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Top Safety Equipment Manufacturer of 2023

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of safety equipment? In this article, we’ve assembled the best supplier of high-quality safety equipment for your business and personal needs. Continue to read!
Early PPE prioritized shielding the wearer’s body from harm. The plague doctors of sixteenth-century Europe also donned protective outfits consisting of a full-length gown, helmet, glass eye covers, gloves, and boots to avoid contamination. The development of scientific personal protection equipment is widely thought to have started with fabric facemasks relatively recently.
Best Safety Equipment Manufacturers of 2023

Safety Equipment Market Overview

The world market for personal protection equipment was projected at USD 91.6 billion in 2021, and it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2022 to 2030. Over the projected period, there is expected to be a rise in demand for personal protective equipment due to rising concerns over worker safety on the shop floor. Construction, food manufacturing, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals are just a few industries in the Asia Pacific region that have seen substantial growth due to increased governmental and private investment. Over the forecast period, the PPE market is anticipated to develop due to rising industrial activity and growing consumer awareness of personal protective equipment.

Leading Safety Equipment Manufacturers

The expanding number of construction and infrastructure development projects in the US is anticipated to be advantageous for the sector. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, estimates that every year falls related to construction cause between 100 and 200 fatalities globally. To prevent such severe industrial injuries, government agencies impose strict regulations. These are the top safety manufacturers:

Global Glove & Safety, Safety Equipment

In 2003, Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing, Inc. began its adventure with a straightforward task and some leather gloves. GGS now provides hand protection products resistant to cuts, impacts, heat, and cold. GGS faced less competition by diversifying its product offerings to include branded and cutting-edge items. Craig Wagner was the IGA (International Glove Association) Hall of Fame’s youngest-ever inductee. His dedication to safety, especially hand protection, has been a pillar of GGS’s success. Bullhead Safety Eyewear was added in 2013 as the firm celebrated its tenth anniversary. With years of combined experience, Bullhead Safety’s GGS is a significant participant in the safety sector with a proactive, skilled sales team. Bullhead Safety provides workers with the high-end, comfortable-fit designs, a selection of colors, and styles they need to express themselves at work.

Global Glove & Safety Manufacturing, Inc., Official Site:
About Global Glove & Safety Manufacturing, Inc.:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Global Glove & Safety Manufacturing, Inc.
Craig Wagner

Ergodyne Safety Equipment

Manufacturer of safety equipment and worksite training programs. Products include defense, preventive measures, and compliance assurance. Gloves, kneepads, supports, high-visibility clothing, headgear, eyewear, lanyards, gear and tool storage products, thermal apparel, and work shelters are among the available goods. They have a solid commitment to the safety community and produce disproportionately good outcomes for employees, safety professionals, and sellers of their products. Millions of workers worldwide use their gear daily, and a rising army of authorized distributors and global representatives is eager to serve them and brainwash those who don’t…yet. They achieve this by combining listening, education, focus, and the pursuit of greatness uniquely. What began with a single product has expanded into a collection of superior, tried-and-true Tenacious Work Gear that is all meticulously made to safeguard employees on construction sites worldwide, encourage prevention, and manage the elements.

Ergodyne Official Site:
About Ergodyne:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Ergodyne1983USATom Votel

Guardway Corp. Safety Equipment

Creator of a business platform designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing procedures. The company offers a dashboard that gives a thorough and up-to-date overview of its operations and generates insights by identifying any production machinery defects. This allows businesses to not only consult the performance of their machines quickly but also to gain insights for making decisions that will maximize the performance of production processes. The Guardway offers arrow boards, traffic signs, barrels, barricades, and equipment for trailers. They keep an extensive stock of equipment for traffic management. Most likely, they have what you need to complete the work securely. A full selection of barriers, cones, drums, fencing, flags, pavement markings, strobes, DOT, parking, construction, street name signs, posts, and accessories. They provide custom sign design and fabrication services focusing on traffic and regulatory signs.

Guardway Corp. Official Site:
About Guardway Corp.:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Guardway Corp.
1968Charlotte, NCJohn Youngblood


Occunomix Safety Equipment

Their solutions can shield people against workplace mishaps and the hazards and discomforts of hot, cold, or wet settings. OccuNomix assists organizations in adhering to OSHA standards for workplace safety. Millions of individuals who participate in sports and other activities appreciate these goods. They are also used to treat a variety of aches and pains—the industry pioneer in personal thermal stress protection gear. ANSI 107-2015 is met by Occulux high visibility safety vests, coats, jeans, and t-shirts. Workers are protected from the cold by HotRods hard hat winter liners. These identical heads are protected from falling items, bumps, and scrapes thanks to Vulcan hard helmets and bump caps. OccuMitts support gloves are excellent for the office, terrific for hobbies, and have been used by people with arthritis all around the world to relieve hand discomfort. Many anti-vibration gloves, mechanic’s and extrication gloves, and flame-resistant clothing are available.

