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Office Safety Shoes

Aimboo office safety shoes have decades of expertise in multiple work files, supply for CE approved office safety shoes, your customers will Say goodbye with the slip and fall. Get in touch anytime!

Office Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Aimboo, as a manufacturer of medium and high-grade office safety shoes, integrates R&D, design, production, and sales.

Our independent research and development teams export office safety shoes up to 200,000 pairs per year to Europe, South Africa, Asia, etc.

We also provide executive safety shoes for government tender projects.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

Office Safety Shoes

Our factory has expert workers to make the office safety shoes, which guarantee the stability of your batch orders.

Our range of stylish office safety shoes vary from lace-up office safety shoes, slip-on office safety shoes to high-cut office safety shoes, and so on.

You have more choices in our factory, and you can also get custom office safety shoes.

These office safety shoes meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, therefore, there is no need to worry about safety issues.

The office safety shoes toe cap can be built with metal or non-metal.

This protective toe cap can withstand 200J impact, 15KN pressure test and the midsole anti-punch meet the 1100N test.

Aimboo office safety shoe outsole is made of PU or rubber that has the best slip resistance and abrasion resistance.

The office safety shoes can help you in supervision in most work environments, help prevent slips, and falling in the workplace.

The brogue vamp design looks elegant, which is built with NAPPA soft leather or smooth leather, and the lining has moisture-wicking, soft EVA footbed and the lightweight soles have anti-

collision heel and shock absorption design, suitable for extended wear.

If you wear this style of office safety shoes, you will look professional and elegant, besides ensuring safety.

Our materials for making office safety shoes are more comfortable and breathable.

You can visit the different departments to inspect the whole day’s work and your feet will remain relaxed.

If you want to purchase elegant and comfortable safety shoes, you can reach out to our professional team.


Office Safety Shoes are the perfect choice for your indoor safety requirements, and this guide sheds light on the usage and characteristics that they offer.

This guide will help you in deciding whether you should opt for Office Safety Shoes for your business or not.

To understand more about Office Safety Shoes and their pros and cons, continue reading this guide.

 What are Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes are specifically designed to protect against potential hazards in an indoor setting and keep your feet away from mud and dirty places.

They provide maximum comfort and support for your feet and help perform strenuous activities with ease.

Office Safety Shoes are targeted primarily for office workers and executive roles that require you to be on your feet most of the time.

What are the Different Styles Available for Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes offer much versatility and provide retailers and consumers with various options to cater to their taste and preference.

Amongst the different styles that they offer, some include:

  • Lace-up Office Safety Shoes
  • Slip-on Office Safety Shoes
  • High-cut Office Safety Shoes
  • Men’s Office Safety Shoes
  • Women’s Office Safety Shoes

What are Lace-up Office Safety Shoes?

Lace-up Office Safety Shoes incorporate laces to provide a steady grip and to fit your shoe perfectly according to your size.

You can either use metal eyelets or customize them in plastic if you’re looking for Metal-free shoes.

Lace-up Office Safety Shoes are usually the preferred option by workers who usually do indoor work.

They provide immense support and cushioning, and the laces give the perfect fit.

 What are Slip-on Office Safety Shoes?

Slip-on Office Safety Shoes are effortless to wear and remove and are usually used by workers who require quickly getting in and out of shoes in case of emergencies or accidents.

Companies that are significant time conscious require their workers to wear Slip-on Office Safety Shoes to get rid of the hassle of tying and untying their shoelaces every time.

Slip-on Office Safety Shoes are usually middle-cut shoes that offer protection for a wider area of the foot and are the perfect choice for long working hours.

What are High-cut Office Safety Shoes?

High-cut Office Safety Shoes are usually around 8 to 10 inches long boots that act as an extra layer of protection for the foot and are a bit heavier than other types of Office Safety Shoes.

They are widely used by workers who have to handle indoor work and simultaneously visit factories, so they require protection and better traction.

High-cut Office Safety Shoes provide warmth in winters and breathability in summers and, hence they are great for use all year round.

 What are Men’s Office Safety Shoes?

Men’s Office Safety Shoes are designed for strong and sturdy work that requires staying on your feet for long hours.

