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Rigger Safety Shoes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

After reading this guide you will have a better to know of the origin, characteristics, materials, types, standards, and application of rigger boot.

You will learn more right answers through this guide.

What is Rigger Safety Shoes

Rigger boot has a history from the days of the industrial revolution in Britain.

The name Rigger was derived standard issue for working on the offshore oil rigs in the Northern sea, subsequently given to rigger safety shoes made of safety standards.

The shoes are now being worn by workers who do other manual jobs as a general-purpose work boot.

The name was See a Typical Rigger safety shoes

What is the Application Of Rigger Safety Shoes?

Rigger safety shoes are more suitable in Agricultural, oil, gas marine, and construction industries

In Agricultural industries, gumshoes provide leg protection against insects and snakes while walking in bushes

In the construction industry, it protects against corrosive substances

It is suitable in working in oil and gas sectors, gum shoes neutralize against spilled chemicals

They are very comfortable even in the marine sectors

What is Rigger Safety Shoes Feature?

  • Dual-density PU allows feet to remain insulated while warm when cold. When hot, it allows air to circulate.
  • Dual-density sole which is good for abrasion resistance
  • 200 Joule steel toe cap to resist impact while giving protection to the feet
  • Steel midsole protection to resist corrosion properties and penetration
  • Shock absorber heel which has internal tissues to guard against shock when working
  • Slip oil resistant sole to protect from slip when working in oily places
  • Bump toe cap to protect the toe area of your work boots
  • Apollo leather upper which is widely used on Rigger safety shoes
  • TPU structured heel support is a counter designed TPU structure. The upper may be coupled with dual hardness midsole structures that pro) Research methods for business students, 6th edition vide heel support and eliminate the need for a heel counter in the shoe upper.
  • Fur lining covers the inside seams of the shoe so that it has a long life span
  • Padded ankle to relieve pain in your feet
  • Anti-static to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic discharge
  • Water-resistant to avoid easy penetration of water especially when working in Agriculture
  • The sole design with a bump toe cap that double protection, make the front leather not easy to wear

What is the Type of Rigger Safety Shoes?

Some of the types that we have in our factory are listed below

  • Men rigger safety shoes
  • Women rigger safety shoes
  • Woodland rigger safety shoes
  • Sports  rigger boots
  • Waterproof rigger boots

Where are Rigger Safety Shoes Best Suited?

90% Rigger safety shoes best suit highly hazardous operations like in agricultural and Construction sectors, heavy industry, oil files. Some of them worn when working on the farm .

How Many Heights are Rigger Safety Shoes?

Normal height:

Rigger safety shoes normal standards are one height:

The heights of Rigger safety shoes are usually kneeing size height.

Each size height is different,36 sizes as a reference to raise the height of the standard.

They are generally just below knee-high although shorter boots are available.

OEM height:

Other variations are low the knee or over the knee, lengthen at the height of the standard, you could name lengthen rigger safety shoes.
As nylon mesh to extend edge height, could increase the height of your leg. After raising the edges, close the shoe tube with elastic.

Design D is rigger boot height

What are Rigger Safety Shoes Materials?

Top leather- made of Embossed leather, apollo leather, action Nubuck leather, action crazy leather, and full-grain leather

TPU materials support counter.

Wrapping strips improves the quality of finished rigger safety shoes.

Toe- Protective toe caps can be in steel toe caps, aluminum toe caps, and composite toe caps

Outside sole which is dual density

Good year welted sole with replaceable parts

PU/PU, PU /RUBBER, PU/ TPU, cemented sole rigger boot.

A midsole to increase the strength

A lining is made of fur or breathable mesh.

What are Rigger Safety Shoes Standards?

SRC dual density sole to resist slippery

Toe cap anti-impact of 200J

Sole bottom anti-puncture with 1100N midsole test

The leather used to manufacture rigger safety shoes is 1.6 to 1.8 mm in thickness tear strength over 60N

Water penetration Anti-static data between 100-1000KΩ

What are the Rigger Safety Shoes Size?

Our factory has two different sizes of lasts, one of the last lengths is Rigger boots for men.

Another one of the last lengths is Rigger safety shoes for women.

The foot length and width of men and women are completely different.

We used to different last size to make men rigger boot and women rigger boot.

Rigger safety shoes for women in the chart below.

What Color is Rigger Safety Shoes?

Rigger safety boots were usually used in darker colors like tan or back.

Some the customer will choose the light brown color

More customers will choose a darker color, this color best resistant to dirt.

You can also custom your color depending on this color

What is the Weight of Rigger Safety Shoes by Safeft?

Rigger safety shoes weigh more than other safety shoes.

They have an extended height which brings more weight to them.

They weigh between 1.3 to 1.6 kgs

The higher more weight it has.

Are Rigger Boots Comfortable?

The shoe tube width decide rigger boot comfortable

Rigger boot tube must convenient of pulling when the trousers are put into the shoe tube.

Lining mesh breathable, outsole and insole must have shock-absorbent, sole bottom slip-resistant well

Are There Rigger Boots Made Of Steel Toe Cap?

