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Lab Safety Shoes

Aimboo is one of the professional white safety shoes manufacturing specializing in medical safety shoes, lab safety shoes , food safety shoes. Send us your requirements now!

Lab Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Aimboo has full experience in producing lab safety shoes.

The annual production and sales of lab safety shoes are more than 200,000 pairs, which are exported to Europe, Asia, Southeast, Asia, and other international experimental and testing centers.

Our lab safety shoes are widely used in various laboratories, such as international experimental institutions, and industrial enterprise laboratories.

We also make OEM lab safety shoes for some big brands in Europe.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

What is Lab Safety Shoes?

You can find different standards and styles and CE approved lab safety shoes in our factory.

Our lab safety shoes styles including low cut lab safety shoes, middle cut lab safety shoes, sandal lab safety shoes and so on.

Aimboo lab safety shoes have the water-resistant and breathable upper section, anti-slip outsole, 200J anti-impact protective toe cap, 100N anti-puncture midsole, anti-static performance.

Our QC team inspection each batch of lab safety shoes strictly according to the EN20345 standard.

Your lab staff often comes in contact with dangerous objects and some risky operating procedures.

Those standards can help you in preventing dangerous injuries on your foot during experiments.

Our lab safety shoes can be made to the ESD standard.

When you are doing current testing in the lab, ESD lab safety shoes can transmit static electricity hence protecting you and ensuring safety.

Our lab safety shoes raw material is microfiber, which is lighter, breathable and comes in different colors such as white or black.

This kind of lab safety shoe color makes your overall look very clean and professional.

If your lab test center needs lab safety shoes, or your customers want to purchase lab safety shoes, you can contact our professional sales team who will recommend the right style for you.

Lab Safety Shoes – The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Lab Safety Shoes are a product that is currently in great demand, and this demand was raised due to the focus on hygiene and specific attire in a workplace.

This guide serves to equip you with enough information that makes the process much easier regarding the decision of whether Lab Safety Shoes are suitable for you or not.

Hence, if you are looking to buy Lab Safety Shoes, it is suggested that you read this guide first and later put your order to your supplier for Lab Safety Shoes.

 What is Lab Safety Shoes?

As their name suggests, Lab Safety Shoes are footwear used in laboratories, as there are several potential hazards in labs that could have an extremely negative impact on your health.

Laboratories are equipped with harmful chemicals and substances that need to be kept out of contact with your skin; hence Lab Safety Shoes prevent these chemicals from affecting your health.

Most laboratories also require a clean and antibacterial attire, for which Lab Safety Shoes are a perfect choice as they are effortless to clean daily and also provide a neat and professional look.

Lab Safety Shoes are an essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cater to all sorts of laboratory activities.

They also help you perform your tasks with much ease and comfort and provide agility and dexterity in movement.

What are the Different Types of Lab Safety Shoes?

The different types offered in Lab Safety Shoes are much convenient as they provide options for people to choose their desired product.

The different types have similar characteristics, but they are distinctive visually and ensure that they are applicable to all sorts of jobs in the laboratory.

The different types of Lab Safety Shoes include:

  • Low Cut Lab Safety Shoes
  • Middle Cut Lab Safety Shoes
  • Sandal Lab Safety Shoes

 What is Low Cut Lab Safety Shoes?

Low Cut Lab Safety Shoes extend to your ankles and are mainly designed to protect your feet against harmful circumstances.

They are incredibly lightweight compared to Middle Cut Lab Safety Shoes and are also perfect for summers as they do not provide heat to your feet.

Low Cut Lab Safety Shoes provide quick movement and extreme stability while working.

They are also great for traction and flexibility and allow you to maneuver through your workplace.

What is Middle Cut Lab Safety Shoes?

Middle Cut Lab Safety Shoes are slightly taller in length as compared to Low Cut Lab Safety Shoes and cover a wider area of the foot.

This addition in height might prove to be extremely useful in cold temperatures and may provide warmth to your feet.

It also adds an extra layer of protection that extends above your ankle.

Middle Cut Lab Safety Shoes offer extra comfort and ease in performing your task in the workplace.

 What is Sandal Lab Safety Shoes?

Sandal Lab Safety Shoes are the perfect choice if you are looking for daily footwear to wear in your laboratory.

Most Sandal Lab Safety Shoes come with a velcro strap attached to them that ensures that they fit your foot perfectly and are easy to take on and off.

Sandal Lab Safety Shoes allow enough room for our feet to breathe so there isn’t a stuffy feeling present in your feet.

They are also odorless and sweat-free shoes that take extra care of hygiene.

