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Canvas Safety Shoes

Canvas safety shoe experts manufacturer in China will make your brand experts. Get in touch anytime!

Canvas Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Aimboo has been producing Canvas safety shoes for over 12 years, our workers are skilled in mastering canvas safety shoes. You can find high quality and comfortable Canvas safety shoes in our factory. Our skillful process can keep your order delivery time is stable. Aimboo Canvas safety shoes are very durable and suitable for use in a variety of different workplaces, so these styles of shoes are increasingly favored by buyers in different markets.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

Canvas Safety Shoes

Evey year Aimboo factory sells more than 2 hundred thousand canvas safety shoes to different countries.

You can find different styles of canvas safety shoes in the factory that have a supply for different brands in the European market

You don’t worry about the outsole slip-resistant issue, Aimboo canvas safety shoes built with high-quality PU material and each style outsole passed the SRC test.

For our canvas safety shoes, you can choose the composite toe or steel toe, both toe caps are available.

Aimboo canvas safety shoes approved CE certificate, you can extension and import to the EU market, it’s can help you save a lot of costs and time to applying for CE certificate.

In the past few years, our design team has focused on canvas safety shoe development and developed different styles of canvas safety shoes, including high cut, low cut, leather style, and outsole can make  PU sole, Rubber sole, TPU sole.

If your market lacks Canvas safety shoes, you can find the style in our factory to create your brand canvas safety shoes.

If you have any technical questions about Canvas safety shoes, our design and sales teams are ready for you!

Aimboo can also manufacture other types of sole like PU sole safety shoesRubber sole safety shoesTPU sole safety shoes, and more, Just send us an inquiry!

Canvas Safety Shoes- A Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you select the best safety shoes for the development of your business and to expand your horizon.

Through this guide, we seek to eradicate all doubts and worries regarding Canvas Safety Shoes.

This guide will tell you why Canvas Safety Shoes are a safe choice for your business.

So before you buy Canvas Safety Shoes, read this guide.

What are Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas Safety Shoes are specially designed for workplaces that have a high rate of potential hazards but also require a well-managed appearance.

Canvas Safety Shoes are the best example of a fusion of casual fashion and comfort as well as safety.

Canvas is usually made from cotton, linen, and sometimes hemp.

Canvas Safety Shoes can be worn in workplaces that mostly require indoor work.

Is canvas Good for Safety Shoes?

Canvas proves to be a good choice for safety shoes as it allows long hours of work without any discomfort.

It is lightweight and hence can also be carried for work travel.

Canvas Safety Shoes have a wide range of styles that might be beneficial for workplaces that prioritize safety as well as appearances.

They are also odorless shoes that are beneficial for long working hours.

What are the Benefits of Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas Safety Shoes are relatively cheaper than leather and other materials.

However, just because it’s cheap does not mean that it is of lesser quality.

Canvas Safety Shoes are extremely durable and

Canvas Safety Shoes offer versatility as they’re available in different styles and colors.

Canvas Safety Shoes are more breathable and lightweight, hence, they can offer more comfort and ease.

They are perfect for warm weather.

Canvas Safety Shoes are also easy to clean.

The biggest advantage of Canvas Safety Shoes is that they suit well with any type of clothing, whether formal or casual.

Canvas Safety Shoes are also extremely flexible which helps in activities in workplaces that require flexibility.

What are the Different Types of Canvas Safety Shoes?

The different types of Canvas Safety Shoes include:

  • Industrial Canvas Shoes
  • Military Canvas Shoes
  • Knight Canvas Shoes
  • China Canvas Shoes

 What is Industrial Canvas Safety Boot?

Industrial Canvas Safety boot, as the name suggests, is used in high-end industries that require work safety as well as presentable appearances.

Industrial Canvas Safety boots are mostly preferred in middle cut style.

They have a comfortable cushion lining that is perfect for a comfortable work experience.

Industrial Canvas Safety boots are usually rendered waterproof to work in even wet work environments.

They’re extremely breathable and provide much flexibility.

What are Military Canvas Safety Shoes?

Military Canvas Shoes usually have a thicker canvas that is designed for the purpose of complete protection in military endeavors.

They are extremely durable.

They are processed through extra tests to ensure their effectiveness, such as vulcanization, injections, and cool cement, etc.

Military Canvas Safety Shoes are usually waterproof, oil-resistant, fire-resistant, and are stab-proof.

What is Knight Canvas Safety Shoes?

Knight Canvas Safety Shoes are anti-static work safety shoes.

Their functions include: slip resistance, oil resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Their lining involves a breathable cloth.

