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Kevlar Safety Shoes

We are manufacture in China supply for CE Standard kevlar safety shoes, keep your worker safe in any workplace. Get touch at any time!

Kevlar Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Aimboo is a manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in kevlar safety shoes.

The annual output Kevlar safety shoes are up to 800,000 pairs.

Our skillful workers on the production line focus on the quality of each pair of kevlar safety shoes.

You can get a stable quality batch by batch.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

What is Kevlar Safety Shoes?

Kevlar safety shoes processed by high-performance synthetic fiber in gradual technology reach the thickness of 4mm and 100W twists still turn without delamination.

Kevlar safety shoes are more flexible than steel bottom safety shoes because Kevlar midsole is made of a high-strength, tough-strength Nomex fiber composite material that is very flexible and lightweight.

This technology material we named kevlar, you can get comfortable kevlar safety shoes in our factory that can help you credit your brand.

Lightweight Kevlar safety shoes can help your workers reduce work fatigue and also can keep the safety performance.

Our kevlar safety shoes OEM for many brands, sold in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Asia, and entire countries around the world.

According to our decades of expertise, we strongly recommend flexible Kevlar safety shoes, which can help you width the business.

Aimboo’s kevlar safety shoes passed puncture-proof function of over 1100N, approved CE and ASTM standards.

We are not only Kevlar safety shoe manufacturer, but also kevlar safety shoe planners because we can help you customize kevlar midsole thickness and print your brand on the kevlar.

You also can find the same puncture-proof function steel bottom work boots and steel stank work boots in our factory.

You can contact our professional sales team, we will provide you with test and process solutions.

Kevlar Safety Shoes

If you more often deal with electrical hazards or chemical sprays/splashes, you should protect your feet.

Your feet and hands are more prone to workplace injuries.

Thus wearing safety gear is crucial for your protection.

This guide will give you a detailed overview of the indestructible Kevlar safety shoes.

Read on this guide till the end to get answers to all possible questions that you may have in your mind.

So, without further ado, let’s delve a bit deeper into knowing about Kevlar safety shoes.

What are Kevlar safety shoes?

Kevlar is a high-strength material that was first used in the early 70s.

At first, it was used as a replacement for steel in the racing tires to provide extra sturdiness.

Typically, it is spun into different forms like ropes or fabric sheets that you can use in different composite material components.

Nowadays, you will find different protective gear (most commonly footwear).

Safety shoe manufacturers prefer to use Kevlar as it is considerably thinner and lighter.

The equivalent gears were made of more traditional materials that result in heavy shoes.

Workers prefer to get Kevlar safety shoes these days due to unbelievable features and protection.

When should you wear Kevlar safety shoes?

Safety footwear is the basic need of everyone working in a hazardous working environment.

If you more often work at a construction site, have to deal with sharp metals and machinery, you should invest in Kevlar safety shoes.

These are also termed indestructible shoes as they will protect you from workplace injuries keeping your feet safe.

So, no matter if you are a carpenter, construction worker, loader, electrician, or anyone, Kevlar safety shoes can work for you the best.

Take into account your working conditions to make sure you are investing in the right product.

Are Kevlar safety shoes expensive?

Kevlar material’s product is a bit expensive due to the difficulties that can arise from using different chemicals.

Kevlar (poly para phenylene terephthalamide) is made by using concentrated sulphuric acid to keep the water-insoluble polymer in solution.

This is necessary during the synthesis and spinning to make Kevlar material.

In addition to this, the efforts and resources used by the manufacturer to create safety shoes add to the cost.

This is the reason that you will find Kevlar safety shoes a bit more expensive than the usual ones.

How can you check and inspect Kevlar safety shoes?

As you invest a lot of money in Kevlar safety shoes, you need to take special care of them.

You need to do a regular inspection to make sure that it is still safe to use.

A worn-out pair of safety shoes can do more harm than good to your feet.

You should inspect the Kevlar safety shoes before heading to the site.

Look for any cracks, holes, separation materials, damaged buckles or laces, or materials trapped in the soles.

Any of these issues can badly damage the protective features of your shoes.

