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Long Safety Shoes

Full experience long safety shoes supplier in China sole to entire countries around the world, you will have a wide range of styles. Ask for factory prices now!


Long Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Aimboo is a manufacturer with the ability to design, and develop long safety shoes.

We have more than ten years of production and sales experience.

The long safety shoes developed by our company are trendy among our customers.

The annual production of long safety shoes is more than 200,000 pairs.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

Long Safety Shoes

Our products are exported to countries with a massive temperature difference between summer and winter in northern Europe, Russia, and Mongolia, workers are very skilled in the production process of long safety shoes.

You can get high-quality long safety shoes.

Aimboo long safety shoes height designs come in 8 inches or 10 inches.

If you need a special height requirement, our designer can make it according to your requirement, since we will adjust our current models.

Long safety shoes are suitable for winter work boots.

The lining used is wood fur because the height can be wrapped around the calf making it warmer.

Long safety shoes can also be made for summer boots.

The lining can be changed to breathable mesh, making vents on the upper surface according to your needs.

Long safety shoes can have steel toe or composite toe that conforms to the anti-impact above 200J.

The midsole has penetration resistance above 1100 N.

Our long safety shoes can be made according to your requirements in terms of different prices of leather such as emboss leather, smooth leather, crazy horse leather, and so on.

If you are interested in our long safety shoe design, you can reach out to our professional sales team to get the actual sample.

Long Safety Shoes- Ulitmate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose the best product for the safety and care of your feet, without compromising on the fashion trends.

It sheds light on all areas that require contemplation and enables you to gain complete knowledge about the product with no room for confusion.

It provides solutions to all your questions regarding Long Safety Shoes, such as types, purpose, advantages, etc.

So before you buy Long Safety Shoes, read this guide.

What are Long Safety Shoes?

Long safety shoes are generally work shoes that are worn in potentially hazardous, muddy, deep water conditions.

Long Safety Shoes are worn to cause minimum or up to no damage.

They are designed specially to cater to the working class.

Fun fact: You can also customize Long Safety Shoes to fit your own personal taste and standard.

What are the Different Types of Long Safety Shoes?

Long Safety Shoes can either be boots or shoes, depending on your preference.

There are three different types of Long Safety Shoes:

  • Long safety gumboot
  • Rigger safety boot
  • Military boot
  • 6inch safety boot
  • 8inch safety boot
  • 10inch safety boot
  • 12 inch safety boot
  • Fireproof long safety shoes
  • Canvas long safety boot
  • Finishing long safety boot

What are Steel Toe Shoes?

Steel Toe Shoes are comparatively cheaper in price but serve the same purpose of providing safety in difficult working situations.

They are best for protection from sharp objects or compression.

Steel Toe Shoes are also more durable as they cannot be easily damaged.

What are Wide Toe Shoes?

Wide Toe Shoes are lighter in size and provide more room for the toe to move freely.

They are non-steel shoes that provide more breathability and can also be used casually.

They are used for work that requires more action and quick feet.

 What are Composite Toe Shoes?

Composite Toe Shoes are more high-end shoes that can be used for protection while also following the fashion trends.

They can be worn for a longer period of time since they’re made up of non-metal material.

They are more comfortable and can be used for workplaces that require long hours.

What is the Difference Between Long Safety Shoes and Normal shoes?

Long Safety shoes are far more different than normal shoes in their purpose and usage.

Long Safety Shoes are targeted to a specific audience of a specific age to ensure their safety, whereas ordinary shoes can be worn by anyone regardless of the age limit.

Long Safety Shoes are work-oriented, whereas, normal shoes can be casual or formal wear.

How are Long Safety Shoes Beneficial?

Long Safety Shoes are extremely beneficial as they play a huge role in preventing many workplace injuries, such as burns, cuts, falls, slips, etc.

Workplace injuries result in bed rest and time-off which leads to a halt in the work process and results in a major loss, hence Long Safety Shoes restrict the damage caused to the minimum amount.

What Height Sizes are Offered for Long Safety Shoes?