Men and women usually have pretty distinct styles.

Hence Men’s Office Safety Shoes focuses on the masculine style and incorporates it according to the latest masculine trends.

Men’s Office Safety Shoes are generally more stringent and provide flexibility and more damage control.

What are Women’s OfficeSafety Shoes?

Women’s Office Safety Shoes cater to women’s more fragile feet and hence are lightweight and provide maximum comfort and breathability.

They can be customized in various colors and designs to stay updated with the current fashion trends.

Women’s feet are naturally distinctive from men’s feet, Women’s Office Safety Shoes pay special attention to those distinctions.

 What are the Pros and Cons of Producing Unisex Office Safety Shoes?

There are similar pros and cons to producing unisex Office Safety Shoes. However, it is strongly suggested not to rely solely on unisex Office Safety Shoes, instead deal with selling men’s, women’s, and unisex safety shoes for better business.

Men’s and women’s feet are different in their structure and sizes, and hence, separate pairs are usually produced for both genders.

However, with separate pairs comes the difficult job of managing the demand and supply. More than often, men’s shoes sell out quicker than women’s shoes, and the women’s pairs rot in the warehouse for an extended period not suitable for business.

For unisex shoes you don’t have to keep tabs on two separate pairs of a single shoe, you just have to offer a lot of different sizes for the unisex shoe, so there are enough options for both men women.

What are the Advantages of Office Safety Shoes?

The most significant advantage of Office Safety Shoes is that they offer enough variety to fit them with any attire.

Although they are designed specifically for proper use in offices, they can also be worn outside of work without making you seem out of place.

Office Safety Shoes are incredibly durable and offer versatility as they’re available in different styles and colours.

Office Safety Shoes are more breathable and lightweight, which is why they are perfect for all sorts of weather.

Office Safety Shoes are also extremely flexible, which helps in workplaces that require flexibility.

Office Safety Shoes improve their performance over time as they adapt to the weight, force, and shape of the foot, providing more ease and comfort as time passes.

10. What are the Disadvantages of Office Safety Shoes?

Like any other type of safety shoe, Office Safety Shoes come with their share of cons that need to be known before you buy them for consumption or business.

The disadvantages of Office Safety Shoes depend on their usage and the environment they are being used in.

Different types of Office Safety Shoes have different purposes and if you use the wrong type of Office Safety Shoes in your workplace, you can face serious consequences.

Office Safety Shoes often slow down your speed and fail to offer dexterity to perform.

You might face cramps or swelling of your feet if you wear Office Safety Shoes for long periods of time.

What are the Benefits of Having an Office Safety Shoe Supplier?

Unlike older times, where production, logistics, warehousing, and retailing used to be managed under one roof and the company that was the manufacturer was also the retailer, now to stay relevant amongst the tough competition, the area of focus has reduced and there are separate firms to manage all these activities.

Having an Office Safety Shoe supplier is beneficial as you only have to focus on your consumers and the statistics and management of business plans instead of getting involved with the shoe’s construction and designing.

This allows you to divert all your attention to determining what your potential consumer wants and supplying the idea to the manufacturer to construct your required product, hence increasing customer satisfaction.

What Characteristics do Office Safety Shoes Offer?

Some of Office Safety Shoes’ characteristics include slip resistanceheat resistancecold resistance, and cut resistance.

Office Safety Shoes are also known for their impact resistance, energy absorbance, anti-perforation, and antistatic characteristics.

Office Safety Shoes provide characteristics that make them superior over other safety shoes, such as providing more breathability, protection from injuries, sturdiness, firm grip, etc.


How Can Office Safety Shoes Protect You?

The objective of Office Safety Shoes is to provide complete protection in workplaces against potential hazards such as:

  • Protection from stepping on sharp objects
  • Protection from a heavy object falling on your feet with force
  • Protection from slipping in workplaces
  • Protection from electric shocks emitted from the ground
  • Protection from dirty and uneven paths

Besides all the protection that Office Safety Shoes provide, they are also widely popular due to their constant upgrades for maximum protection.

What are the Safety Standards Used in the Production of Office Safety Shoes?

