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Top Safety Shoes Manufacturers of 2023

Introduction to Safety Shoes

Industrial safety footwear is a type of protective equipment or gear specifically designed to guard the feet of the user against injuries and different hazards of workplaces. An example of industrial safety footwear includes safety shoes as well as safety boots that come with different fittings and features. The safety shoe’s function is to protect. Each one of them has unique qualities that best suit specific applications.

Safety Shoes

Common Types of Safety Shoes

Common segmentation of safety shoes uses is to where they are fit to wear. You can see safety shoes for the chemical industry when working closely with chemical hazards, food industry safety shoes for kitchen workers, steel toe work shoes when working on a construction site, and more.

Work Boots Manufacturer And Safety Boots wholesale

Planning to be a safety shoe distributor? You might as well start looking for a reliable safety boots supplier to source your product with. There are tons of safety shoemakers in the market but only a few are known and offer products that truly last.

This article is written and enlisted top wholesale shoe distributors and exclusive brands on the market. Even not having to choose from the lists below, this article will at least give you the idea of what kind of safety shoes are must-haves and what are not.

Safety Shoes Market Overview

Safety shoes are used in almost every industrial application. The market itself is very much driven by demand with the ever-increasing functions of safety shoes.

Safety footwear is now mandatory in nearly every workplace and there are more than enough options for you to choose from when it comes time to make your purchase.

The forecast period of time of safety footwear is from 2018 to 2024 with a CAGR of 5.7%.

Looking at the market trend, it seems like there is still a lot of room for growth as shown by the increasing demand for more safety shoe brands in both developed and developing countries around the globe.

Regions including developing markets of the Asia Pacific and the potential for growth in workwear spending globally are expected to drive significant gains in the safety footwear market over the forecast period.

List of Best Safety Shoes Brand Today

Listed below are the best safety shoes brands today. All listed brands offer a selection of work boots and different safety footwear that are worthy of mention. We have breakdown the top safety shoes brands so you can decide what’s the best fit for your application requirements.

UVEX Safety Shoes

The UVEX brand is based on two established pillars: The UVEX is not only a well-known safety shoe supplier but also provide helmets for winter sports, cycling and horse riding, sports goggle, and more.

UVEX is a top brand that equips over 1,000 known athletes across the world.  The company produces its products prioritizing safety and protection.

Understanding the importance of well-fitting safety footwear, UVEX safety shoes are designed to perfectly fit the user and provide different types of safety shoes for different applications.

It eliminates premature risks when walking, kneeling, or working at a machine. UVEX safety footwear gives more than protection. They give importance to comfort, attractive design, and exceptional fit.

Supplier Advantages:

Variety of Safety Footwear Protection Class (EN ISO 20345)

  • S1
  • S1 P
  • S2
  • S3
  • S5

Provides perfect protection in sectors such as:

  • Automotive
  • machine construction
  • chemical industry
  • construction sites,
  • service and logistics

Can also use for outdoor workspaces

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry

UPOWER Safety Shoes

U-Power Group is a global leader in the distribution and marketing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company’s success is the result of a constant commitment to pursuing excellence both in terms of innovative technologies and quality of materials used and product design. All U-Power products including U-Power safety shoes are made in Italy.

The U-Power safety shoe supplier offers more than 300 variations of safety footwear which is perfect for different applications, foot conditions, and work environment conditions. All U-Power safety shoes are designed to achieve protection and style. The company has safety shoes low, mid, and high catering to customers’ requirements.

You can find virtually all types of Safety Shoes in their catalog. Ankle boots, boots, low, high, hoof, moccasin, and sandal.


  • EN ISO 20345:2011
  • EN ISO 20347:2012
  • EN ISO 20349:2010
  • UNI 11583:2015

U-Power Safety Footwear Scope of Use include:

  • Steel industry
  • Petroleum
  • Mines
  • Assembling dried and wet environments
  • hot
  • chemistry
  • cold

Safety Class Variations

  • 02
  • O1
  • S1
  • S1P
  • S2
  • S2P
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5
  • SB

Footwear Catalog: https://www.u-power.it/en/footwear

Official Website: https://www.u-power.it/en

Panda Safety Shoes

Panda Safety started operating back in 1979 in Cisternino southern Italy. For over 40 years, the company has developed and grown into a well-known safety shoe supplier today. Panda Safety uses raw materials of high quality to increase the performance of the components creating products whose durability in time is guaranteed.

The company offers more than 180 Safety Shoes in its collection and exports to more than 70 countries. Panda Safety’s product capacity numbers to more than 6500 pairs of shoes daily which is enough to supply the demand of customers world.

Panda Safety Shoes Categories

  • Top sneaker
  • basic
  • Sanitary & Food
  • Techo
  • Top trekking
  • Strong professional
  • Extreme
  • Top winter & fiery
  • After work
  • Top classic

All shoes under specific categories individually speak for themselves. They offer protection and design leveraging from the latest safety shoes technology.

Alongside Panda Safety Shoes, the company also has Panda Insoles.

  • Comfort Insole
  • Metatarsalgia insole
  • Heel-strikes insole
  • Senso insole

FTG Safety Shoes

FTG Safety shoes have a deep foundation that starter over 50 years ago. The company continues to research new technologies and materials that allow its safety shoes to be designed and produced with unparalleled quality.  The company is strategically located in Northern Italy in Lonigo in the province of Vicenza, equipped with highly automated systems that allow direct control and constant production

The FTG Safety Shoes Catalog offers a variety of lines including:

  • Ducati racing line
  • Sport line
  • Music line
  • Revolution line
  • Comfort line
  • Eagle line
  • White line
  • Scorpio line,
  • Olympia line
  • Professional line
  • Master line
  • other footwear accessories

These selections are made to cater to user requirements and different applications.

