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Top Industrial Safety Suppliers of 2023

Are you looking for an industrial safety supply near me? Wondering how big the Industry is? Looking for a reliable sour of industry safety equipment to cater to your business’s needs? Then this post is for you. Here we will talk about some of the important things you need to know about the industrial safety industry and its suppliers. We’ll also talk about some of the most popular companies in this Industry, what type of industrial safety products they offer, and more!
Industrial safety refers to procedures that safeguard equipment, facilities, buildings, structures, machinery, and the environment in industrial settings. Federal, state, and local rules and regulations are in charge of regulating industrial safety. The main regulatory authority in the US focusing on workplace safety is the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA).
Best Industrial Safety Suppliers of 2023

Industrial Safety Market Overview

The size of the global industrial safety market is anticipated to reach $9.5 billion by 2028, expanding at a 6.9% CAGR over the projected period. Each year, there are millions of industrial or occupational accidents that cause substantial production time to be lost.

Top Industrial Safety Suppliers of 2023

To give you an idea of the key market players in the field of industrial safety products, here is a list of some of the top industrial safety suppliers in the world today:

Euro Safety Group Industrial Safety Suppliers

Founded in 2004, Euro Safety Group is one of the leading safety equipment manufacturing company s in the world. They specialize in manufacturing a wide range of industrial safety equipment, including fall protection equipment such as harnesses and lanyards, fire retardant clothing and gloves, respirators, and dust masks. The idea behind Euro Safety Solutions is to have a more customer and hazard-centric approach.
With over 2500 employees throughout the world, Euro Safety offers innovative, high-quality protection products for the workplace in line with the mission statement, “Protection with Comfort.”
Euro safety group is recognized as one of Asia’s largest integrated PPE manufacturers in terms of brand value, quality, and customer centrism. Euro Safety Group of Companies won the Best In Class Award for Manufacturer of The Year (PPE Category) from Stars of the Industry Group in 2020.

Home Page:https://eurosafetygroup.in/
Contact Page: https://eurosafetygroup.in/contact-us
Career Page: https://eurosafetygroup.in/careers
Product Page: http://www.eurosafetyfootwear.com/products.html

Products Offered:
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Euro Safety Group
Wabash, Indiana, United States
Mr. Varun Budhiraja

Armstrong Products Industrial Safety Suppliers

Founded in 1996, Armstrong Products is one of India’s most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Garments, Uniforms, and all kinds of Protective Equipment and Safety Products.
Armstrong is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Safety Equipment, Safety Apparel, Protective Wear, Safety Footwear, and Industrial Gloves from Mumbai, India.
Armstrong Products has been successfully catering to the safety-related requirements of large conglomerates as well as small & medium-sized organizations globally with their Competitiveness, Professionalism and Streamlined Management.

Company size
11-50 employees

Work Wear, Industrial Uniforms, Protective Apparel, Health & Safety, Textiles, Personal Protective Equipment, Garments, Fabrics, and Apparel

Contact Us Page: https://armstrongproducts.co.in/contact-us/
Home Page:https://armstrongproducts.co.in/
My Account Page:https://armstrongproducts.co.in/account/
About Us Page:https://armstrongproducts.co.in/

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Armstrong Products Pvt. Ltd1996IndiaMr. Dhruv Tewari

Intech Industrial Safety Suppliers

Intech Safety Private Ltd is one of the most renowned industrial safety companies and suppliers of safety equipment for several industries ranging from Aerospace to FMCG.
A narrative spanning a score, Intech is now a prominent name in the global protective-gear space. Twenty years of grit and determination have resulted in a holistic work environment for their internal stakeholders and the society at large. From Total Quality Management to innovation to deft after-sales service, Intech is committed to the cause of ‘protecting your people!
Established in 2003, Intech Safety has grown exponentially to become a highly accredited company. Intech Safety is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to creating solutions for industrial hazards.