What Type of Shoes Should be Worn in the Laboratory?

Laboratories have their own attire that is necessary and should be worn at all instances, and Lab Safety Shoes are a part of that attire.

They require shoes that can prevent chemical spills and contact with any harmful substances.

They also require shoes that possess a safety toe and are comfortable enough to not intervene or distract you from working effectively.

Lab Safety Shoes are an essential component that helps you perform your job while eradicating all the dangers attached to it.

According to the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), Lab Safety Shoes should be comfortable and have closed-toe and rubber soles.

They further state that Lab Safety Shoes should possess waterproof characteristics and must be made of leather.

What is the Best Way to Protect Your Feet in a Laboratory?

The best way to protect your feet in a laboratory is to follow the footwear assigned to laboratories by specialized institutions thoroughly.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) puts extra stress on employing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the researchers and scientists in a laboratory.

If you are wearing Lab Safety Shoes approved by OSHA, ASTM, ISO, or CE, your shoes are efficient in providing you protection.

You can take extra precautionary measures along with wearing Lab Safety Shoes, such as wearing studded treads or overshoes for maximum protection.

What are the Safety Criteria for Lab Safety Shoes?

Lab Safety Shoes’ safety criteria involve certain specifications that are the basic requirement for the production of every shoe.

For instance, it is necessary that every Lab Safety Shoe consists of an anti-impact protective toe cap with a resistance of about 200 joules.

They should also possess an anti-puncture midsole with a resistance of about 100 newtons.

It is also crucial that their penetration resistance reaches about 1100 newtons.

And lastly, they should possess compression resistance of about 15 kilo-newtons.

 What are the Characteristics of Lab Safety Shoes?

Lab Safety Shoes possesses a water-resistant upper with maximum breathability that allows you to perform efficiently in all temperatures.

They also possess an anti-slip outsole that prevents the danger of falling in the workplace and injuring yourself due to wet or slippery floors.

Lab Safety Shoes also consist of anti-puncture and anti-static characteristics that enable them to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the skin or getting shocked by electric current.

ESD Lab Safety Shoes are necessary when the experiments involve current; hence ESD standard is widely preferred by the staff.

Why do You Have to Wear Closed Toe Shoes in the Laboratory?

Safety toes are a necessity in most occupations, whereas some jobs don’t deem it compulsory.

However, they are a great way of protecting your foot from heavy objects falling on top of your shoe and having the potential to crush your foot.

Heavy machinery is also sometimes used in laboratories for testing, and you might run into them by mistake, but if you’re wearing a closed to safety shoe, it will prevent the machinery from cutting your foot.

Opened-toe shoes expose the front part of your foot to all kinds of dangers, and that is something you should avoid in your workplace.

 What Kinds of Shoes are Not Allowed in the Laboratory?

Laboratories do not allow canvas shoes as they possess absorbent characteristics and might absorb chemicals and harmful fluids.

Even perforated shoes or shoes with a heel, whether it is a small or larger heel, are prohibited in laboratories.

Formal or casual shoes are also strictly prohibited in laboratories as it is a serious professional job that does not provide room for mistakes or prioritizing fashion over professionalism.

Most laboratories also prohibit the use of steel toe shoes as they incorporate high-tech security and require to pass through metal detectors so that steel toe shoes might hinder their security measures.

How do Lab Safety Shoes Protect You?

Laboratories possess dangerous chemicals and liquids of all sorts, and during experimentations, a lot of toxic gases might be produced; Lab Safety Shoes protect you from all these hazards.

There is also always a chance of a chemical spill coming in contact with your skin or even a test tube breaking and the glass penetrating through your foot, against which Lab Safety Shoes are a perfect defense.

Even though laboratories are kept strictly clean, some residue might be left from previous experiments that could be hazardous for your health.

Experiments with current are also a hazardous activity as static electricity that is produced can even shock you to your core.

Lab Safety Shoes provide protection and defense against all these hazards and prevent all sorts of dangers from your professional life.

What are the Materials Used in the Production of Lab Safety Shoes?

The client himself can determine the materials used in Lab Safety Shoes’ production, and he can even add extra materials or remove a few materials from the order.

However, the standard version of Lab Safety Shoes is as follows:

It consists of a microfiber vamp, either in color white or black, which is also water-resistant and breathable.

The toe caps of Lab Safety Shoes can either be made up of steel or composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Even though a ton of options are available for the choice of lining in safety shoes, such as a breathable sandwich, abrasion Canberra, waterproof mesh, pig leather, etc.; however, mesh linings are generally used for Lab Safety Shoes.