Every safety shoe manufacturer has to follow specific safety standards while producing Office Safety Shoes to ensure maximum protection at a workplace.

Office Safety Shoes should strictly follow the EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standard that suggests using steel toe caps or composite toe caps with an impact resistance of up to 200J and compression resistance of up to 15kN.

Another common standard for the production of Office Safety Shoes includes EN ISO 20347 that includes safety shoes to have certain safety precautions that enable them to provide some beneficial aspects.

These safety precautions include water resistance, energy absorption, cleated sole, midsole penetration resistance, and antistatic.

ASTM F2412 is another standard used for Office Safety Shoes that provides testing methods that measure safety features such as impact resistance, compression resistance, puncture resistance, midsole penetration resistance, and slip resistance.

Can Office Shoes be Produced Without the Safety Components?

Office Shoes can be produced without the safety components by complying with the ISO EN 20347 standard and it is applicable for all types of occupational shoes.

ISO EN 20347 does not deem it necessary to produce safety shoes with steel toe caps or composite toe caps.

However, some characteristics need to be added that make them beneficial, such as, energy absorption, outsole resistance, antistatic, water-resistance, and penetration resistance.

 Can Office Safety Shoes be Customized?

It usually depends upon the retailer whether they require the standard product or a customized product, however, our experts suggest you to customize your Office Safety Shoes and display the uniqueness and versatility of your brand.

Customized Office Safety Shoes are more expensive than the standard ones, but this investment is worth it to make you stand out amongst all competition.

Refer to our experts to find ways to customize canvas safety shoes to serve a better picture of your brand and attract more customers.

What Kind of Toe Caps Can be Used in the Production of Office Safety Shoes?

There are many toe caps available for Office Safety Shoes, such as wide toe, moc toe, alloy toe, soft toe, steel toe, aluminum toe, carbon fiber toe, fiberglass toe, plastic toe, etc.

However, the most common types of toe caps are categorized into metallic and non-metallic toe caps. Steel is the most common metallic toecap, and a combination of fiberglass and plastic is the most common non-metallic toe cap, which is also known as a composite toe cap.

  1. Steel Toe Cap

They are comparatively cheaper in price than composite toe caps but are heavyweight and can weigh you down in activities.

They provide maximum protection against potential hazards in workplaces.

They are also durable as they cannot be easily damage

They are used in more high-end shoes and can be used for protection while also fold.

  1. Composite Toe Caplowing fashion trends.

They can be worn for a more extended period of time since they’re made up of non-metal material.

They provide excessive comfort and can be used for workplaces that require long working hours.

18. What Outsole Material is Used in the Production of Office Safety Shoes?

It depends on you and your preference what kind of outsole you want for your Office Safety Shoes.

The different kinds of soles offered in Office Safety Shoes include:

  • PU/PU
  • PU/ Rubber
  • PU/TPU
  • EVA/Rubber
  • Wedge sole

These outsoles provide extra comfort and flexibility in order to perform tasks with more dexterity and ease.

We suggest you incorporate PU and Rubber outsoles for your order of Office Safety Shoes as they provide the best slip resistance and abrasion resistance.

19. What Vamp Material is Used in the Production of Office Safety Shoes?

The vamp is the upper part of the safety shoe that protects the feet from dangers and on top of that, it is also one of the biggest factors that add to the safety shoe’s overall appearance.

The most common vamp materials used in the production of Office Safety Shoes include:

  • Split leather
  • Cow suede
  • Full-Grain leather
  • Microfiber
  • Flying Woven
  • KPU

You can get your Office Safety Shoes customized with whatever vamp material you prefer.

20. What are the Protective Features Offered by Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes provide protective features that are tested through several procedures and only the ones who pass through the test are delivered to you.

Their protective features include:

  • Impact resistance of up to 200 joules
  • Compression resistance of up to 15-kilo newtons
  • Midsole penetration resistance of up to 1100 newtons

 What is One of the Best Office Safety Shoes Suggested by the Experts?

According to our experts, you should opt for the Brogue Office Safety Shoe for your business as it provides elegance and a professional look along with protecting your consumers from potential hazards.