Company size
51-200 employees

Exclusive Services

  • Chemical Hazard
  • Solutions
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Safety Consulting

Home Page- https://intechsafety.com/
About Us –https://intechsafety.com/about-us/
Products – https://intechsafety.com/products/
Services –https://intechsafety.com/services

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Intech Safety Private Ltd2003Kolkata, IndiaGopal Ghosh

Joseph Leslie & Co Industrial Safety Suppliers

Joseph Leslie & Co LLP was established on 15th February 1933 and founded by the late Mr. Joseph Leslie Vaz. Leslico offers some of the strongest industrial safety helmets available and is designed to meet demanding protection needs.

“Trust, Wisdom, & Safety” – Three words that stand for Joseph Leslie & Co. LLP. A top brand in India, JL&C, needs a little introduction. A reputed organization that gives all three in the field of safety – products & equipment, services, and customer support.

The company’s philosophy is to give the best quality products and services to its customers. With this objective, JLC has always strived to offer innovative products that are not only technologically superior but also economical compared to other brands in the market.

Home Page: http://www.josephleslie.com/
Product Page: http://www.josephleslie.com/products
Contact Page: http://www.josephleslie.com/
Partners Page: http://www.josephleslie.com/partners

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Joseph Leslie & Co LLP2005India
Mrs.Rajul Gandhi

Reflecto Safe Industrial Safety Suppliers

Reflectosafe, a pioneer in high-visibility solutions, was established and founded by Mr. Rakshit Damani & Mr. Lalit Aggarwal in 2003. Since then, they have led Reflecto Safe on the path to success through focused innovation and the implementation of stellar technology.
Reflecto Safe, a leader in providing solutions for the workplace, strives to offer experience through a variety of novel product offerings.
They offer a wide range of reflective and high visibility products, which include reflective garments, hand gloves, and headgear. Reflectosafe strives to provide the best-in-class quality products without compromising on their customer’s satisfaction.
ReflectoSafe TM High Visibility clothing is powered by 3M Scotchlite TM reflective tapes, a superior brand that offers the highest degree of reflectivity. ReflectoSafe offers reflective safety products that provide ultimate protection, comfort, style & safety.
Company size
51-200 employees

Home Page: https://reflectosafe.com/index.html
About Us Page: https://reflectosafe.com/about.html
Products Page: https://reflectosafe.com/reflective-safety-jackets.html
Contact Us Page: https://reflectosafe.com/contact.html

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Lalit Aggarwal

Sanctum Work Wear Industrial Safety Suppliers

“Sanctum begins with a mission for perfection and ends only once it is achieved.” The company’s experience over the years empowers them to engineer a product that is as tough as the people who wear it.
Sanctum Work Wear Pvt. Ltd. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, safe, & durable coveralls, high-quality safety shoes, and other Industrial Safety Equipment & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for heavy industries, infrastructure sector, oil & gas sector, refineries, shipping industry, automobile, energy, engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, ports and shipyards, textiles, scientific environment, and many other specialty sectors.
The sanctum team is an ensemble that knows their individual roles and responsibilities and knows how to synchronize them for a perfect symphony. Service delivery is taken very seriously, along with manufacturing excellence.
Company size
201-500 employees

Home Page: http://www.sanctumworkwear.com/index.html
Contact Us Page: http://www.sanctumworkwear.com/contact.html
Product Page: http://www.sanctumworkwear.com/Coveralls_Plain.html

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Sanctum Work Wear Pvt. Ltd.
Ashok Mudaliar

Sure Safety Industrial Safety Suppliers

Aim of providing 360-degree solutions in Industrial safety space across the entire spectrum of Fire Protection, Fall Protection, Safety Consulting & Training, as well as an all-encompassing range of products for PPE from Head-to-Toe for every major Industry and department.
Sure safety involves verticals like head protection, hearing protection, fall protection, hand protection, chemical splash, respiratory protection, eye protection, body protection, feet protection, and many more. With a range of products of more than 2200, Sure Safety can provide head-to-toe protection along with customization too.
Sure safety also provides services in the space of safety consulting, training, and equipment. With the company’s team of over 3000 certified instructors, Sure Safety can provide expert advice on any matter related to safety. They also have a large network of partners who are experts in their respective fields; thus, they can help you out with your projects even if they are not related to safety.
Company size
201-500 employees

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Sure Safety1996IndiaNishith Dand

