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AIMBOO is a leading Gumboots manufacturer and supplier today. We have more than 12 years of expertise and experience in creating top of the line and comfortable rain boots and rubber boots. We are an ISO certified company and our aim is to help our users to buy quality products in a reasonable price.

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Aimboo Gumboots Supply

Here at AIMBOO, we make sure to carry a wide variety of gumboots to offer our customers. Rain boots, rubber boots, mud boots, hiking, gumboots, all are readily available.

Whether you are looking for a few pairs of gumboots for your back garden, or you’re looking for boots for your whole family, we have what you need to keep your feet warm and dry.

Our range of sizes and styles is sure to best suit your needs and preferences.

Aimboo Gumboots Standards

Our Gumboots are made from exceptional quality rubber, which provides them with many benefits. It is tough, flexible, resistant to heat and cold, and highly wear resistant.

Our products are ISO 2023:1944 certified. Rubbers with ISO 2023:1944 certification are certified to be resilient, durable, safe and environmentally friendly. They can be used in physical, electrical, chemical and thermal environments without any harm.

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All this is achieved with a lower total cost of materials. Unlike canvas, rubber is a natural and non-absorbent material and so your gear will not soak in water.

Gumboots Production

Gumboots Manufacturing

Gumboots Testing

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Why Choose Us

Leading Gumboots Manufacturer

As a trusted rubber boots wholesale supplier, AIMBOO ensures to produce only the highest quality rubber and rubber boots. We have trusted values and standards designed to bring out the best in our customers — this is what makes AIMBOO Gumboots Supply so special.

Gumboots Manufacturing

Our process of creating reliable rubber boots, mud boots, and military-style rubber boots offers your customers a longer lifespan and better quality. Our boots are guaranteed to be worldwide quality tested and ready to be seen on your customers’ feet.

Custom Gumboots

Alongside our standard-issue Gumboots, Aimboo offers custom solutions for everything from industrial use to commercial office use, construction, medical and medical research. We provide a quick, reliable solution to whatever challenge you find yourself in, whatever the size.

Gumboots Design

Aimboo carries an extensive selection of Gumboots designs meeting requirements from a range of suppliers from all around the world. From entry level products, high range products to even our massive dealer base, we endeavor to meet your business needs.

Gumboots Testing

Before offering them in the global market, we sure to test our products including our Gumboots to ensure they are compliant with ISO standards. Our testing program is rigorous and highly precise to meet the most precise of standards for our Gumboots and is followed to the letter.

Gumboots Quality Control

Aimboo quality control for safety shoes and other footwear is an important part of the production process. The Aimboo gumboots testing process helps the company maintain quality standards.

Private Label Gumboots

Private label services are also available. We offer brands and retailers the chance to personalize their products, sell at special prices and market their key products and services.

Gumboots Production

Aimboo uses state-of-the-art production machinery and equipment to bring your gumboots to life using advanced manufacturing methods. This is to ensure that Aimboo Gumboots are manufactured with quality that exceeds the expected life span. Also, we made sure that they are appropriate for use in the harshest of environments.


We use the latest manufacturing technology in producing and designing all our products. Our strict manufacturing process ensures that we only cater to the highest quality and performance levels with safety performance of all Aimboo products.


All rain boots are tested by our QC department in their environment to ensure they protect and serve their purpose. Just as every person has different feet, boots have their own design, build, and materials that are best suited for them. We make sure we select the materials and adhesives that are the safest and most protective for each type of boot.

Gumboots Manufacturer

Gumboots Manufacturing at Aimboo

Here at Aimboo, we ensure that every manufacturing process is handled with care and attention to detail. We take pride in producing high-quality products for our best customer – you.

Cutting Team

Our cutting team is known to be one of the best units in our company, staying on top of the latest footwear cutting technologies, constantly improving our equipment and making sure we stay on top of the game.

Quality Control Team

Our team of quality control experts, who are constantly working with our leading brands, are constantly on the move to guarantee the safest, most reliable product.

Inventory Manage Program

Our Inventory Manage Program ensures our Gumboot customers have proper inventory and have a chance to see the full production process, right down to the cutting, sewing, and boxing.

Testing Team

We conduct series of tests to make sure our rain boots and rubber boots remain durable and safe for the users. We have our quality control team who inspects every single pair of boots before we ship them.

Designing Team

Our team uses the latest software and technology to cope up with the latest industry trend when it comes to design and safety features. We always look for ways to improve our gumboots.

Logistics Team

One of the key components to any successful business is having a smooth and efficient logistics process. One way we are innovating is by constantly improving our military boots transportation processes to ensure that all orders arrive in time, properly packed, and ready for action.

Packing Team

Gumboots are our main product range, which we package with care. We know how important it is for customers to receive their products in perfect condition, so we ensure our packages are properly and carefully packed.

our capacity

Gumboots Certification

Our gumboots comply with different international standards for workplace safety. We are ISO9001 certified, ASTM certified, and CE certified. We also have a professional QC team that inspects all safety footwear before being packed and shipped to clients.


Aimboo Gumboots Testing Process

Aimboo Gumboots has been in the market for over 10 years, we are very proud of our brand and would like to offer our esteemed customers only the best quality gumboots. We have a testing process that is highly rigorous, ensuring only the best quality products get released to the market.

Comfort Test

Gumboots are essential footwear for various industries and purposes. But just like any other shoes, not all gumboots are comfortable to wear. We make sure that every inch of our gumboots are comfortable and users can wear them for long period of time without being restrained.

Crash and Tear Test

As gumboots are used for many purposes, we ensure to test them and see if they work as intended and can stand up to any kind of abuse. This allows us to see the room for improvement on our production processes.

Durability Test

Durability test for gumboots is performed in order to evaluate the tear strength, wear resistance and abrasion resistance of the product. The purpose of this test is to determine if the footwear can withstand normal use and still provide a comfortable environment for foot.

Waterproof Test

We test the products under normal conditions which are the same as those that would be experience by the consumer. Water, rain, and snow, are just among the environment where we test our rain boots ensuring they will provide comfort and safety under harshest environment.

There are other tests that are performed to check the quality of safety footwear. These tests ensure that work boots supplied by Aimboo comply with international standards of quality.

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