Occunomix International LLC Official Site:
About Occunomix International LLC:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Occunomix International LLC2003USARichard Hauser

Pyramex Safety Products Safety Equipment

Pyramex, which was founded in 1991 and now has more than 2,500 distributors in more than 60 countries, has grown to become one of the top suppliers of safety products in the world by offering cutting-edge and fashionable product lines, unmatched customer care and the mentality that we succeed when you succeed. Before a single Pyramex product leaves the facility, they endeavor to ensure that it complies with the strictest industry safety standards, considering the demands and observations of our distributors and end users. They also spend countless hours researching, designing, and testing their goods. And can do so with assurance when they have Pyramex products on the shelves because they stand by everything they do. The leading provider of personal protection equipment is Pyramex. They have developed into a business that sells to more than 60 nations worldwide after more than 27 years in business. The company’s culture distinguishes it; they value events that bring people together to exchange food (plenty of food!).

Pyramex Safety Products, LLC Official Site:
About Pyramex Safety Products, LLC:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Pyramex Safety Products, LLC
Travis Slater

Paulson Manufacturing Corp. Safety Equipment

The world’s most excellent expert on the unmistakable face and eye protection for first responders and industrial employees is Paulson Manufacturing Corp. Their goal is to let its clients, who are the backbone of their company, enjoy the advantages of protection and safety. They can fulfil this purpose by producing the best safety protection equipment available. They want to earn their clients’ confidence, reliance, and trust. They want to be their first option for the crucial job of saving lives and safeguarding sight. Since its founding in 1947, Paulson Mfg. has become associated with unrivalled quality, comfort, innovation, and protection. They carry out every task internally because of their vertical integration. An out factory in Temecula, California, handles every production stage, from product design to tooling creation, injection moulding, machining, assembly, packaging/labelling, and shipping. This enables us to uphold a strict quality control program in accordance with IS00-9001 and gives everyone flexibility to provide creative engineering solutions. These goods are proudly made in the United States.

Paulson Manufacturing Corp. Official Site:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Paulson Manufacturing Corp.
Temecula, CA
Roy Paulson

ERB Industries, Inc. Safety Equipment

Welcome to ERB Safety, the premier provider of high-quality personal protection goods and product decoration services. Providing high-quality, tried-and-true items is their daily commitment. ERB Safety was established more than 60 years ago with a commitment to local business, their passion for the safety products sector, their participation in the writing of applicable product standards, and their willingness to volunteer time and energy. Today, ERB Safety is the leader in the industry for quality. They produce ANSI Type I and Type II head protection while adhering to ISO 9001:2015 and with LiveSafe Quality Management System. By the relevant ANSI requirements, incoming items are quality tested in our on-campus Quality Assurance laboratory. They can help with stock and customized orders thanks to the company’s award-winning customer service, sales staff, and substantial inventory. Its vast network of expert distributors sells its products throughout North and South America, Mexico, and other nations.

ERB Industries Official Site:
About ERB Industries:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
ERB Industries1956USASheila Eads

Radians Safety Equipment

Radians are the forerunners of a safer future. By producing high-performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the industrial, construction, and safety markets for more than 20 years, Radians has established itself as a significant player in the safety sector. They produce goods, services, and experiences that pave the way for a safer future by fostering an innovative, adaptable, and excellent culture. Additionally, Radians offers high-quality brands like DEWALT and Crossfire. Most clients value diversity, new product development, adaptability, and a compelling value offer. The commitment to customer focus and the production and marketing of high-quality personal safety items in 48 countries across six continents is strengthened by its certification as an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. The greatest assets are that they pay attention to end users and adapt to market developments.

Radians, Inc., Official Site:
About Radians, Inc.:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Radians, Inc.1996USARick Thornberry

Protective Industrial Safety Equipment

PIP is committed to providing cutting-edge safety solutions and a world-class customer experience. PIP has a varied product line with over 10,000 products and 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space. Every day, they endeavor to create, educate, and offer its customers cutting-edge safety products that keep workers safer, more comfortable, and more productive. PIP can offer safety solutions specifically suited to customers’ needs thanks to its five U.S.-based manufacturing plants. A group of product managers, experts, and field quality control professionals work in these factories. PIP’s best-in-class field support, training, and market understanding keep end-users safe and secure. PIP is a dependable safety partner. They have nearly 40 years of experience in the field of safety, industry-leading brands, high-quality goods, and world-class customer service. They are Bringing the Best of the World to Eachother® now because of their long history of creating ground-breaking solutions that safeguard end customers.