Utkal Industrial & Safety - Industrial Safety Suppliers

Utkal Industrial & safety products is a leading global market player, where they provide high-quality personnel protective equipment & safety gear fire fighting products designed to protect people from all types of hazards. Utkal sells equipment of the highest quality standards only.
Started business in the capital city of Orissa in 1998 to cater to the growing need for industrial and mining workers in this eastern zone of India. Now they are the leading organization providing all types of industrial safety & PPE items. They enable people to experience a better quality of safety products by providing a quality product, which adds safety as an essential deed to the lives of the industrial worker.
Company size
201-500 employees

Home Page: http://utkalsafety.com/index.php?key=4#
About Us: http://utkalsafety.com/index.php?key=4#
Contact Us: http://utkalsafety.com/index.php?key=10
Products Page: http://utkalsafety.com/index.php?key=31

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Utkal Industrial & Safety1998Bhubaneswar, IndiaManoj K. Banthia

Unicare Industrial Safety Suppliers

Unicare was established in 1981 with a focus on the Emergency Eye/Face Wash and Drench Shower business. The Unicare’s core interest was very well captured in its logo.
Over the last 42+ years, The company has established a diversified safety product catalogue to offer the best safety products to the Indian market and later on become synonymous with ‘high quality and high reliability in the safety segment.
The consistent high-quality and reliability of Unicare products, comparable with many renowned international brands, has taken the company to a formidable position and has been the key to Unicare’s comprehensive customer base panning wide industry segments within and outside India.
Major segments of business include – Eye Wash, Safety Showers, Fall Protection, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue, Marine Safety, Eye & Face Protection, Fire Safety Cabinets & Spill Containment. Unicare also has a separate division for Project business.

Home Page: https://unicaresafety.com/
About Us: http://unicaresafety.com/our-legacy/
Contact Us: http://unicaresafety.com/contact-us/
Products: https://unicaresafety.com/disaster-management/#

Products Offered:
Company Name Found Year Country CEO
Unicare 1981 India Cyril Pereira Diago and Wendy Leslie Pereira

Raga Safety Industrial Safety Suppliers

RAGA Safety is a rapidly-growing player in the Indian PPE Market. They are involved in the Manufacturing and Distribution ISI-Approved Personal Protection Equipment.
Founded in 2005 by Mrs.Rajul Gandhi, the company is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of ISI-Approved Helmets, Cotton-Knitted and Other Hand gloves, Goggles, Masks, Reflective Jackets, Steel-Toed Safety Shoes, and Uniforms. RAGA Safety is backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure spread across their factories in Vasai and Silvassa.
Company size
11-50 employees

Home Page: https://ragasafety.com/
Contact Us Page: https://ragasafety.com/contact-us/
Product Page: https://ragasafety.com/products/
About Us: https://ragasafety.com/about-us/

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
RAGA Safety
IndiaMrs.Rajul Gandhi

What Is Industrial Safety?

When we talk about industrial safety, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, it’s probably safety equipment such as hard hats and safety glasses. However, industrial safety is a lot more than just those items. Industrial safety refers to the various systems products, and processes that are put in place to ensure a healthy and safe work environment in a particular industry. This includes everything from making sure that all employees have access to proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to providing safety training and education. Industrial safety is a crucial part of any manufacturing or industrial facility. Without proper safety practices in place, employers risk losing employees due to injuries or illnesses that could have been prevented if proper precautions had been taken.

Types of Industrial Safety Products

Digging deeper, there are tons of industrial safety products and equipment that are used by many industries. Some of the most popular examples include personal protective equipment, fall protection equipment, and fire extinguishers.

Gloves, masks, safety shoes, and hard hats are just some of the most common PPE – personal protective equipment. They’re used to protect workers from hazards such as chemicals, dust, and other contaminants.

Fall protection equipment can prevent serious injuries or even death in the event that someone falls down from a height. This includes guardrails and safety nets for construction sites. Fire extinguishers are another important type of industrial safety product that helps keep workplaces safe from fires and other emergencies.

The list goes on, and there are many other products that can help keep workers safe on the job.