The footbed also has a number of choices, such as EVA, Hi-poly, PU, Orthopedic Insock, etc.; whereas, the most commonly used footbed in Lab Safety Shoes are made up of EVA or PU.

The outsole of Lab Safety Shoes is generally preferred to be made up of Polyurethane (PU) as it is shock-absorbing and moisture-absorbing.

What Certifications are Necessary to Purchase Lab Safety Shoes?

When you’re buying from an experienced supplier, they also extend a number of certifications to your business which boosts the credibility of your brand and also saves up a lot of costs as you do not have to apply for a certification yourself.

The most common and worldwide recognized institutions for certificates are ASTM, CE, ISO, etc.

The essential certifications for Lab Safety Shoes that involve all the necessary requirements include EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20347, ASTM F2412, etc.

However, if you require a different certificate that would be beneficial in your vicinity, such as CSA, Israeli SII, etc., you can easily apply for them.

Why is a Proper Attire Following the PPE Rule Necessary in the Laboratory?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rule as a last resort to prevent hazards in the workplace.

However, PPE is extremely necessary as most hazards do not have a solution, and they can only be avoided.

Most workplaces are filled to the brim with potential hazards but laboratories, primarily, employ the use of Lab Safety Shoes as experimentations and tests make you come across some harmful objects and risky operating procedures.

In order to avoid these hazards, Lab Safety Shoes are made compulsory in most laboratories as they are made a part of the lab attire.

A lab attire not only makes it compulsory to wear Lab Safety Shoes but also a lab coat, goggles, gloves, etc. are all part of the lab attire.

Are Lab Safety Shoes Chemical Resistant?

One of the most prominent features of Lab Safety Shoes, which makes them essential to be worn in a laboratory, is their resistance against absorption.

Since the staff in a lab, including the cleaners and the scientists and researchers, are all surrounded by chemicals and possess the threat to come in contact with them, they require chemical resistant shoes that do not absorb the chemical and harm the skin.

Lab Safety Shoes are chemical-resistant shoes that do not allow your work to intervene with your health.

 Can Lab Safety Shoes be Made Without a Safety Toe?

It is not mandatory to implement safety toes in Lab Safety Shoes; however, our experts would suggest being cautious rather than regret later.

However, if your job does not expose you to hazardous activities or the environment, then you may definitely ask your supplier to manufacture Lab Safety Shoes without a safety toe.

Even without a safety toe, it is necessary to add specific characteristics such as slip resistance and electro-static discharge resistance, etc., so that your feet still remain safe and protected.

 What are the Advantages of Lab Safety Shoes?

Lab Safety Shoes provide an innumerable amount of advantages as their characteristics are distinctive and help in the success of their business.

Lab Safety Shoes are also incredibly lightweight, which is a feature that adds up to their advantages as they provide ease and comfort in performing activities and experimentations.

Another significant advantage of Lab Safety Shoes is that they provide a hygienic, clean and professional look, amalgamating a classy and polished lifestyle, which is necessary for a job of such a high degree.

Lab Safety Shoes are beneficial as they are the essential component in a lab attire and are also approved by OSHA.

What are the Disadvantages of Lab Safety Shoes?

One of Lab Safety Shoes’ most notable disadvantages is that they require extreme scrutiny, and even a slight error may cost you someone’s life.

Hence, the responsibility of having to bear the consequences if someone ends up hurting themselves during their work requires significant effort.

Another disadvantage of Lab Safety Shoes is that they do not possess a lot of color options; hence, they look very plain visually.

Since laboratories require standing for long hours or crouching down in an uncomfortable position while experimenting, Lab Safety Shoes might prove to be cramped or cause unease.

What is the Price Range for Lab Safety Shoes?

The price range for Lab Safety Shoes depends on whether you want the standard version or create your own custom design of shoes.

A standard pair of Lab Safety Shoes could cost you around $10-$25 for a single pair.

Buying in a bulk amount is actually very profitable and could save your business a lot of money.

A single pair of customized Lab Safety Shoes cost a little bit more than the standard Lab Safety Shoe.

What is the Payment Method for Lab Safety Shoes?

The most common method used for transferring payments is Paypal, which does not require much hassle and easily transfers and informs you of the receiving of the amount through the comfort of your home.

However, Paypal is not available worldwide, in which case alternate measures need to be practiced in order to expand your business.

The alternative measures include payments through banks with Telegraphic Transfer or through third-party guarantees with a Letter of credit.

Is there a Warranty for Lab Safety Shoes?

A warranty strengthens the trust between the supplier and the client and encourages the client to take a leap of faith and invest his money in the supplier and his product.