They usually have a padded collar for extra comfort.

Knight Canvas Safety Shoes are usually worn as a part of the uniform.

What are China Canvas Safety Shoes?

China Canvas Safety Shoes usually come with a steel plate to ensure impact resistance and puncture resistance.

The collar is padded with a heavy-duty sponge to make it easier to walk and carry out work requirements.

The lining is made of mesh fabric that is very breathable and comfortable.

China Canvas Safety Shoes originated from China and are a widely used product around the world.

 Does Canvas Last Longer than Leather?

Canvas safety shoes, when compared with Leather Safety Shoes are better in terms of maintenance, reliability, and durability.

Leather Shoes are also usually of low-quality leather, which is not effective at all.

High-quality leather is extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by the working class.

Canvas safety shoes are a better choice for the working class as they’re cheap and perform all the same functions.

Most important of all, canvas safety shoes are eco-friendly, which means the environment is not harmed in the production of these shoes, unlike leather, which uses animal hide to produce shoes.

What are the Disadvantages of Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas safety shoes are not a suitable choice for winters as they’re extremely vulnerable to salt spots.

Salt spots cause canvas safety shoes to have tears and rip apart.

Canvas safety shoes also need extra measures to be taken in order to make them waterproof.

They do not retain their original shape and usually get overstretched.

They get dirty very easily.

The advantages of Canvas Safety Shoes, however, definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes Waterproof?

Canvas is generally a water-absorbent material.

Canvas Safety Shoes are not specifically designed for winters for this reason as they are unable to insulate the feet against cold temperatures.

However, additional methods can be applied to render canvas waterproof.

Canvas Safety Shoes also dry faster than other materials of Safety Shoes.

There is no use of using heat or other drying processes for Canvas Safety Shoes.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes Easy to Clean?

There is a misconception regarding Canvas Safety Shoes being difficult to clean, whereas that is not the truth.

Canvas Safety Shoes are extremely easy to clean if done properly.

Most surface stains and dirt on Canvas Safety Shoes can be removed with a damp cloth.

If they are extremely muddy, they can be cleaned with the help of soap, water, and a toothbrush.

How to Make Your Canvas Safety Shoes Last Longer?

It is advised to spray a cloth care spray or starch before using Canvas Safety Shoes to ensure that they last long.

Pack the toes of your shoes with newspaper if they become out of shape to help them go back to their original shape.

Shoelaces need to be changed every once in a while.

Canvas Safety Shoes can also be made more durable by using specialized sprays.

Do Canvas Safety Shoes Require Extra Maintenance?

The biggest benefit of Canvas Safety Shoes is that they’re no-fuss kind of shoes that do not require high maintenance.

The maintenance usually depends on the nature of the work environment and the degree of potential hazards.

You just need to process them with other methods in order to upgrade them even further, such as making them waterproof.

How do you Break into a New Pair of Canvas Safety Shoes?

Just like any other pair of shoes, you will need to break into a brand new pair of Canvas Safety Shoes.

Firstly, bend the shoe left and right, and back and forth to make it used to any sort of movement.

Secondly, wear socks first before the safety shoe.

Next, you need to loosen the material of the Canvas Safety Shoe, hence, it is advised to apply force on all the sides to help it form a natural shape.

If your shoes seem too stiff, leave them overnight with around material, such as a jar, inside them.

What is the difference between Canvas Safety Shoes and Normal shoes?

The main difference between canvas safety shoes and normal shoes is that the purpose of canvas safety shoes is protection and safety against extreme potential hazards, whereas, normal shoes are just a part of an outfit and can be used to get rid of minor issues.

Canvas safety shoes are specifically designed for safety in workplaces, whereas normal shoes are used as an accessory or a fashion style.

Canvas safety shoes are used for protection against sharp objects, heavy objects, and contact with chemicals, whereas normal shoes are used for purposes such as sports, traveling, etc.

What are the Different Styles of Canvas Safety Shoes that are Offered?

A variety of styles are offered in Canvas Safety Shoes to provide the buyer with options to choose their preference.

Our team pays special attention to the development of new styles to remain competitive in the marketplace.

A few of the styles for Canvas Safety Shoes include high cut, low cut, and leather style, whereas the different styles for the outsole include  PU sole, Rubber sole, TPU sole.

Can Canvas Safety Shoes be Customized?

Canvas is a material that is extremely adaptable and can be customized in a number of ways.

Most people prefer Canvas Safety Shoes as they can be used as a display of fashion taste as well.

