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Safety Footwear Supplier in China

In choosing a safety shoe supplier, you can believe in when selecting your new pair is essential. At Aimboo, our experienced staff has carefully examined every pair we offer.

We can only provide the brand for sale to our customers after passing this qualification process, which includes requirements on quality and ethics. We believe that if something isn’t good enough for our feet, it’s not good enough for yours. So check out our safety shoe brands and designs to make your next step more secure and at ease.

Safety Footwear List

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Application of Safety Footwear

At Aimboo Company, we ensure that our footwear complies with all applicable safety regulations. The safety network is our primary source for safety boots and shoes with national footwear brands, and consistency with high-quality footwear from internationally renowned brands is the safety network. And each item we sell complies with ASTM standards for impact and compression.

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Aimboo Safeft Footwear Technologies

We provide a selection of footwear with premium materials integrated. Slip-resistant, electrical hazard, water-proof, insulated, industrial safety footwear, static dissipative, and composite toe are just a few of the possibilities for safety footwear that are available in every technology. Through our network of suppliers, Safeft Shoe Company has access to any additional items and technologies you could need through our network of suppliers.

Eco Sustainable Materials

SRC Certified Slip Resistance

Wide Toe Cap

Breathable Shoe Reinforcement

Techno Mesh Lining

Breathable PU Insole

3M Thinsulate Insulation

GORE-TEX Membrane

Stabilizing Heel

Fitgo Eyelet



What Our Clients Say

"My husband adores these safety shoes. Steel-toe boots are required for work, and have been lugging around heavy boots in the summer for years. He now works in comfort."
- Damien
"OK, these are great safety shoes, as I call them; they're soft, comfortable, and stylish. They even resemble sports shoes with the added benefit of providing protection. When I use them, I always get compliments (all the time). I wholeheartedly endorse them. Again, I'm not sure they can withstand construction work, but as far as indoor technicians go, they're fantastic."
- Carson
"These are fantastic! They feel so much like sneakers for being safety shoes. I read a few of the reviews on here, and many people recommended buying insoles, so I did just in case they provide additional comfort, but they are also very comfortable without them."
- Martin
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