A warranty also helps portray the image that the supplier takes complete responsibility for his product and is even confident of its quality which ensures the client in making the purchase.

Our experts suggest only purchasing Lab Safety Shoes from suppliers that offer a good warranty and are reliable.

The minimum warranty period for Lab Safety Shoes must be around six months of use.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Lab Safety Shoes?

Most suppliers deal in B2B marketing which only allows them to sell Lab Safety Shoes in bulk amounts to retailers or to the lab test center’s management itself.

However, a minimum order quantity is set so that even small-scale retailers can purchase their desired amount of products keeping the minimum order quantity in check.

The minimum order quantity for Lab Safety Shoes is usually 500 to 1000 pairs which is a reasonable amount for people who are just starting a new short end retail business.

Even high-end retailers who are searching for a new supplier can benefit by purchasing a minimum order quantity for the first order and then gradually increasing it.

 In How Many Days is Your Shipment for Lab Safety Shoes Said to Arrive?

The arrival of your shipment for Lab Safety Shoes mainly depends on your order’s quantity and the geographical distance between your supplier and you.

The estimated delivery period for your order is about 35 to 45 days.

However, your sample may arrive in 10 to 15 days to ensure that you are satisfied with your product.

There may be a variance in the mentioned delivery period depending on whether you demand a customized product or a standard product.

Why is Choosing a Supplier for Lab Safety Shoes a Critical Decision?

The supplier and the client have a shared business in the sense that both of them are responsible if the product is not up to its par and also because the success of a retailer or buyer is the success of the supplier.

Hence, choosing a supplier becomes a critical decision as it determines the quality and the supply-demand ratio of Lab Safety Shoes in your business.

This is why you should put great thought into choosing a supplier, as the supplier’s success reflects your own brand’s identity.

 Who can Wear Lab Safety Shoes?

Lab Safety Shoes can be worn by all employees working in international experimental institutions and industrial enterprise laboratories.

They should also be worn by workers who clean up chemical spills or remove broken shards of glass from the laboratory as they are equally exposed to the dangers of laboratories as the researchers.

Lab Safety Shoes are also perfect for people who spend the majority of their everyday life experimenting in the laboratory as they have to dedicate ample time being on their feet or standing in a crouched position.

Just as lab coats and goggles are essential for laboratories, similarly Lab Safety Shoes are vital for protection.

Basically, any person who even visits the laboratory for a survey should be provided with Lab Safety Shoes as they are a piece of the necessary equipment in lab attire.

Can You Customize Your Order of Lab Safety Shoes?

Aimboo advises you to get your order of Lab Safety Shoes customized as it enables you to stand out amongst all competition and create your own identity.

Through customizations, you can manage the size, material, and even the price of your product.

It also helps you to explore and apply your level of creativity.

Aimboo design team is willing to bring life to your ideas and imagination and is available 24/7 to provide you with the necessary guidance.

How to Contact Aimboo to Put in Your Order of Lab Safety Shoes?

Aimboo experts are ready 24/7 to guide you and make the process of designing your own order much more manageable.

We urge you to contact us through our social media and get in touch with our experts for instant guidance.

You can reach out to us through these social sites:

Email: info@safeft.com

You can also simply visit our website and contact us here.

 How to Start a Lab Safety Shoe Business?

You can never go wrong with a Lab Safety Shoe business with a supplier in China as it is the central hub of safety shoes.

Hence, we advise you to reach out to a supplier in China and place your order of Lab Safety Shoes to initiate your business.

You should also manage your business’s supply-demand ratio as you do not want to stock a ton of Lab Safety Shoes to rot them while lying in storage.

Instead, you need to be well acquainted with whether your business is giving you enough profit or not.

What are the Benefits of Having a Lab Safety Shoe Business?

A Lab Safety Shoe business has a lot of perks of its own as it caters to a specific target audience that pays special attention to personal hygiene and self-care.

Laboratory specialists are willing to pay large sums of money to protect and prevent dangers for their employees and assistants, so eventually, they bring in a lot of profit.

Lab Safety Shoes also provide you with an opportunity to establish your own mark in the Lab Safety Shoe industry by producing distinctive products that amplify your uniqueness and don’t drown you out in the swamp of competition.

Lab Safety Shoes might also prove to be beneficial for you as the profit might also help boost the other types of safety shoes that you, as a retailer, are selling.

We hope our goal of eradicating all your doubts and answering all your queries has been accomplished and that our efforts have paid off.

But in case you are still caught up in a dilemma, we urge you to contact our experts so you can be free from all confusion.

You can contact us simply by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

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