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TPU Sole Shoes

Aimboo is one of the professional  TPU sole shoes manufacturers. We manufacture real promising high-quality TPU sole shoes with different mold designs, colors. Send us your requirements now!

TPU Sole Shoes Manufacturing

We have more than 10 years of accumulated production experience that has made our supply of PU/TPU sole safety shoes trusted by many customers.

The TPU sole shoes made by the Aimboo factory are more durable because they are built with high-quality raw materials.

The vamp’s leather is passed the tear strength test.

The lining mesh is breathable and anti-abrasion.

You can get high-quality TPU sole shoes that have approved CE and ASTM requirements in our factory.

Wide Toe

You can choose wide toe from our standard or custom different

Steel Toe

You can choose the steel toe cap to make cheap woodland safety shoes

Composite Toe

You can choose the composite to make high top woodland safety shoes

We are a safety shoes manufacturer and safety shoes supplier you can depend on.

We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment. Put your safety first with Aimboo safety shoes!

TPU Sole Shoes

Our factory has more than 300 workers, an efficient QC team and 3 injection lines.

The normative process and production team keep your order’s quality and delivery time stable.

Aimboo TPU sole shoes always combine with a midsole of polyurethane (PU) to obtain a PU/TPU sole that can keep the TPU sole shoes more flexible and comfortable.

Our TPU sole shoes have Protective toe cap and anti-penetration midsole that can keep your work safer.

The TPU sole has excellent abrasion resistance and slips resistance compared to other PU soles.

The TPU sole shoes maximum advantage is cold resistance.

They’re however not recommended for use on hot ground surfaces.

If you work in –5 and -20 degrees workplace or your country is very cold during the winter, you must choose the TPU sole shoes.

Because the TPU sole in a low-temperature environment,  still maintain excellent elasticity.

Aimboo TPU can be made of any color, such as translucent, this color can make your safety shoes fancier.

If your market needs the TPU sole shoes, please quickly contact our professional sales team, we will recommend the most fashionable TPU sole shoes for you!

Aimboo can also manufacture other different soles like PU sole safety shoesRubber sole safety shoes and more, Just send us an inquiry!

TPU Sole Shoes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

TPU sole shoes are shoes that are made from an advanced form of polyurethane (PU) which is resistant to abrasion, flexible, and sturdy.

This article will give an overview of TPU sole shoes ranging from applications, benefits, sizes, material, features, and factors to consider in selection.

What are the Benefits of TPU Sole Shoes?

TPU Sole Shoe

TPU Sole shoe

Some of the benefits of TPU sole shoes include:

  • They are light in weight.
  • TPU sole shoes are resistant to temperatures up to about 130 degrees Celsius.
  • Stays flexible even in low temperatures.
  • They have premium slip resistance mostly for slippery and uneven surfaces.
  • Highly tolerant to cracking, abrasion, cuts and tears, and splitting.
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils.

What are the Features of TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the features of TPU sole shoes include:

  • Slip-resistant sole on slippery and uneven floors.
  • Reflective retro edging on the heel.
  • Ant-static external sole.
  • Energy absorption through the heel.
  • Toe cap for protection from getting hurt by falling objects.
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature resistance up to 130 degrees Celsius.

What are the Limitations of TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the limitations of TPU sole shoes include:

  • TPU sole shoes are not highly resistant to heat as they can only withstand up to 130 degrees Celsius.
  • They possess less storage longevity. Therefore, it is important to ensure that TPU sole shoes you purchase do not sit on the shelf for several years.
  • The materials used in TPU sole shoes can increase the price as compared to shoes made from other materials.

TPU Sole

TPU Sole

Which Toe Options can you use Alongside TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the toe options for TPU sole shoes include:

  • Wide toe: in this, the width of the forefoot is increased to accommodate wider feet. Individuals who have a wide foot usually possess similar width of the heel but wider toes and forefoot.
  • Steel toe: made from well-selected excellent steel material and they meet international quality standards like EN12568 standards.

Steel toes are bale to endure compression and resist impact.

  • Composite toe: it contains a composite material situated in the toe portion of TPU sole shoes and the midsole.

This option is suitable if you need to pass through metal detectors like insecurity, airports, nuclear plants, and courts.

How should you Maintain TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the ways you can maintain TPU sole shoes to make sure they last longer include:

  • Store them well: you should keep TPU sole shoes away from direct sunlight or heat as this may shrink, dry up or harden its midsole. This in turn will result in reduced cushioning and durability of the TPU sole shoes.
  • Ensure they have space: you should not stack TPU sole shoes under heavy shoes as their upper part may be subject to wearing down or crushing.
  • Dry the shoes well: wet TPU sole shoes should be dried well and the insoles removed to make sure they will not stink after drying. You should not force TPU sole shoes to dry as this might damage them or make them lose their shape.
  • Always untie: you should always untie your TPU sole shoes before removing them instead of using your feet to kick them off. This in turn protects the heel cap from losing the support of getting crushed.
  • Clean TPU sole shoes regularly to enable them to last longer periods.
  • Wash and brush the soles of TPU sole shoes to eliminate any contaminants and dirt.