Industry Applications of Industrial Safety Products

There are many businesses that highly rely on industrial safety companies in sourcing the right safety equipment for their employees. These businesses fall into industries including but not limited to:

Oil & Gas

Safely handling volatile chemicals and hazardous materials is essential for the oil and gas industry. Whether you’re working with crude oil or natural gas, there are many ways to keep your workers safe from accidental exposure.
One of the most important factors in this process is using proper safety equipment such as gloves, eyewear, overalls, and respirators to filter out harmful contaminants. Protective gear will reduce your risk of injury or illness while on the job site, so it’s worth investing in products that will last for many years of use.

Food & Beverages

Food-related industries are some of the most dangerous in America, so it’s no surprise that they’re also some of the most heavily regulated. The FDA regulates everything from food safety to labeling to packaging to production standards.
Any facility that produces consumable food products must adhere to these regulations or face serious consequences. If you work in a food facility, you need industrial safety equipment like fall protection systems and fire extinguishers to keep yourself and your coworkers safe at all times.


Pharmaceutical companies produce medicine for millions of people every day, but they also need to protect themselves from exposure to harmful agents like bacteria or viruses while they’re working on their products.
That’s why they rely on industrial safety equipment respirators and gloves—to protect both themselves and their patients from things like contamination by airborne pathogens or chemical exposures during drug manufacturing processes.


Whether it’s cleaning products or chemicals used for manufacturing, there are dangers associated with chemicals and the equipment used to handle them. For example, corrosive chemicals can cause burns and other injuries if they come into contact with the skin or eyes. Safety gloves can help prevent injuries related to these substances.

Power Generation

Power generation plants often use high-voltage electricity to produce power and heat energy. The systems that distribute this energy also use high voltages, which means workers must have proper training in order to safely handle these systems.
This includes knowing how to safely install, operate and maintain electrical equipment such as switches, breakers, and fuses, as well as knowing how to read electrical diagrams. Preventing electrical burns is another form of industrial safety equipment that can prevent serious injuries at power generation plants.

Metals & Mining

Mining is one of the most dangerous occupations because of all the heavy machinery involved in mining processes, such as drilling and blasting rock formations with explosives or using machines like bulldozers or giant shovels to move large quantities of the earth around at once.
Working around these heavy machines, as well as being exposed to toxic chemicals and dust particles in the air, can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to wear industrial safety equipment such as hard hats and goggles.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Safety Product for Your Industry?

If you own or work at an industrial facility, you know that safety is a priority. When it comes to protecting your employees, it’s important to choose the right equipment for the job.
Here are some factors 7to consider when choosing an industrial safety product:

Know Your Workers and Their Needs

Knowing your workers and their needs is the first step in choosing the right safety product for your Industry. Are you looking for a machine that will protect your employees from falling or slipping? Do you need a walk-through metal detector? Or are you looking for an emergency stop switch that will cut power to your machines when an employee falls into them?

Consider Your Budget

Another important consideration when choosing industrial safety products is budget. While some companies may be able to afford expensive safety products like fall protection systems, others may have more limited budgets and need to choose less expensive options. You can find many affordable options on eBay, including everything from gloves to goggles and respirators.

Determine Your Industry’s Health Requirements

Your first step is to determine what health requirements are in place for your Industry. For example, if you work with chemicals or in a food-processing plant, there may be specific safety regulations that must be met. You can find out about these requirements by contacting your state’s labor department or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Find Out What Your Employees Are Most Concerned About

Next, find out what your employees are most concerned about when it comes to workplace safety. Is it hearing loss? Eye strain? Skin irritation? This will help you determine which products will best meet their needs — and help them perform their jobs safely every day.

Determine Whether You Need a Customized Solution

If none of the available industrial safety products seem like a good fit for your business or Industry, don’t despair! Consider having a customized solution made just for you. This can be a great way to ensure that your workers have the best safety equipment possible — and that it’s suitable for the job at hand.


There are tons of options when it comes to safety equipment, but it is important to filter out the bad ones and find the right product for your needs. With the increasing demand for safe and secure working environments and the need to comply with OSHA regulations, the need for safety equipment is becoming more and more important. The right choice will ensure your team’s safety and peace of mind while working in hazardous conditions.
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