If you find a hole or some other type of damage, you need to grab a new pair of safety shoes before going to work.

It is always a good idea to do the inspection at the end of every day.

How do you know that your Kevlar safety shoes need replacement?

You cannot wear safety footwear with:

  • Separated soles
  • Leaks
  • Worn out treads
  • Dented protective features
  • Worn out Kevlar layer
  • Protective components showing through uppers

If you want to make the most out of your Kevlar safety shoes, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to take care of them.

Are Kevlar safety shoes waterproof?

Workers who intend to buy Kevlar safety shoes should know that they are not completely waterproof.

So if you work in an environment where you more often come in direct contact with water, you should look for waterproof shoes.

However, strong and robust material is much needed to work in hazardous conditions.

Which material are your Kevlar safety shoes made out of?

Your Kevlar safety shoes are made out of manufactured plastic.

It’s actually made of a chemical compound which is commonly known as poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide.

Manufacturers create this chemical through the chemical reaction of a chemical solution and an acid consisting of hydrogen and nitrogen.

Should you choose steel midsoles or Kevlar midsoles safety shoes?

When you are working in an environment where your feet are exposed to spikes, screws, sharp scrap metal, you need indestructible safety shoes.

Flesh wounds can be awful for you.

The rusty nails puncturing the foot can be harmful as they can deposit debris and bacteria in the body.

You might end up having severe infections and/or permanent damage to the foot.

For this reason, protective soles are embedded in your safety shoes during the manufacturing process.

Your puncture-resistant safety shoes will have midsoles between the outsole and the insole.

The midsoles are of two types: steel and Kevlar.

The woven fabric midsole of your safety footwear will come with a composite toe cap too to make it completely metal-free.

Besides, Kevlar is considered as the indestructible material which can provide safety to your feet.

Which shoes have a puncture-proof Kevlar sole?

While buying the safety shoes, you will notice that there is a lot of footwear termed as indestructible shoes.

These safety shoes come with three-layer protection.

You will get a non-slip water-resistant rubber sole, a puncture-proof Kevlar midsole, and a breathable upper sole.

Such robust and sturdy shoes can withstand a minimum puncture resistance force of around 270 pounds through your heel and sole area.

Do your Kevlar safety shoes add another layer of protection to your feet?

As you know, Kevlar is a flexible and lightweight material that offers you protection over the entire sole surface.

By choosing the right quality Kevlar safety shoes, you will rest assured of your feet’ protection.

The high degree of craftsmanship and quality of the material used will combine to offer added safety to your feet.

What are indestructible safety shoes made of?

If you are looking for indestructible safety shoes, then military-grade Kevlar material shoes are the best choice.

The uppers of such shoes are made up of moisture-wicking fly mesh fabric.

It means that your Kevlar safety shoes will be breathable, and your feet will be slippery due to extreme sweating.

Besides, Kevlar safety shoes are durable and can long if you take care of them properly.

Each shoe can weigh as low as a pound, but still, you will get an extra protective feature with steel toes.

You can get indestructible shoes with steel toes, composite toes, and wide toes, depending upon your working environment.

Your feel will be protected from crushing by rolling and falling objects.

Why should you choose Kevlar sole?

Most of the safety shoes come with an already installed sole plate to protect your feet against piercing injuries.

Sole plates were made up of stainless steel previously, and you might also find composite material.

However, steel and composite sole plates are uncomfortable and stiff.

These sole plates help in reducing the injuries related to nails or sharp metal piercing.

The stress of the body puts more strain on the wearer’s feet.

This is why Kevlar penetration-resistant soles were introduced with technology advancement and design improvement.

The superior flexibility and comfort of the Kevlar shoes are unbeatable when compared with composite or steel sole plates.

Additionally, Kevlar soles are around 70% lighter as than their steel counterparts.

The trade-off here is that Kevlar sole genuinely offers less piercing force resistance.

Are Kevlar safety shoes bad for your feet? 

No, Kevlar safety shoes are not bad for your feet, even if you have to work for long hours.

The breathable upper sole of Kevlar safety shoes makes them more comfortable and keeps your feet cool and dry.

The use of padded insoles provides enough support to your feet, and extended ankle support is always a good option.