Protective Industrial Products, Inc., Official Site:
About Protective Industrial Products, Inc.:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Protective Industrial Products, Inc.1984USAJoe Milot

Industrial Safety Bazaar Safety Equipment

Its registered office is located at Industrial Safety BazaarSource India Shoes, M.C Complex, 2nd Floor Naya Bans, Sector -15, Near Metro Station, Sector 15, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201301. Industrial Safety Bazaar is an Indian proprietorship firm that was established in 2010. According to the date of its registration, the firm is currently twelve years, nine months, and twenty days old (2010). The company’s contact information is provided in the contact section, or they can use their website’s request for quote form to contact them. Industrial Safety Bazaar, a sole proprietorship business, is renowned as the top producer of high-quality goods and services, including Safari Safety Shoes, Source India S-5001, Men’s Oxford Shoe, and Source. The goods and services provided are renowned for qualities including excellent quality, reasonable prices, necessary functionality, and low maintenance. Safari Safety Shoes, Source India S-5001, Men’s Oxford Shoe, and Source are available in various ranges and models thanks to the company’s skilled employees, strict quality control procedures, and emphasis on customer care. They have a track record of providing goods and services to clients and purchasers at prices that are competitive with the market. Their interests and benefits are well-positioned on the global market.

Official Site:
Safety Equiment:

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Industrial Safety Bazaar
IndiaDev Masand

What is Safety Equipment?

Safety equipment is generally defined as the safeguards employees employ to prevent accidents, fatalities, life-threatening circumstances, etc. Workers use various safety personal equipment depending on the danger involved in the work. They must understand the concept of safety equipment if they operate in this industry. For instance, dark welding helmets are utilized as protective gear during welding operations. Hard helmets, foot protection, and coveralls are considered safety gear in construction tasks. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the umbrella term for these different safety gear. Although there are several definitions of safety equipment, ultimately, it boils down to working safely and using the proper tools.

Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protection equipment, commonly called safety equipment, is created expressly to help shield workers from health or safety dangers on the job site. Workers can reduce the number of avoidable accidents that happen on job sites each year by donning the proper safety gear.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is essential when a hazard cannot be eliminated or managed. Radiation exposure, chemical burns, electrical shock, and other possible risks. This post will go through the many PPE categories so they can learn how to pick the right PPE for several typical situations.

Head Protection

All personnel working in environments with a risk of head injury from collision, electrical shock, burns, or falling or flying items must wear head protection. Helmets, hard hats, bump caps, guards, and other types of head protection PPE are some examples.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is essential for individuals who work in environments where it is impossible to minimize noise intensity or exposure time. Since it should offer sufficient safety, cleanliness, and comfort, plain cotton is never a suitable protective device. Earplugs, noise meters, acoustic foam, and communications systems are some examples of hearing protection.

Eye and Face Protection

Personnel must wear eye and face protection when exposed to eye or face dangers from liquid chemicals, acids, chemical fumes, molten metal, light radiation, or flying particles. Goggles, safety glasses, eyewear accessories, and visors are a few examples of eye and face PPE.

Respiratory Protection

Preventing air contamination is the way to safeguard the well-being of your workers. Equipment that should utilize for respiratory protection spans a broad spectrum. Face masks, detectors, protective hoods, respirators, helmets, and other items may be part of this equipment category.

Hand Protection

Company employees need hand protection devices to shield them from severe temperature extremes, chemical burns, punctures, abrasions, cuts, lacerations, holes, and punches.

Safety Equipment Advantages

There are risks associated with every job, and cleaning is no exception. The benefits of purchasing personal protective equipment for employees are numerous and should not be ignored. Employees won’t become sick or contract diseases if hazardous microorganisms are kept out of the workplace. Additionally, wearing personal protective equipment helps to stop the transfer of pathogens and germs from one person to another.

Things to consider when choosing the right Safety Equipment

There are seven crucial aspects when deciding whether PPE is best for your workplace.


The choice of PPE for company staff will depend on the environment they will be operating in. Comfort can be ensured in climate-controlled spaces to some extent. Every company has an X-factor; it’s the most difficult to modify an organization’s culture.

Threat Level

Level 4 or 5 protective equipment will do if the employees are handling quarter-inch tempered glass. Half-inch annealed glass poses a significant risk to employees when it breaks and becomes razor-sharp. The cut protection level should be higher the more influential the threat level.

Balancing Comfort & Safety

A piece of PPE gets heavier the higher it’s rating. Don’t acquire equipment with a more excellent safety rating than they require in an attempt to overcompensate. By evaluating the threat level of any given work and choosing the appropriate equipment, strike a proper balance.

Sizing & Proper Fit

PPE doesn’t have to fit perfectly, but it also shouldn’t be too loose. Consider a worker’s neck length and sensitivity to glass and pointed things.

Cost of PPE

Depending on the resistance, the price of personal protective equipment (PPE) varies from item to item. PPE can withstand electrical currents, flames, or cuts.


Protecting employees from hazards at work requires personal protective equipment. Employers must evaluate the workplace to determine whether any risks require using protective equipment that is present or likely to be present. Each employee needed to use PPE must receive training from the employer after the appropriate PPE has been chosen. The proper use, maintenance, and disposal of PPE and how to correctly put on and wear PPE must be covered in employee training. Each affected employee must show that they have received the necessary training and can utilize it effectively.
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