Customers can choose steel toe caps for Rigger boots.

Steel toe caps are very strong and suit a manufacturing working environment that is full of hazards like mining and manufacturing.

Rigger boots made of steel toe caps are those that are made of composite toe caps yet they are still durable.

Are There Non-Safety Rigger Boots?

Rigger boots could make EN20347 without safety.

Rigger boots have been designed to be non-safety that are still made of  SRC anti -slips sole.

They have a high height that suits areas where workers are exposed to outdoor work.

Are Rigger Safety Shoes Water-Resistant?

Rigger safety shoes are designed to be worn in extreme environments such as construction and Agriculture.

The shoes have a water-resisting membrane that protects workers from water-borne diseases that affect the feet.

Rigger boots also have a waterproof upper are and made up of durable material that protects against water penetration

What is Importance of Fur Line Rigger Safety Shoes?

The fur lining is a traditional feature in Rigger safety shoes.

Rigger safety shoes are usually worn in very cold environments.

The fur lining is useful to keep workers warm on their feet when wearing rigger safety shoes.

Fur lining also gives the foot comfort.

Are Rigger Boots Good for Oil Resistant?

Rigger boots were initially worn in offshore oil rigs, the derived their names from oil rigs so that designed to materials from upper to the sole have oil-proof function.

Naturally, rigger safety shoes have been designed to protect workers working in oily places.

Rigger safety shoes naturally slip-resistant when working in oily environments.

Are There Rigger Safety Shoes That Are Suitable In Winter?

Rigger safety shoes have their roots in the UK and other countries which are naturally very cold.

Rigger safety shoes have higher heights which help to give warmth to the entire foot below the knee.

They also have a fur lining inside the shoe which reinforces warmth to workers

Where Can I Source Cheap Rigger Boots?

In China safety shoe manufacturers you could source cheaper rigger safety shoes

If you want to make the business in the B2B  market.

The cheaper rigger boots suit your lower budget yet the shoes are still protective and comfortable, import from the factory that can help you save at least 20% budget

What are Women’s Rigger Boots?

Rigger boots also have feminine designs.

Rigger boots for women in the UK are designed to conform to the EU safety shoe standards.

The various available designs express the styles which the UK women can choose without compromising on the protection that women should tap from the rigger boots.

What is Insulated Rigger Boots?

Insulated rigger boots have a lining that keeps your feet warm when it is cold.

It’s because interlining make of insulation cotton,

In different cold conditions, you need to choose different thicknesses of insulation cotton to resist the external cold.

The production process and material cost of insulated rigger boots are relatively high, so it will cost more than 50% compared with ordinary rigger boots.

How to Get Fleece Lined Rigger Boots?

In the winter fleece, lining rigger boot gives you additional warmth in extremely cold environments.

Fleece is divided into many kinds, thickness, color, and styles.

The regular fleece, you just choose the color directly in the factory sample room can be customized rigger boot.

Best quality fleece-lined rigger safety shoe is breathable and provides enough insulation during cold

What Leather Use to Rigger Safety Shoes?

Rigger safety shoes and Wellington safety boots are manufactured in a choice of leather.

There is a choice between cow suede, full-grain, and original leather

A choice of leather gives you a preferred style yet they are all protective.

How to get Comfortable Rigger Boots?

Rigger boots have an emphasis on protection from origin

Present-day rigger safety shoes are also very comfortable without compromising on protection

Rigger safety shoes have a fur lining that brings much comfort to the feet.

The design of the shoes allows you to work all day without bringing pain to your feet.

How Long get Custom Design Rigger Boots?

If your style is also our current style, it takes 3 days.

For new styles, it takes 10 to 15 days to custom a new Rigger shoe

You can choose your preferred toe cap, show height and color

Are There Light Weight Rigger Safety Shoes?

Rigger safety shoes are usually heavy because of their height.

This is so because they are used in heavy industries and muddy places.

Does the Rigger Boots Meet safety standards?

Our shoes have toe caps, they resist penetration, are water-resistant while they are also heat resistant as required by EN 20347 and EN 20345

Our Rigger safety shoes are also impact-resistant, compression resistant, puncture-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and outsole slip-resistant in line with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)

How much are the purchasing costs?

For prices of different Rigger safety shoes, enquire with our offices through the website.

However, expect prices in the range of $7 to $25 USD

How much does it take to import shoes?

Enquire for Import duties of the destination country and the import agencies to get the cost.

How to Delivery Rigger Safety Shoes?

Expect your order within 30 to 45 days and a lead time of 10-15 days

For current designs, select the codes to make an order

For custom designs, a sample should first be designed from materials specified before the production process commence.

Which Payment Methods do you accept?

We support bank transfers, PayPal, and 3rd party guarantees

Do you Offer a Warranty for Rigger boots?

Expect a warrant period of up to 6 months.

Our shoes are very durable and they will last beyond that period looking as new.

 Contacting us, you can get any rigger safety shoes or rigger boot solutions

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