Refer to our experts to find out ways you can customize canvas safety shoes to serve a better picture of your brand and attract more customers.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes CE Certified?

Our canvas safety shoes are certified by CE and followed all the safety guidelines in their production.

We provide an extension and you can import canvas safety shoes to the European Union market.

This helps you save a lot of time and money in applying for a CE certificate.

A CE certificate provides safety, health, and protection requirements needed to ensure a sustainable work environment.

Can Sample of Canvas Safety Shoes be Provided Before Purchase?

We are completely confident regarding the quality of our products and client satisfaction is our top priority.

We provide samples before the delivery of complete order for the client to ensure there are no defects and that the product is up to its mark.

A customized sample may take 10-15 days to get delivered.

However, a current item sample only requires 5-7 days to get delivered.

What is the Payment Procedure to Purchase Canvas Safety Shoes?

The payment procedures adopted are especially in consideration of the client’s convenience.

The procedures involve:

  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Letter of Credit

These procedures develop a level of trust between the client and the manufacturer.

Telegraphic Transfer refers to the transfer of payment from one bank to another through electronic means.

Letter of Credit refers to a letter of instructions given by the client to a bank which mentions that the manufacturer should be given the payment once certain conditions are met.

Do Canvas Safety Shoes Offer a Warranty?

We pay critical attention to the production processes to make sure that client satisfaction remains unfettered.

We take complete responsibility for any defects in production detected in a product.

We also offer a warranty of 6 months after the purchase regarding any faults.

The health and safety of your customers is our number one priority and we’re ready to compensate for any faults.

What Standards are Followed in the Production of Canvas Safety Shoes?

A few of the standards that have been provided that ensures the effectiveness of our products include:

  • EN 20345, which refers to the use of toe caps for safety shoes that can bear an impact of up to 200k and compression of up to 15kN.
  • EN20347, which refers to the safety shoes being anti-static, penetration resistant, and should have cleated soles.
  • ASTM2412, which deals with the test methods for impact resistance, shock absorbance, and puncture resistance.

These certifications are not only proof of the effectiveness and quality of our products, but they also highlight our dedication and commitment towards the safety of people in their respective workplaces.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes Reliable for Daily Use?

Canvas Safety Shoes are usually incorporated into daily use in a work environment.

Their flat soles help in long hours of work.

They cause less strain and tension in muscles due to being lightweight, which is why they are reliable for daily use.

Canvas Safety Shoes are the perfect shoes for daily use in the summer as they are extremely breathable and comfortable.

What Characteristics do Canvas Safety Shoes Possess?

Canvas Safety Shoes possess the following characteristics:

  • Anti-perforation
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-slip
  • Heat resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Energy absorbance

What are the Different Kinds of Soles that are Offered in Canvas Safety Shoes?

The different kinds of soles offered in canvas safety shoes include:

  • PU/PU
  • PU/ Rubber
  • PU/TPU
  • EVA/Rubber
  • Wedge sole

These outsoles provide extra comfort and flexibility in order to perform tasks with more accuracy and ease.

Can Canvas Safety Shoes be Worn Casually?

Although Canvas safety shoes are designed specifically for workplaces they can be worn in a casual setting that still requires protection.

For instance, the anti-slip feature provides a good grip on the flooring, and hence, Canvas safety shoes can be worn in an area that has a slippery floor.

Composite Toe Canvas safety shoes are extremely lightweight and can be worn outside of workplaces.

With the combination of fashion, comfort, and safety, Canvas Safety Shoes prove to be the best option for serving looks while maintaining a safe stance.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes only Applicable to Men?

One of the main advantages of Canvas Safety Shoes is that they can be worn by both men and women.

In the modern world, where women are being appointed for the same labor as men and there is no discrimination between gender, Canvas Safety Shoes seek to cater to the requirements of both genders.

Since Canvas Safety Shoes are lightweight and can be worn casually, as well as for work purposes, they are the perfect product for women.

Many models of Canvas Safety Shoes are now made to be unisex.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Canvas Safety Shoes?

We only supply Canvas Safety Shoes to other marketplaces and wholesalers and deal with B2B marketing, not B2C marketing.

We always seek to continue pushing our boundaries and cater to a large number of orders and ensure customer service.

The minimum order quantity for Canvas Safety Shoes ranges from 500-1000 pairs.

Are Fashionable Canvas Safety Shoes Available?

Canvas Safety Shoes have a wide range of customized fashionable uppers that make them attractive to customers.

Canvas Safety Shoes can be tie-dyed, drawn on with a sharpie, and other fun DIY methods.