Though Kevlar safety shoes are manufactured for prolonged use, when you start overusing them without proper care, they can cause blisters.

These safety shoes are made in a way to enhance your routine work experience and reduce foot fatigue.

How do you know when your Kevlar safety shoes expire?

The time period for which you can wear Kevlar safety shoes without experiencing any side effects and risks depends on the working environment.

If you more often work in a place where your feet are exposed to pointed machinery and sharp objects, you should replace shoes more often.

However, if your working environment is not that much risky, your shoes can last good for up to twelve months or even longer.

However, you should more often check for the signs of wear and tear to know about the condition of your shoes.

Inspect if there are any holes, cracks, or the skin is peeling, and you will know if they are expired or not.

What are the different toe caps available in Kevlar safety shoes?

You can find Kevlar safety shoes in three main toe cap types, which are:

  • Wide toe caps
  • Steel toe caps
  • Composite toe caps

You can customize the wide toe caps according to your own preferences.

If you are on a budget, steel toe cap safety shoes can b a cost-expensive option.

You can also get composite toe caps which are a mix of two or more sturdy materials.

How to choose the correct toe cap for safety shoes?

To choose the best suitable toe cap according to your work, you have to take into account a lot of factors.

There are three commonly available toe caps which are alloy (wide toe), steel, and composite.

Which toe cap will be best for your Kevlar safety shoes depends on the following things:

  • Your workplace conditions like you work with heavyweight machinery, rolling and falling objects, nails, pointed or sharp objects.
  • Whether you have to be in direct contact with water all the time. Though Kevlar shoes are waterproof, prolonged contact with water can be harmful.
  • The need for features to meet with your work nature and comply with the OSHA safety regulations like withstanding higher compression.
  • Your preferred style
  • The toe type that you want and feel the most comfortable in along with the wearability and fit.
  • Your set budget, as the price of the safety shoes, should be somewhere in your budget.
  • Serviceability and maintenance are needed from time to time for a specific toe cap type.
  • Care, cleaning, and life cycle of safety shoes with certain toe types.

Are Kevlar safety shoes chemical-resistant?

Yes, there are a lot of options in Kevlar safety shoes that you can find which repel chemicals to protect your feet.

Chemicals can badly damage your feet if you get in direct contact with them.

Most safety shoes don’t offer chemical repellent properties as they are not coated with liquid repellents.

Your chemical-resistant Kevlar safety shoes will protect you from chemical splashes or sprays.

The Kevlar material is known for preventing your feet from penetrating hazardous chemicals into the hard-skin of shoes.

How should you choose the perfect Kevlar safety shoe size?

You should never think about buying Kevlar safety shoes one size up or down.

It is a popular belief that safety shoes should be half or one size up so that you can wear socks.

Here is a process by which you should choose the perfect size for your Kevlar safety shoes.

  • You should head to the market to try your new Kevlar safety shoes in the daytime as your feet swell a bit midday.
  • If you re planning to buy kevlar safety shoes with a toe cap, try them out as it is.
  • When you first wear your shoes, there should be enough room in between your toe and the shoe.
  • Your toes should be around 12 mm away from the front part of the shoes.
  • You should not forget to wear a pair of socks that you will be wearing every day.
  • While buying lace shoes, you should tie them up completely.
  • The Kevlar safety shoes should fit you around the heel and ankle a bit snugly.
  • You should go for high-cut shoes to get an extra layer of protection against ankle injuries.

What are the characteristics of good Kevlar safety footwear?

You should look for the following characteristics to buy the best Kevlar safety shoes:


The most important feature that matters the most is the durability of the Kevlar safety shoes.

As these shoes are widely known as indestructible, you can expect them to be long-lasting.

Before making any decision, you should explore the market and consider all the available options to choose the best among those.


Kevlar shoes are waterproof and keep your shoes protected by preventing water from seeping into the shoes.

If you are more often exposed to the water during your working hours, choosing waterproof Kevlar safety shoes can be the best choice.

Material and Construction

No matter in which industry you are working, your workplace environment plays a pivotal role in choosing the Kevlar safety shoes.