Long Safety Shoes are available in different sizes ranging from 8 to 10 inches.

You can also get Long Safety Shoes customized to your height requirement.

The height in Long Safety Shoes also acts as an extra layer of protection and will be perfect for protection against sudden accidents.

What Upper Materials are Used for the Long Safety Shoes?

The most common materials involved in the production of the upper part include:

However, leather is usually preferred by consumers due to the fashion appeal it possesses.

What Sole Materials are Used for the Manufacturing Long Safety Shoes?

The most common materials involved in the production of the outsole include:

  • TPU sole
  • Soft sole
  • Wedge sole
  • Rubber sole
  • PU sole

These outsoles provide more comfort and flexibility in order to perform tasks with more accuracy.

What is the Main Purpose of Long Safety Shoes?

The main purpose of Long Safety Shoes is protection from occupational hazards and minimizing the damage to its bare minimum.

They also enable you to work more efficiently without getting affected by harsh climatic conditions.

Long Safety Shoes are useful in case of emergencies, such as fire, rain, accidents, etc.

 Damages Caused by Wearing Long Safety Shoes for Consecutive Hours?

There might be a few drawbacks in the future associated with Long Safety Shoes, however, they are nothing when compared to the number of hazards that are prevented by Long Safety Shoes.

Long Safety Shoes might cause swelling in the feet due to heavy weight.

They also slow down the process of working and aren’t applicable for quick action.

How to Use Long Safety Shoes in an Effective Way?

Different Long Safety Shoes have different characteristics that serve in multiple ways for your benefit.

For instance, if you are a professional firefighter, you will need Heat Resistant Long Safety Shoes or if you work in harsh climatic conditions, you’ll need Cold Resistant Long Safety Shoes.

Not all kinds of Long Safety Shoes provide all kinds of protection, hence, it is important to know the nature of your work and then opting for a suitable pair of Long Safety Shoes.

Which Type of Long Safety Shoes is Best for Daily Use?

Composite Toe Long Safety Shoes are generally easier to wear on a daily basis as they are lightweight and do not involve hard material that damages your foot.

They are also more comfortable to wear and are extremely fashionable and trendy from the outside.

They can also be worn outside of work if needed.

Their flexibility allows more room for movement and breathability.

How Long is the Average Lifespan of Long Safety Shoes?

The average lifespan of Long Safety Shoes is between 6 to 12 months but it mostly depends on the usage and working conditions.

Most people exceed this limit and continue using their Long Safety Shoes, however, after a certain amount of time, they lose their effectiveness and won’t be as useful as before.

Good quality Long Safety Shoes might have a bit longer lifespan but they too eventually have to be replaced.

How to maintain Long Safety Shoes in Order to Increase their lifespan?

Accidents can damage the effectiveness of Long Safety Shoes. Here are some ways to extend their lifespan:

Make sure to always clean the dirt off of your Long Safety Shoes as they can cause dents.

Use a leather cleaner if your Long Safety Shoes are made up of leather to maintain their luster.

Avoid contact with alcohol in Long Safety Shoes.

It is advised to purchase two pairs of Long Safety Shoes and use them on alternate days.

Always let your Long Safety Shoes dry naturally, without any external heat or air.

Are Long Safety Shoes Comfortable?

With the development of technology, better designs have been introduced to facilitate your comfort and needs.

Wide Toe Shoes have been introduced to make movement even more comfortable.

Heavy materials are used less and less to avoid a hassle of any sorts.

Customization of extra layers can be made to ensure comfort.

Do Long Safety Shoes Provide Complete Protection?

The aim of Long Safety Shoes is to ensure that all the damage is faced by the shoe itself rather than the foot.

Good quality Long Safety Shoes provide maximum protection from the following hazards:

  • Protection from a heavy falling object that has the potential to crush your foot.
  • Protection from sharp objects that might cause serious cuts, such as glass, nails, etc.
  • Protection from harmful contact with machinery, such as chainsaws.
  • Prevention from electric shocks by using non-conductive material in production.
  • Prevent from slipping or falling by providing a strong grip.
  • Protection from chemical or fire burns.
  • Protection from harsh climatic conditions

Are Long Safety Shoes Difficult to Walk in?

