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China Safety Shoes Manufacturer

Since its inception, Aimboo has dedicated itself to being one of the top China shoe manufacturers. We offer professional OEM/ODM services, work shoes, and safety footwear worldwide.

Our goods are utilized primarily on industrial production, mining, and construction sites as a manufacturer and supplier of safety footwear. We have a facility on-site where we can manufacture and offer a wide variety of safety boots and shoes.

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Safety Shoes Manufacturer Since 2008

Aimboo ANSI safety shoes are an important safety accessory in several different industries, especially for companies that have employees that deal with sharp tools or heavy objects.
Our safety shoes can help protect workers from puncture wounds, scrapes, bruises, and other types of injuries that could happen if they were wearing regular shoes while working in a dangerous environment.
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Safety Shoes Certification

We have a robust product line that can meet the demands of any industry. Our safety boots are certified for quality, health, and safety systems and have a product license, CE certificate, EN, and ISO 9001:2000.

Safety Shoes Application Scenarios

Our safety shoes have features that make them suitable for various scenarios and best suited for different terrains. Safeft is a distributor of high quality safety shoes with features that include on-site training, inventory management, repair, and maintenance.


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Building and Construction


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