Women Canvas Shoes especially provide extra fashionable uppers to match their outfits.

When Should You Replace Old Canvas Safety Shoes with a New Pair?

Canvas Safety Shoes don’t have an expiry date, however, they lose their effectiveness after a period of time, which is how you know it is time to replace them.

Since Canvas Safety Safety Shoes are made of cloth fabric, they can tear after excessive use.

Most safety shoes should only be worn for a period of up to 6 months to one year.

Canvas Safety Shoes are easy to replace as they are not much expensive.

The best part about replacing old Canvas Safety Shoes with new ones is that there is no contribution from your side to harm the environment.

Are Canvas Safety Shoes Suitable for Activities that Require Quick Movement?

Composite Toe Canvas safety shoes are comfortable for movement as they’re lightweight, compared to Steel Toe canvas safety shoes.

However, they are not suitable for activities such as running, or activities that require extra force on feet.

Applying extra force on feet while wearing canvas safety shoes can cause tension and stress in the muscle and can lead to a foot sprain.

Canvas Safety Shoes don’t contribute much to slowing your speed or weighing you down if used properly.

What are Test Methods Used to Canvas Safety Shoes?

The process of production of canvas safety shoes proceeds with considering all CE standards.

All our Canvas Safety Shoes should pass the SRC test in order to be eligible for business.

The SRC test is to check the slip resistance of the shoes.

The comfort level of Canvas Safety Shoes is also tested by ergonomics assessment that measures their flexibility.

They are also passed through a thermal assessment to measure temperature levels.

Toecap impact resistance tests are also carried out to ensure safety.

Breathability tests to ensure comfort is also a part of the number of tests that are carried out.

What is the Price Range of Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas safety shoes are used for the purpose of incorporating comfort and fashion with safety which is why they cost a bit more than normal Canvas Shoes.

Normal Canvas Shoes are cheaper at $5-$10 USD for a pair, however, Canvas Safety Shoes cost up to $10-18$ USD per pair.

We deal with B2B marketing.

The costs mainly depend on the materials used.

How Long Can Canvas Safety Shoes be Used for?

Canvas safety shoes shouldn’t be used after they’re met with a serious accident as they might not be as effective as before.

The estimated lifetime of a new pair of Canvas Safety Shoes is up to 6 months to a year.

However, excessive use of Canvas Safety Shoes might lead to them tearing or losing effectiveness even before that period.

It is highly advised to regulate two pairs of Canvas Safety Shoes and use them on alternative days for best results.

What Type of Jobs Requires the Usage of Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas safety shoes are widely used amongst armed forces personnel, police, and home guards.

Canvas Safety Shoes can also be incorporated in daily activities such as jogging and gyming, as they require lifting heavy weights and there’s a chance of weights falling on your feet or stepping on a sharp object while jogging.

They are also widely used by laborers, industrial workers, farmers, and roadside vendors.

What Toe Caps are Offered Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas Safety Shoes are available in two toecaps: Composite toe and Steel toe.

Buyers have the option to pick what suits best for their market.

a.Steel toe:

Steel toe canvas shoes are relatively cheaper in price as compared to Composite toe.

Steel toecaps are more durable as they cannot be damaged easily.

They provide extreme protection against sharp objects and falling objects.

b.Composite toe:

Composite toecaps are more comfortable for daily use.

They are lightweight as they don’t have materials like steel.

Composite Toe Safety Shoes are more fashionable and favored by buyers.

What Sizes are Offered Canvas Safety Shoes?

Canvas Safety Shoes offer a diverse variety in length.

They are available in sizes 35#-48# according to the European measurement.

They are available in sizes 2#-14# according to the United Kingdom measurement.

What is the Delivery Time for Canvas Safety Shoes?

Our workers and experts strive to prepare the best order of Canvas Safety Shoes for buyers within their desired time.

The delivery time for Canvas Safety Shoes is usually up to 35-45 days.

The sample is provided within 10-15 days of order.

How Can You Startup a Canvas Safety Shoes Business?

A large amount of production of Canvas Safety Shoes these days is originated from China.

To start a profitable and prosperous business in Canvas Safety Shoes, you need to search for a well-equipped manufacturer.

As Canvas Safety Shoes are extremely durable and suitable for use in a number of workplaces, most buyers and marketplaces prefer Canvas Safety Shoes.

After reading this guide, we believe all your questions and queries have been answered.

If there is still some area that requires guidance, our experts are available to sort it out.
Feel free to contact us here.

Keep Safe,
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