Long Safety Shoes can be difficult to manage if not taken care of properly.

Steel Toe Long Safety Shoes might cause hindrances in daily activity as they are heavyweight and might slow down the work process.

They might also result in swelling of feet or blisters if used for walking for a long time.

However, developments are being made to make Long Safety Shoes more user-friendly.

What is the Safety Criteria for Long Safety Shoes?

Long Safety Shoes consist of a midsole that provides resistance from penetration above 1100N.

Their steel toe or composite toe can carry an impact of up to 200J.

What is the Price Range for Long Safety Shoes?

Steel Toe Long Safety Shoes are relatively cheaper than Composite Toe Long Safety Shoes.

However, there can be reliable products available at cheap prices too if you know what kind of product you require.

Why are Long Safety Shoes Required?

Long Safety Shoes are required for the following purposes:

  • Slip resistance to avoid damage from slippery floors, and provide a solid grip that makes movement much more smooth.
  • Water resistance to avoid damage from wet surfaces, and not get soggy and heavy with the weight of water.
  • Cut resistance to avoid serious cuts from machinery or sharp objects in industries like glass factories and tool factories.
  • Heat resistance to avoid skin burns and blisters and prevent the material from melting and forming cracks.
  • Oil resistance to prevent damage from oil spills or leakages, especially in the oil and gas industries.
  • Cold resistance to adjust to harsh weather and prevent the foot from sleeping or freezing.

What are the Types of Jobs that Require the Use of Long Safety Shoes?

The industries that require the use of Long Safety Shoes include:

How to Choose the Best Type of Long Safety Shoes?

The best type of Long Safety Shoes would be designed according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In the case of safety shoes, the EN ISO 20345:2011 norm presents multiple criteria for the kind of protection needed in the workplace.

The main selection criteria depend on the kind of material used in the manufacturing, the type of protection it offers, whether it follows the standards of the important norm, and the level of comfort it offers.

Are Long Safety Shoes Cost-Effective?

Long Safety Shoes offer more than what we pay for as there is no amount of money that can compensate for human life and health.

Good quality long safety shoes that have all the characteristics that your workplace requires are extremely cost-effective as they are designed to take all the damage and accidents on themselves.

It is not always necessary that expensive shoes are the only ones that can provide complete protection, sometimes fairly cheap PVC long safety shoes also possess the same characteristics.

Which are the Best Lightweight Long Safety Shoes?

Long safety shoes can be customized to fit the desired characteristics.

Heavy materials can be exchanged with lighter materials to avoid any hassle.

Composite Toe Long Safety Shoes and Wide Toe Long Safety Shoes are both lightweight and comfortable.

Can Long Safety Shoes be Worn Fashionably?

Long Safety Shoes have been upgraded to such an extent that they can definitely fit your fashion taste.

They can even compete with casual and trendy footwear that is of normal daily use.

Many types of emo and gothic shoes were launched to incorporate safety with fashion.

Have Long Safety Shoes been Weaponized?

Multiple designs of Long Safety Shoes incorporated chains and spikes and are being used as a weapon in some instances.

Steel Toed Long Safety Shoes are extremely heavy and hard and can cause serious damage if it hits with a force.

There are also sheaths attached in the upper lining of Long Safety Shoes where knives and guns can be stored.

What are Test Methods are Used to Long Safety Shoes?

The main test methods used to determine the longevity and effectiveness of Long Safety Shoes include:

  • Outsole Abrasion Resistance Test
  • Midsole Penetration Resistance Test
  • Tear Strength Test
  • Toe Cap Anti Pressure Test
  • Anti-yellowing/ CF to Light Test
  • Upper/ Outsole Bond Strength Test
  • Safety Shoe Impact Test
  • Compression and Puncture Test
  • Bending Test
  • Anti Static Test

What is the ASTM Standard for Long Safety Shoes?

