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Top Lab Coat Suppliers of 2023


For nearly a century, the white coat has been the preeminent symbol for medical practitioners. The tradition of wearing white coats began in the late 1800s, when surgeons, followed by physicians, began wearing lab coats to separate themselves from those attempting to pawn supernatural cures. The lab coat is made of cotton, linen, and a polyester blend that can be cleaned and entirely laundered at high temperatures. It is typically made of white or very light-colored cotton. The modern white coat was first used in medicine in the late 1800s as a symbol of cleanliness.

Laboratory Coat Suppliers of 2023

Laboratory Coat Market Overview

During the projected period from 2018 to 2030, the global market for lab coats is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.5%. The rising need for lab coats among doctors, nurses, and researchers worldwide is responsible for this industry’s expansion. The demand for lab coats is also driven by healthcare workers’ increased awareness of hygiene and safety. The global lab coats market may be divided into men’s and women’s coats. During the projection period from 2018 to 2030, the men’s coat segment is anticipated to hold a more significant proportion of the global market than the women’s coat segment. This can be ascribed to elements like shifting fashion trends and a rise in the use of male-specific lab attire by research institutions and hospitals worldwide.

Leading Laboratory Coat Suppliers

The coat doubles as a simple uniform and a means of protecting their street attire. The clothing may be washed at a high temperature and is constructed of white or light-colored cotton, linen, or a cotton polyester combination, making it simple to determine whether it is clean. Students in Argentina wear similar coats as a representation of the study. Teachers in Tunisia and Mozambique dress in white coats to shield their casual attire from chalk. They protect from unintentional accidents in the lab, such as acids. In this situation, the typical clothing has long sleeves and is constructed of absorbent fabric, such as cotton, to protect the wearer from toxins. Some lab coats have buttons at the end of the sleeves to secure them around the wrist, so they do not hang into beakers of chemicals. Here are the top ten leading suppliers below:

Liberty Industries, Inc., Laboratory Coat

Since 1953, Liberty Industries, Inc. has produced and distributed high-quality cleanroom and contamination control accessories around the globe, making Liberty the one-stop shop for all cleanroom requirements. One phone call to Liberty is all it takes, no matter what the customer needs. Liberty offers the broadest selection of system solutions on the market right now, including their well-liked Modular, Softwall, and Mini-Micro Cleanrooms, Air Showers, Laminar Flow units, Shoe Brushes, Tacky Mats®, Prep Rooms, Pass Throughs, and hundreds of accessories, including clothing, vacuums, educational materials, and more. On-demand, they also offer third-party testing and certification. Their conventional items, including air showers, laminar flow benches, storage cabinets, glove boxes, pass-throughs, complex wall cleanrooms, and soft wall cleanrooms, can be customized by their skilled engineering staff to meet the unique requirements.

Liberty Industries, Inc. Official Site:
About Liberty Industries, Inc.:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Liberty Industries, Inc.1953USARodney Graff

AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd., LLC Laboratory Coat

The company AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd. is a privately held company that has been offering clients high-quality clothing since 1994. Over the years, they have worked with various companies, including hospitals, stores, and institutions. AIM Garments is the parent company of our business, AIM Health Solutions. They have experienced a severe lack of vital PPE supplies for healthcare personnel throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. They took the initiative to solve that issue because they are the manufacturer. They can provide the highest quality PPE at a competitive price because of their many years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry and their never-ending supply of fabric suppliers. Being the manufacturer, they can provide personalized products, which most other brands cannot. If customers would like to buy something they don’t find in the catalog, they will create it for them because the crew works really hard to make the thoughts come to life.

AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd., LLC Official Site:
About AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd., LLC:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd., LLC1994USALincoln Tran

DENIOS, Inc., Laboratory Coat

The top producer and supplier of goods and services for protecting the working environment and workplace safety are DENIOS. They provide legally compliant goods, services, and solutions for handling hazardous materials to customers in business, the arts and crafts, trades, and public sector organizations. They maintain its global market-leading position through innovation in product creation, manufacturing, and retailing. Based on its extensive expertise, many customers appreciate them as dependable partners and problem solvers globally. Through advancements made throughout its whole value creation process, this expertise has been further expanded over many years. This enables them to guarantee the best quality across all product categories, ensuring guidance that is solution-focused and prompt delivery. Their everyday actions are driven by the enthusiasm for preserving natural resources and a sense of social responsibility.

Official Site:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
DENIOS, Inc.1986USALuis Diego Rodriguez

Lakeland Industries, Inc., Laboratory Coat

Lakeland is a market leader in producing protective gear that helps increase worker safety in industries including petrochemicals, electric and gas utilities, hazardous waste sites, cleanrooms, fire services, and road crews, to mention a few. The customers are given the tools they need to create the safest working environment possible thanks to over 40 years of experience manufacturing high-performance, time-tested workwear. Electric and gas utilities, petrochemicals, hazardous waste sites, chemical handling, cleanrooms, labs, fire services, and road workers are among the industries for which protective apparel is produced. Products include gloves and sleeves for hand and arm protection, disposable PPE, chemical PPE, critical environment clothing, FR/AR rainwear, high-visibility clothing, protective heat gear, and high-performance clothing.

Lakeland Industries, Inc. Official Site:
About Lakeland Industries, Inc.:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Lakeland Industries, Inc.1982USACharles Roberson

SupplyOne, Inc., Laboratory Coat

SupplyOne’s mission is to uncover the hidden costs within our customers’ packaging expenses. As both a manufacturer and distributor of packaging, we understand the full scope of the industry. From delivery service, our Certified Packaging Specialists are committed to responsive service and dedication to quality. Visitors have product knowledge. They understand packaging. Before establishing packaging strategies and techniques that support business conduct business, they carefully consider customer demands. They think the ideal complement of goods and services should facilitate the work. The most crucial thing is that they should increase the bottom line. The strongest alliances start with a common objective. For almost 20 years, SupplyOne’s mission has evolved to meet the needs of its clients. Their goal is to deliver packaging they can rely on to hold, safeguard, ship, mark, and brand their products—always presenting them in an eye-catching manner. Their programs are made to minimize the company’s total cost of ownership and to provide greater control and management of packaging charges. They are prepared to apply the strategies to the company.

SupplyOne, Inc., Official Site:
About SupplyOne, Inc.:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SupplyOne, Inc.1998USATodd Renehan

NCI Inc (Formerly Innotech Products) Laboratory Coat

Innotech Products, founded in 1996, provides a complete line of cleanroom supplies and equipment. These goods include furnishings, gloves, swabs, and sophisticated, all-inclusive air filtration enclosures. The components for a stick-built room, modular hardware and software cleanrooms, and technical design support to identify which kind of cleanroom is ideal for their particular application, are all offered by NCI (Innotech). Some of these ideas can be straightforward, while others might call for specialized tools for specific uses. Whatever the requirement, the customer service and technical staff go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction on every purchase. Their client comprises several high-tech businesses in the biomedical, aerospace, semiconductor, plastic injection molding, and pharmaceutical industries.

NCI Inc (formerly Innotech Products) Official Site:
About NCI Inc (formerly Innotech Products):
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
NCI Inc (formerly Innotech Products)
Nate Harvey

CleanFreak.com Laboratory Coat

Back in 1995, when we first began for business, their goal was to cater to clean freaks everywhere. For all of us, that entails carrying the proper cleaning supplies and offering helpful guidance along the route. They understand how frustrating it may be to be in a pinch without the right tool or cleaning solution. They take great pleasure in having the appropriate tools, materials, and accessories available when whoever needs them—distributor of cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment for homes, businesses, and industries. Automatic scrubbers, buffers, stripping machines, extractors, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, and rotating floor machines are some of the floor-cleaning tools available. There are a variety of bathroom supplies available, including deodorizers, dispensers, drain maintenance items, facial tissue, waste bags, wipes, hand dryers, hand sanitizers, soaps, shampoos, carts, paper towels, and vomit and puke absorbents.

