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Safety Shoes
Manufacturer & Supplier

Aimboo is a one-stop safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier that provides PPE footwear to businesses and companies worldwide.

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Aimboo Safety Shoes Supply

We are your most dependable work boots and safety shoes supplier. We help you find the perfect PPE boots and shoes by offering a wide range of styles and sizes.

Choose safety shoes for your workers or business needs using our comprehensive footwear collection. Our choices include steel toe caps, composite toe caps, non-metallic footwear, metallic shoes, and more.

Aimboo Safety Shoes Standards

Being a global safety shoes supplier, our production activities follow the international level of standards. We make shoes that meet the highest levels of S3, ESD, SCR, and other standards.

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A safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

Safety Shoes Production

Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Safety Shoes Testing

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Why Choose Us

Leading Safety Shoes Manufacturer

Aimboo is a trusted safety shoes manufacturer with over ten years in the business. We offer a wide range of products including work boots, steel toe cap shoes, slip-resistant shoes, and so on.

Safety Shoes Manufacturing

Our processes are experts design shoe parts and identify the ideal materials to use, while our manufacturing department ensures the finished footwear. Our quality control checks for compliance with set safety shoe manufacturing standards.

Custom Safety Shoes

We are an all-round safety shoes manufacturer. We offer custom footwear services to let you design protection shoes that match your workplace environment or business market needs.

Safety Shoes Design

Our experts regularly come up with safety shoe designs to offer solutions to workplace safety challenges. This has made us the PPE company of choice for many major brands.

Safety Footwear Testing

With hi-tech equipment, Aimboo is well-equipped to ensure top quality footwear. We test all safety PPE shoes for puncture resistance, sole wear resistance, toe cap compression resistance, and more.

Footwear Quality Control

We have invested in hi-tech testing equipment to ensure workplace shoes that adhere to the required safety standards. All materials are tested for quality and finished shoes thoroughly inspected by passing them through various tests.

Private Label Shoes

Maintain your brand identity by taking advantage of our private label service. Our aim as your safety shoes supplier to see your safety footwear business grow.

Safety Shoes Production

We have professional teams on standby for your orders. Whether standard safety shoes or custom work boots, we have a solution ready for your business or workplace needs.


Aimboo safety shoe manufacturing sticks to a strict schedule involving both machine and manual processes. We produce our products following international standards workplace safety.


All Aimboo safety shoes are tested by our QC department at all levels to ensure they are puncture resistant, wear resistant, and tear and impact resistant.

Safety Shoes Manufacturer

Safety Shoes Manufacturing at Aimboo

Our aim is to stand out as a reliable and global safety shoe manufacturer. We have expert taking care of every step of the Aimboo PPE footwear production process.

Cutting Team

Workers cut shoe parts into the required patterns based on the required style using dies. The workers must ensure high precision and accuracy.

Stitching Team

Another group of professional stitching workers ensures the vamp parts are properly joined together with neat and firm seams for durability and style.

Eyelets Team

The shoes now reach another team where workers fix eyelets using semi-automatic machines. The eyelets must be firmly fixed and sturdy.

Toe Cap Team

The toe cap team fixes caps to the upper lip of the safety shoe and clips them, ready for the next step. Toe cap materials include steel and composite depending on the specified requirements.

PU Sole Team

Skilled workers ensure the right polyurethane quantities for an outsole that matches SRC standards. Controlled PU injection ensures the right sole density and lifespan.

Cementing Team

The outsole and shoe’s upper or vamp are glued together and gradually cooled to ensure a stable and strong bond. This process is called cementing.

Packing Team

The finished safety shoes are paired and packed in readiness for delivery to clients from around the globe. This part of the production includes checking the shoes to confirm a flawless product.

Loading Team

Quality control experts inspect and stamp the packaged boxes. Loaders then carefully load the boxes into containers for shipping.

our capacity

Safety Shoes Certification

Our safety shoes and work boots comply with different international standards for workplace safety. We are ISO9001 certified, ASTM certified, and CE certified. We also have a professional QC team that inspects all safety footwear before being packed and shipped to clients.


Aimboo Safety Footwear Testing

Our mission as your safety shoes supplier is to ensure even more quality footwear. That is why we test our shoes for various capabilities to protect the feet. We also test for durability, footbed breathability, and more.

Outsole Wear Resistance Test

The abrasion test machine tests the PU outsole for the ability to resist wear. This test helps us control sole density to ensure the longer lifespan of our safety shoes.

Toe Cap Pressure Test

The safety shoe’s steel cap is tested for compression and impact resistance. The test means safety shoes and work boots that protect your toes from falling objects and other hazards.

Midsole Anti-Penetration Test

We use an anti-puncture testing machine to check the ability of metallic and non-metallic inserts to resist penetration. The test helps us make shoes that assure you of adequate foot protection.

Tear Resistance Test

This test checks the safety shoe's ability to handle compression and tensile forces. The test enables us to design our safety shoes and safety boots using the best materials for durability.

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