The American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM F2413-05 standard for Long Safety Shoes requires manufacturers to comply with the following requirements.

  • I/75 impact resistance, which means a shoe must be able to resist 75 pounds of weight dropped from a height.
  • C/75 compression resistance, which means 2500 pounds of pressure can be resisted.
  • Mt75 metatarsal rating, which shows the metatarsal designation of 75, which means 75 pounds of weight can be resisted.
  • Slip-resistant
  • Chain saw resistant
  • Puncture resistant

Are Long Safety Shoes Affordable to the Working Class?

Long Safety Shoes are directly targeted to the working class.

According to the OSHA standard, industries should provide their employees with Long Safety Shoes, instead of making them buy it on their own.

If an employee faces an injury due to a failure of compliance with the OSHA standard, the company will have to pay a fine.

What Makes Long Safety Shoes Prone to Injury?

Materials like steel, leather, metal, etc protect the foot from injuries.

The best selection for vamps, midsoles, toe caps, and outsoles can minimize the damage to the least bit.

Are Long Safety Shoes Suitable for Traveling?

Long Safety Shoes are not particularly designed for traveling due to the delay of activity caused by them.

They are also hard to carry in a suitcase due to the heavy weight.

However, if there is an extensive need of protection while traveling or if you’re traveling in harsh conditions, Long Safety Shoes can be of sufficient use.

Where are Long Safety Shoes Used?

Many industries have deemed it compulsory to use Long Safety Shoes in their daily work routine.

They are commonly used in construction companies, chemical plants, manufacturing industries, military, etc.

Military long Safety Shoes for hiking and trekking as well.

Can Long Safety Shoes be Worn in a Casual Setting?

Many people have incorporated Long Safety Shoes in their casual routine to avoid harm in all instances.

Since they are also being designed in association with the fashion trends, they can be worn outside of workplaces.

Can Long Safety Shoes be Used for Running?

Long Safety Shoes are not meant for activities that require quick movement, such as running, dancing, playing, etc.

Running in Long Safety Shoes would require extra force and effort, which might strain your muscles.

Do Manufacturers Provide Warranty for Long Safety Shoes?

All manufacturers conduct multiple tests for the effectiveness of Long Safety Shoes and then provide a warranty for a certain amount of time depending on the results.

The warranty only applies to damage caused due to a defect in the production.

The manufacturers are not responsible for damage caused to the shoe after it is met with a heavy force.

The manufacturer will have a 6-month warranty for normal damage.

Are Long Safety Shoes only Applicable for Winters?

Long Safety Shoes can be worn all year round.

The upper lining can be changed according to the seasons.

In winters, the upper lining can be of warm fur that provides warmth, while in summers, the upper lining can be breathable mesh with vents attached.

Should Long Safety Shoes be Kept Out children?

It is best to keep Long Safety Shoes out of reach of children in order to avoid any mishap.

Children might drop the shoe due to the weight and may injure themselves.

Children might handle it inappropriately and tear the shoe, making it ineffective.

When to Get Rid of Your Long Safety Shoes?

The following factors are a hint that you need to replace your current Long Safety Shoes with a new pair:

  • If there’s even the slightest bit of tear in the material
  • If the metatarsal guard is visible
  • If the insoles have started to come off
  • If you can see the toe cap
  • If the treads below have smoothened due to excessive walking
  • Any sort of holes or puncture
  • Discomfort

How Can You Start a Long Safety Shoes Business?

Most of the Long Safety Shoes in the market these days are originated from China.

In order to initiate a successful business in the marketing of Long Safety Shoes, you should refer to a well-known manufacturer.

Considering the fact that health and safety is the number one priority of employees in order to continue their professional and occupational lives, you can never go wrong with the marketing of Long Safety Shoes.

We hope all your queries have been solved through this guide and there is no room for any sort of contemplation.

However, if you still have any confusion or questions, we are available to further guide you.

Feel free to contact us here.

Keep Safe,
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