too big because this will cause them to rub and blister, making them very uncomfortable to wear.

2. Ankle Protection

Mesh safety shoes with steel cap toes are ideal for protecting the feet from falling objects or debris that present itself on a worksite, but they also provide the additional benefit of the steel toe helping to keep your ankles stable and supported. This will prevent you from turning your ankle when working in cramped spaces or fighting against heavy equipment.

3. Grip & Traction

There are many surfaces that you need to be able to walk on comfortably and safely, especially in an industrial workspace. Make sure to choose mesh safety shoes with slip-resistant soles so that you can work confidently even when walking over wet or oily floors. You should also look for rubber soles and air-cells in the insole to provide you with extra shock absorbance and comfort.

4. Protection & Safety

Mesh safety shoes come with many benefits including: protection from falling objects or debris, steel toe caps for ankle support and slip resistant soles so you can work safely on oiled floors. But they also offer less obvious features such as being waterproof and breathable so you aren’t left with hot, sweaty feet at the end of a long day.

Mesh safety shoes are versatile, lightweight and very affordable work shoes that can be worn for an entire shift without causing discomfort or pain. They are perfect for anyone who works within an industrial environment due to their high level of protection, comfort and safety.

Leading Brands of Mesh Safety Shoes Today

there are many different brands of mesh safety shoes available in a wide range of styles and colors. They include:

Kodiak Safety Shoes

Kodiak produces an extensive collection of safety work boots, which offer comfort and durability for people working in the industrial sector. They integrate mesh material into the uppers of their footwear to allow for better airflow.

This helps prevent sweaty feet, which can lead to a variety of health concerns. They utilize an internal layer made from Dri-Lex, which keeps wearers’ feet dry and healthy in all types of work conditions.

Kodiak also uses Goodyear welt construction in many models, allowing the soles to be replaced any time they wear down. It’s possible for wearers to get several years of use out of a single pair, saving them money and reducing their environmental impact.

Kodiak Homepage: https://www.kodiakboots.com/home

Kodiak Men’s Footwear: https://www.kodiakboots.com/men/footwear/boots/?sz=12

Chef Works Shoes

Chef Works offers a complete line of stylish, functional chef clothing. Their safety shoes are made from lightweight materials and incorporate mesh panels in the uppers to provide increased airflow and temperature regulation.

They also use slip-resistant rubber outsoles, impact protection systems (IPS) and other advanced features that keep wearers comfortable and safe on the job.

Homepage: https://www.chefworks.com/

Condor Athletic Leather/Mesh Shoes: https://www.chefworks.com/shoes?style_fabric=18165

CLARKS Safety Shoes

Clark manufactures a wide range of comfortable, attractive casual footwear. While their safety shoes aren’t as durable or functional as those made by Kodiak and Chef Works, they do offer mesh uppers to help improve breathability and reduce perspiration.

They also make use of slip-resistant rubber soles and impact cushioning systems in most models.

ClarkUSA Homepage: https://www.clarksusa.com/

Clarks Breathable Solution: https://www.clarksusa.com/technologies/breathable/cool-means-comfortable

Reebok Mesh Shoes

Reebok is primarily known as a sports and fitness brand, but they do produce a small selection of safety shoes for people who work in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrial settings.

They use breathable fabric and mesh uppers to help wearers stay cool and comfortable at work. The brand has range of safety footwear styles available, including steel-toe work boots and traditional slip-on shoes.

Homepage: https://reebokwork.com/ Reebok

Sublite Cushion Work: https://reebokwork.com/sublite-cushion-work-rb4041/

Types of Protection a Mesh Work Shoes Can Give

  • Anti-Slip
  • Electrical Protection
  • Mechanical Protection
  • Anti-Static
  • Chemical Protection
  • Protection against Hot Surfaces


A mesh safety shoe is generally composed of two parts: the upper fabric and the sole. The work shoes offer good breathability, abrasion resistance, anti-slip properties, etc., which are helpful for workers to feel more comfortable when they work in hot temperature or wet environment. Mesh safety shoes are becoming one of the most popular If you are needing of lightweight and comfortable safety shoes, you can choose mesh safety shoe

AIMBOO is a rising brand of mesh safety shoes and many other work boots and shoes . We has been devoted to providing high quality and comfortable work shoes for people around the world. We provide wholesale and retail service for you. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our mesh safety shoes.

FAQs About Mesh Safety Shoes

What’s the main material of mesh safety shoes?

It can be made of both leather and non-leather. We all know, leather is more breathable than PU material. That’s why mesh safety shoes usually choose leather to make it. These shoes are more breathable and durable.

What protection a mesh safety shoes can give?

Mesh shoes usually have certain anti-slip, anti-static, heat insulation and mechanical properties. The anti-heat property is the main function of mesh boots to protect people from heat. We all know that the temperature in summer can reach more than 50 degrees Celsius. If a person wear a pair of safety shoes made from thicker leather, they will feel uncomfortable because the thick boots can’t breathable. And most mesh work boots are designed to manage air circulation, so most people wear them in summer and provide good protection for workers.

Are mesh safety shoes waterproof?

Mesh safety shoes usually have high breathability and no waterproof. When you go to work in summer, you can touch a water spray machine or even swim with your mesh safety shoes on.

How long a pair of mesh safety shoes can serve?

Most people can use one pair for three years if they take good care of them. We all know that mesh safety shoes are made from leather or non-leather. The main material of mesh safety shoes is high quality non-leather, because it can be breathable and durable. If a pair of mesh boots is made from leather, the shoe will be more breathable but not so durable. That’s why most people choose mesh shoes made from non-leather to buy.

What’s the difference between uppers and soles of mesh safety shoes?

Mesh shoes usually use different materials for their uppers and soles. The upper is usually made from leather or tough fabric such as Cordura, nylon and polyester. Basewell is usually made of rubber or polyurethane (PU). This kind of shoes will be more durable. Mesh shoes can give better breathability and adjust the temperature inside the shoe, so they are very popular among workers all over the world.

How long is the warranty period for AIMBOO’s footwear?

Generally, we provide 1 year warranty. You can use it freely within one year and if there’s any quality problem on our work shoes, please contact us. We will deal with it as soon as possible.

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