Workers who are working in the construction area or deals with machinery should choose the best available shockproof and non-conductive shoes.

Kevlar material is the best choice as it provides comfort and air ventilation during the summer season.

However, you should choose a mixed material shoe if your skin is sensitive and cannot withstand the sturdy material.

Shock absorption 

The industrial working conditions are not favorable at all.

Your feet come in direct contact with sharp equipment, chemicals, nails, sharp metals.

There will be almost everything to bother you.

Thus your perfect Kevlar safety shoes should offer shock absorption so that your heels do not need to suffer from compression.

You can also find Kevlar safety shoes with a thick sole to rescue your feet from any possible damage.

If you choose the steel toe safety shoes, your feet will be safeguarded with an extra layer of protection.

Toe type

Kevlar safety shoes come in different toe types.

Whether steel toe caps will work for you or composite toe caps will come with the required protection depends on your work.

Choose the toe type wisely to ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right place.

You can also remove the toe caps in das when you don’t deal with heavy machinery or work on construction sites.

How do you know if your boots are puncture-resistant?

If you are not sure that the Kevlar safety shoes which you are considering buying actually punctured resistant or not, consider these things.

To fall in the category of puncture-resistant safety shoes, these should have the ability to withstand a penetration force of at least 270 pounds.

Steel toe Kevlar safety shoes will provide you with more comfort and protection against sharp nails.

Usually, Kevlar safety shoes come with thicker soles to add an extra layer of protection.

Can Kevlar safety shoes withstand higher temperatures?

Yes, Kevlar safety shoes are fully temperature resistant and can withstand elevated temperatures protecting your feet from any harm.

Kevlar is proven to maintain resilience and strength dow to a temperature of as high as -196 °C.

In fact, your feet will stay comfy and warm at low temperatures as the material is slightly stronger.

On the other hand, Kevlar safety shoes can also withstand a temperature of as high as 160 °C (320 °F) for 500 hours.

However, its strength is immediately reduced by approximately 10-20%.

Your Kevlar safety shoes will lose strength by 10% to be in the 160 °C (320 °F) for 500 hours.

And the shoes’ strength will be reduced by approximately 50% after enduring a high temperature of 260 °C (500 °F) for 70 hours.

Are Kevlar safety shoes fireproof?

Kevlar safety shoes are inherently flame resistant and are manufactured to protect the wearer from any possible hazards.

You will be protected from the thermal dangers of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to this, Kevlar safety shoes will not drip, melt, or support combustion in any working condition.

Can Kevlar safety shoes be cut with sharp objects?

Kevlar safety shoes are made up of strong and sturdy material and cannot be cut easily.

The soles are made up of strong material that protects your feet by preventing the penetration of nails, spear, pricks, and other objects.

If you try cutting your Kevlar safety shoes with a sharp-edged knife, you will not succeed unless you use a knife made of high-quality alloy or martensitic stainless steel.

So, your feet will be all protected while wearing Kevlar safety shoes.

Can employers pay you an allowance to cover the cost of Kevlar safety footwear instead of providing the footwear?

No, an employer cannot offer you the allowance in lieu of arranging and providing the safety footwear.

As Kevlar safety shoes are a bit expensive, your employer may want to trick you by offering some amount to purchase the shoes on your own.

However, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that you are safe and protected at your workplace.

Neither the employer can offer some money to you nor can ask you to bring your own footwear as a pre-condition of employment.

You should feel safe while being at the workplace as employees work for the benefit and betterment of a firm.

If your employer is adding this clause to your employment agreement, then you can file a complaint to the designated authorities.

How can you tell if the Kevlar safety shoes are OSHA-approved?

You will find a number on your safety shoes that denotes the standard along with the year to which it complies.

ASTM 2413-11 shows that the shoes are manufactured in compliance with the 2011 OSAH rules.

ASTM 2413-18 specifies that your shoes are in line with the safety standards of 2018.

Wrapping Up!

We have tried our best to provide you with the answer to all possible questions that you may have regarding Kevlar safety shoes.

If you want to buy the best quality Kevlar safety shoes, you can check out our variety.

Keep Safe,
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