FTG Official Website: https://www.ftg-safety.com/index-en

FTG Safety Shoes Line: https://www.ftg-safety.com/06-safety-shoes

EMMA Safety Shoes

EMMA Safety shoe supplier takes pride in promoting products that represent Next Generation Safety. The company prioritizes safety on all forms for both employees and customers alike. EMMA Safety Shoes are certified under ISO 20345:2011 standards. Every production is partnered with extensive testing daily.

The company has recently broadened its scope when it comes to safety. EMMA safety shoes now opt for safe foot protection, safe working conditions, and safety for the environment and future generations.

EMMA Safety Footwear offers selections of safety shoes with different specifications and advantages:


EMMA Safety Home Page: https://www.emmasafetyfootwear.com/home-en

EMMA Safety About Us: https://www.emmasafetyfootwear.com/about-us/next-generation-safety-en

HYTEST Safety Shoes

All HYTEST footwear is designed with the user’s workday in mind. Products meet ASTM standards and are designed to fit the shape of the user’s foot. They have shoes with different toe types so customers are ensured to experience comfort and protection all the time.

The HYTEST Steel Toe footwear is designed with sturdy steel for ultimate protection from workplace hazards, rolling, and falling objects. They both have men’s and women’s safety shoes in their catalog.

HYTEST Safety Shoes Technologies:

  • Footrests
  • High Heat
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Static Dissipating
  • Insulated
  • Nano Toe
  • Slip Resistant
  • Puncture Resistant

HYTEST Safety Footwear About Us: https://www.hytest.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-hytest_us-Site/default/NationalAccount-Show

Men’s Footwear: https://www.hytest.com/en/mens/

Women’s Footwear: https://www.hytest.com/en/womens/

Home Page: https://www.hytest.com/en/home

WOLVERINE Safety Shoes

WOLVERINE Safety Shoes Supplier was founded and started by G.A. Krause back in 1883 as a small leather tannery. Later on, their Michigan Company produced work boots and globes which were made famous due to their comfort and toughness.

WOLVERINE is known for its 1000-mile boot and is considered the company’s very soul. The 1000 Mile boot was introduced back in the 1910s and was marketed as well as its name. Because it offers 1000 miles of wear. It is made from soft, long-lasting shell horsehide leather which workers loved.

If you are looking for a new pair of boots for job sites, hiking or hunting boots, and shoes, the WOLVERINE shop is full of options of Men’s Wolverine Boots. They also have selections of safety shoes for women with equal levels of comfort, longevity, and durability, and protection.

WOLVERINE Safety Shoes – Engineered to Win

  • Comfort – prioritizes making the most comfortable boots on the planet
  • Purpose Built – Every Wolverine Safety boot is tailored with intention of providing perfect fitment
  • Endurance – Offers durability and longevity that will last

WOLVERINE Home Page: https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/home

WOLVERINE Men’s: https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/men/?icid=navigation-header-mens

WOLVERINE Women’s: https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/women/?icid=navigation-header-womens

Timberland Pro Safety Shoes

Hard work, innovation, and love of the great outdoors. They are all big part of the Timberland Story. The company starter in 1952 by its founder Nathan Swartz. It is in 1999 when the company introduces Timberland Pro Series on the public. This is to deliver safety shoes that protect and deliver performance for skilled workers everywhere.

Timberland Pro Safety shoe series offers a variety of boots and shoes for different workplaces. Their selection includes:

  • Work boots
  • Work shoes
  • Tactical boots
  • Composite toe boots & shoes
  • Steel toe boots & shoes
  • Soft toe boots & shoes
  • Alloy toe boots & shoes

Their line of safety-toe work shoes are specifically designed to deliver the protection of a composite safety shoe but have the feels of wearing a sneaker. It’s lightweight and flexible making users easy to move around.

Alongside Timberland Pro Safety Shoes, the company offers a different selection of footwear including slip-ons, sandals, moc-toe sneakers, sneaker boots, slides, boat shoes, chukka shoes, and more.

TIMBERLAND Pro Collection: https://www.timberland.com/timberlandpro.html

Home Page, Locator: https://www.timberland.com/utility/location-selector.html

Rocky Safety Shoes

Rocky Boots is one of today’s leaders in quality outdoor, work, western, public service, and military footwear. They are located in Ohio and were founded by Brook Brothers in 1932.

Rocky Safety Shoes are designed with safety and comfort in mind. The company offers a large variety of work boots for men prioritizing safety and comfort features to keep users on their feet through the toughest and longest work shifts.

The company has a wide variety of safety boots for different workplaces and hazards.

  • Steel tor or composite toe
  • Insulated and waterproof boss
  • Electric hazards
  • Oil and slip resisting boots
  • Workknit LX lightweight work shoes
  • Women’s work boots

Homepage: https://www.rockyboots.com/Home

Safety Shoes: https://www.rockyboots.com/rocky/by-feature/safety/


If you’re looking for the best safety shoe for yourself, be sure to consider the features and purpose you need before buying.

It is important that your safety shoes are comfortable as well as protective. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to choose the best boots or shoes to meet your needs.

Ensure to have the best value for your money by choosing the right one. Avoid cheap boots that are poorly made, uncomfortable, and will not last a day of work on the field.

Buy from a reputable company with a warranty to return or exchange if you get a defective pair of safety shoes or boots.

If you like this article and feel that is worth sharing, please feel free to do so.

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