Brogue Office Safety Shoes use NAPPA soft leather or smooth leather for the vamp material.

Its lining uses adequate moisture absorbing and soft EVA footbed.

They are incredibly lightweight shoes whose outsoles possess anti-collision and shock absorption characteristics.

They are highly suitable for extended hours of working.

Who Can Wear Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes are applicable to only a specific target audience and their characteristics are according to the requirements of a particular age group.

Office Safety Shoes are mostly worn by executive managers whose role is to do a complete inspection and stay on their feet a lot.

It is easier to manufacture safety shoes when the target audience is already determined.

List the Top 8 Office Safety Shoes that Can be Used for Business Purposes and Casual Use.

Amongst the plethora of types offered for Office Safety Shoes, the most common types that can be used for formal as well as casual settings include:

  • Oxford Office Safety Shoes
  • Brogue Office Safety Shoes
  • Derby Office Safety Shoes
  • Loafer Office Safety Shoes
  • Chukka Office Safety Shoes
  • Chelsea Office Safety Shoes
  • Dress Boot Office Safety Shoes
  • Monk Strap Office Safety Shoes

 In What Area or Industry Can Office Safety Shoes be Used?

Office Safety Shoes can also be worn in executive roles and government tender projects.

They are also widely preferred for supervision jobs that require you to stay on your feet all the time and go to and fro between the industrial plant and the office to manage other workers’ performance.

Office Safety Shoes are highly preferred in meetings as they provide a classy look and elevate your appearance and also provide a chance to make casual commitments for later.

 What Sort of Lining Can be Used in Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes can comprise different kinds of linings, depending on your preference.

The most common linings used in the production of Office Safety Shoes include:

  • Breathable Sandwich
  • Abrasion Canberra
  • Waterproof Mesh
  • Pig Leather

The lining of the shoe is essential as it manages the comfort and cushioning of the Office Safety Shoe.

What is the Estimated Delivery Time for Office Safety Shoes?

The estimated delivery time for Office Safety Shoes usually takes up to 35-45 days.

Samples for your Office Safety Shoes can be provided before delivering your complete order for you to ensure that there are no defects and that the product is up to your mark.

A customized sample may take 10-15 days to get delivered.

However, a current item sample only requires 5-7 days to deliver.

The delivery time usually depends on your order quantity and whether you demand a standard product or a customized product.

What are the Different Footbeds That Can be Used in Office Safety Shoes?

A footbed provides support and a better fit for the shoe.

The most commonly used footbeds used in the production of Office Safety Shoes are:

  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Hi-Poly
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Orthopedic Insock

Are Office Safety Shoes Suitable for All Sorts of Jobs?

Different kinds of Office Safety Shoes would be suitable for different jobs.

There is no single pair of safety shoe that can be used for all sorts of jobs as all safety shoes have different functions and all workplaces possess different environments and hazards.

You need to determine what kind of Office Safety Shoe is perfect for your workplace environment as there would be extreme consequences if you use an Office Safety Shoe that is not applicable for your job.

For instance, if you are wearing Office Safety Shoes made up of suede, and your workplace has a wet environment, then your Office Safety Shoes would be ruined entirely as suede is not good at absorbing water.

What Sort of Maintenance is Required to Elongate the Life Span of Office Safety Shoes?

It is suggested to dust off all the dirt that gets collected on Office Safety Shoes on a daily basis not to lose their look.

Use a leather cleaner if your Office Safety Shoes are made up of leather to maintain their luster.

For harsh stains, use a mixture of water and soap and clean it with a toothbrush and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

Do not completely dampen your Office Safety Shoes and always let them dry naturally without any external heat or air.

What Makes Office Safety Shoes an In-Demand Product?

Office Safety Shoes have been in the market for quite some time and still remain one of the most in-demand products because of their versatility and beneficial characteristics.

Most companies have deemed it compulsory to use Office Safety Shoes in the premises of the workplace according to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rule by OSHA.

Hence, many employers purchase Office Safety Shoes in bulk in order to provide their employees with maximum protection at the workplace.