CleanFreak.com Official Site:
About CleanFreak.com:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
CleanFreak.com1995USAJoe Hagen

Cleanroom Supply Laboratory Coat

Cleanroom supplies are produced and distributed. Examples of products are wipes, gloves, sticky mats, cleaners, detergents, chemicals, water, washable and disposable clothing, adhesive/tack rollers, sticky mat frames, alcohol, bags, brooms, and brushes. Additionally, there are buckets, wringers, cleanroom, and parts, cleanroom documentation, equipment, furniture, gowning room parts, lotions, sanitizers, mops, sponges, spray guns, squeegees, static control products, swabs, tapes, ultrasonic cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and accessories. Wipes come in various materials, such as cotton, nylon, poly-cellulose, polyester, pre-saturated, specialized, and sponge/foam wipes. Many types of gloves are available, including cloth gloves, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, and sterile nitrile gloves. Examples of disposable clothing include coveralls, lab frocks or jackets, bouffant caps, and shoe covers. Sprayers of water and nitrogen are available.

Cleanroom Supply Official Site:
About Cleanroom Supply:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Cleanroom Supply2005USATom Moore

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies

Harmony started as a leading supplier of specialty equipment for cleanrooms, serving their customers since 2006. After working with Viking Office Products for more than ten years, where they gained valuable knowledge, Sean Clough founded Harmony. Harmony first experienced a pandemic in 2009. The H1N1 panic provided their first glimpse into the influx of resellers profiting from the commotion. Priorities included organizations with which they had connections, nearby schools, medical facilities, and long-term care facilities. They carefully verified orders to ensure they didn’t sell to resellers. A company’s worth lies in its commitment to the long-term welfare of its neighborhood. A similar pattern reappeared in 2020 for Harmony with Covid-19. Nitrile gloves and N95 respirators were purchased in quantity by unskilled resellers who took advantage of the situation and tried to resell them for a quick profit. Such price gougers benefit at the expense of the community’s health and well-being. Harmony put purchase restrictions in place, personally evaluated orders, and gave current clients priority in an attempt to combat this. The epidemic exposed the weakness in their supply chain, rekindling the support for regional business. Harmony is selling more American-made goods than ever before. As a more specific, identifying brand for Harmony, they registered Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies as a trademark in 2021.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies Official Site:
About Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies2006USASean Clough

Thomas Scientific Holdings Laboratory Coat

Supply maker and distributor for cleanrooms. Wipes, gloves, sticky mats, cleaners, detergents, chemicals, water, washable and disposable clothing, adhesive/tack rollers, sticky mat frames, alcohol, bags, brooms, and brushes are among the products. There are also buckets, wringers, cleanroom parts, documentation, equipment, furniture, gowning room parts, lotions, sanitizers, mops, sponges, spray guns, squeegees, static control products, swabs, tapes, ultrasonic cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and accessories. Cotton, nylon, poly-cellulose, polyester, pre-saturated, specialty, and sponge/foam wipes are among the several kinds of wipes. Many different types of gloves are available, including cloth gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, sterile nitrile gloves, temperature-resistant gloves, and vinyl gloves. Bouffant caps, coveralls, lab dresses or coats, and shoe covers are examples of disposable clothing. There are both water and nitrogen spray pistols available.

Thomas Scientific Holdings, LLC, formerly Cleanroom Supply Official Site:
About Thomas Scientific Holdings, LLC, formerly Cleanroom Supplys:
Laboratory Coat:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
New Pig1985USABen Stapelfeld

What is Laboratory Coat?