The fact that Office Safety Shoes also incorporate fashion and trends along with safety and comfort is another reason for their global popularity.

 What Sizes are Offered in Office Safety Shoes?

The more versatility in sizes that you adopt for your order of Office Safety Shoes, the more options your consumer would have to choose their desired product.

One of the biggest purposes of your Office Safety Shoe business should be to cater to the requirements of all your potential customers.

The variance in sizes usually ranges from 35 to 48 according to the European size, while 2 to 14 according to the UK size.

With different sizes, you can entertain different consumers.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Office Safety Shoes?

Most suppliers are involved in B2B marketing and sell goods to other retailers or business holders.

They usually purchase different kinds of Office Safety Shoes in bulk or get their own product customized and purchase them in a large amount.

The minimum order quantity for Office Safety Shoes is limited to 500-1000 pairs.

Your maximum limit can be any amount you desire as we strive to provide you the best products.

It is suggested to start with a low quantity order if it is your first time dealing with the supplier or even if you are introducing Office Safety Shoes to your company for the first time.

Once you are satisfied with their output, you can later increase

What is the Price Range of Office Safety Shoes?

Office Safety Shoes and their price depends on the material used and the standards followed in their production.

We deal in B2B marketing and only sell products in bulk to high-end and low-end retailers.

Purchasing in bulk is extremely beneficial and helps save costs.

The price range of Office Safety Shoes ranges from up to 10USD to 25USD for a single pair.

What is the Payment Method Adopted for Office Safety Shoes?

The payment method is usually discussed among the client and the supplier and they reach a consensus by considering the ease of both parties.

The factors that affect the selection of payment methods are the geographical distance between the parties and the total amount payable.

Usually, payments are transferred through banks, through Payp, or through third-party guarantees.

Telegraphic Transfer and Letter of Credit are the most common methods preferred worldwide.

If you live in the vicinity of the manufacturing factory, you can also make in-person payments after inspecting your order.

How Long is the Warranty Period for Office Safety Shoes?

Suppliers have to pay critical attention to the production processes to ensure that client satisfaction remains unfettered.

They usually take complete responsibility for any defects in production detected in a product and also offer a warranty that strengthens the relationship between the client and supplier.

The warranty period is usually 6 months long as it is suggested to get Office Safety Shoes replaced after a year of use.

Compensations will be provided if any faults are found within this warranty period.

 How can Office Safety Shoes Help You to Expand Your Business?

Office Safety Shoes are used worldwide as they are the current need of every workplace.

Since they are so in demand, they are bound to boost the constant supply and purchase.

Suppliers provide you with certifications and test results, and you would not have to engage in the hassle of obtaining certification for your product as they will extend it to you.

Office Safety Shoes incorporate fashion trends and if your brand is up to date with fashion trends, you can never go wrong in your business.

How to Start an Office Safety Shoe Business?

To start an Office Safety Shoe business, you should find out whether the people in your vicinity would even purchase this product or not as it is only after you receive the reviews from the people in your vicinity will people approach you globally to buy Office Safety Shoes.

Once you determine that your target audience is interested in Office Safety Shoes, you need to refer to a well-known and experienced supplier who can handle your order.

You need to add in your own touch and uniqueness in your product in order to stay afloat in the competition.

If you produce standard products that are easily available everywhere you would not have any quality to separate you from the crowd of competitors.

You also need to strictly manage the demand and supply chain and not overproduce neither underproduce.

 How to Contact Aimboo in Order to Place an Order for Office Safety Shoes?

Aimboo encourages its clients to have a detailed conversation with their experts before placing an order and to be completely acquainted with all the aspects of Office Safety Shoes.

In order to contact Aimboo you can visit our website and click on the ‘Send Inquiry” option and submit your queries.

You can also contact us through different social media outlets:

E-mail: Info@safeft.com

Or you can just simply click here to put forward your order of Office Safety Shoes.

We hope we have succeeded in answering all your questions with the help of this guide and now you are ready to contact an Office Safety Shoe supplier to place your order.

However, if there is still any room left for any kind of query, you can refer to our experts and we’d be more than pleased to provide you further guidance.

Keep Safe,
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