A white coat, called a lab coat, or overcoat, is a knee-length overcoat or smock worn by individuals working in the medical industry or in laboratories—the coat doubles as both a simple uniform and a means of protecting their street attire. In laboratories and clinical/patient care settings, lab coats are essential to worker protection. When working in the laboratory or clinical stages, lab coats must be worn with the proper kind and size of personal protective equipment to prevent accidental spill or contact (PPE).

Importance of Laboratory Coat

The lab coat is a necessary piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) because it is worn in labs by both medical professionals and aspiring medical students. While lab coats are helpful for both medical practitioners and scientists in the following ways:
– Any accidental chemical contact, small chemical splashes, and skin and clothing protection.
– The lab coat serves as a detachable barrier in the unsure case of a spill or splatter of hazardous material.
– It stops and delays the spread of infection outside of a sterile environment.
A lab coat’s fundamental and primary purpose is to protect the wearer’s body (and clothing) from harm while managing chemical dangers, as well as when spills, explosions, emergency fire scenarios, and a few other unanticipated events can happen inside the laboratory.

Limitations of Laboratory Coats

In general, safety gear, including lab coats, should not be used as a replacement for engineering controls like fume hoods, glove boxes, process enclosures, etc., or as a replacement for sound work habits and excellent personal hygiene. It will be necessary to wear additional protective clothing in addition to lab coats when handling significant amounts of chemicals, such as rubber or vinyl aprons for handling large quantities of corrosives or hydrofluoric acid, or it may be preferable to wear chemical-resistant coveralls for complete body protection. On the other hand, using engineering controls like fume hoods does not eliminate the requirement for wearing the right PPE, such as lab coats.

Types of Laboraty Coats:

Long white Lab Coat / Doctor White Coat

These lab coats are available in sizes ranging from 36 to 42 inches, usually ending at the wearer’s knee. These lab coats are preferred by chemists, pharmacists, and other personnel operating in pathological laboratories. They have a reputation for offering excellent protection against spills, pollution, and bacteria.

Short White Laboratory Coat

Tall lab coats can be identified by the 2 inches added to the length and sleeves. This is ideal for medical professionals with long arms. These lab coats typically measure 28 to 35 inches in length and are usually shorter. However, the size of these white lab coats is roughly mid-thigh.

Consultation Laboratory Coat

Considering that most doctors wear them during consultation rounds, consultation lab coats are typically called doctors’ coats. These lab jackets resemble traditional lab coats in a lot of ways. Women today wear their lab coats in several ways to look fashionable and feminine.

Fashion Laboratory Coat

The princess seams, back belts, darts, and other trendy details give these lab coats a slim fit. These lab coats have a lovely drape and enhance the professional’s figure.

Coloured Laboratory Coats

As the medical world’s standards have improved and changed, colored lab coats have grown more and more in style. Because they seem impressive and appealing and make it easier to distinguish between different work professions, colored lab coats are becoming more popular and widespread in medical settings.

Things to consider before you buy a Laboratory Coat

Lab coats are the most critical component of lab supplies in the medical sector. These lab coats symbolize deference and reliability and have come to represent the industry as a whole. The length, cut, pattern, number of pockets, closure, buttons, fabric, and other characteristics of lab coats are all variable. One can select from a wide variety of lab coats, given the situation and industry trend. It’s crucial to realize that each lab coat is unique and that each preparation differs from the next. A professional will only wear a lab coat if it is necessary, comfortable, and appropriate for their job. Other important considerations are access to trouser pockets, apertures, and stain or wrinkle resistance.


To summarize, lab coats are crucial safety gear that shouldn’t be disregarded in potentially dangerous circumstances. There is no justification for not owning a lab coat as they are inexpensive, offer protection from liquid and airborne chemicals, and are available in any size and color. Lab coats are crucial for staying safe in surroundings with dangerous chemicals. They shield users from leaking chemicals, dust, and gases that could trigger allergies or other respiratory issues like asthma.

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