How much do TPU Sole Shoes Cost?

TPU Sole shoe

TPU Sole shoe

The price of TPU sole shoes tends to vary depending on several factors such as quality, customization features, size, and material.

The Price of TPU sole shoes ranges between $3 to about $20.

To benefit from reduced price, you may purchase TPU sole shoes in bulk. This is because the manufacturer will offer you quantity discounts for larger orders.

What is the difference between TPU Sole Shoes and Nitrile Sole Shoes?

 Nitriel rubber sole

Nitrile rubber sole

Some of the differences between TPU sole shoes and Nitrile sole shoes include:

  • TPU sole shoes are resistant to temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius while nitrile sole shoes are resistant to heat up to 300 degrees Celsius.
  • TPU sole shoes are most suited for people who work in cold areas as they stay flexible in low temperatures.

Nitrile sole shoes, on the other hand, are suited for people working in hot conditions or working around hot objects.

  • TPU sole shoes are highly flexible as compared to nitrile sole shoes.
  • Nitrile sole shoes are a bit pricy as compared to TPU sole shoes which are relatively affordable.
  • TPU sole shoes are very common and thus available in several options which you can choose from.

Nitrile sole boots on the other hand are not readily available and thus it may be difficult to get shoes that you like.

How do TPU Sole Shoes compare to PU Sole Shoes?

Some of the comparisons between TPU sole shoe and PU sole shoes include:

 PU sole shoes

PU sole shoes

  • PU sole shoes are suited for rough use applications like sports, labor-intensive industries, and trekking.

TPU sole shoes are suitable for indoors and outdoors, environments where the temperature is not extreme, and for uneven and slippery surfaces.

  • TPU sole shoes are relatively pricy as compared to PU sole shoes.
  • TPU sole hoes are made from an advanced form of polyurethane which is very flexible, resistant to abrasion, and sturdy.

PU sole shoes are made by reacting isocyanate prepolymer like methylene diphenyl isocyanate and a polyol component using heat and a catalyst.

  • Both TPU sole shoes and PU sole shoes tend to be light in weight thus serves as perfect choices for lightweight footwear.
  • TPU sole shoes and PU sole shoes are resistant to chemicals and oils due to their durability characteristics.

This makes them suitable for use in high-quality safety shoes for various industries.

Is there a Difference Between Rubber Sole Safety Shoes and TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the differences between TPU sole shoes and Rubber sole safety shoes include:

  • TPU sole shoes are light in weight and thus offer comfort to the wearer.

Rubber sole safety shoes on the other hand tend to be heavier and sturdy because of their manufacturing process.

  • Rubber sole safety shoes possess superior storage longevity thus can be stored for a very long time without getting damaged.

TPU sole shoes, on the other hand, have less storage longevity therefore you should ensure the shoes have not been sitting on the shelf for long.

  • TPU sole shoes are not highly resistant to heat as they can withstand a maximum temperature of 130 degrees Celsius.

Rubber sole safety shoes on the other hand have extreme tolerance to heat up to 300 degrees Celsius.

  • TPU sole shoes are cold-resistant down to -20 degrees Celsius and stay flexible in low temperatures.

Rubber sole safety shoes on the other hand are cold-resistant down to -30 degrees Celsius and less flexible when subjected to cold temperatures.

Where can you use TPU Sole Shoes?

TPU sole shoes are used in the following applications:

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Environments where temperatures are not extreme

How do you check the Quality of TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the ways to check the quality of TPU sole shoes include:

Quality of the Upper Materials

The quality of the upper material of TPU sole shoes determines how the shoe will age and how they will appear over time.

TPU sole shoes of bad quality tend to be made of cheap upper materials thus it is good to stick to materials that are breathable and durable.

When selecting TPU sole shoes, you should avoid brands that do not tell the type of upper material used.

Construction Quality

TPU sole shoe construction refers to how the soles and upper part hold together.

There are two major ways of constructing TPU sole shoes and this includes stitched and glued.

High-quality TPU sole shoes are mostly stitched in such a way that the outsoles and upper are stitched in place with thread.

Stitched TPU sole shoes can be repaired over time thus makes it possible to replace the outsole when it wears.

Glued constructions of TPU sole shoes are whereby the uppers are attached to the sole by use of glue.

Glued TPU sole shoes are easier and cheaper to manufacture.

However, it is difficult to repair or resole glued TPU sole shoes thus over time, you will get permanent wear.

Therefore, it is good to select TPU sole shoes with excellent construction quality.

Production Quality

Establishing the production quality of TPU sole shoes entails having a closer look at how they are made.

The highest quality TPU sole shoes are manufactured very well with high-quality material and have an appealing finishing.

When shopping for quality TPU sole shoes, ensure you select those that are well produced instead of just saving on costs.


Price should not be a basis for establishing if TPU sole shoe is of high quality.

You should use price to get a general idea of where the TPU sole shoe, lays on the quality scale.

TPU sole shoes made of high-quality craftsmanship and materials tend to be expensive as compared to others.

How do You Customize TPU Sole Shoes?

You can customize TPU sole shoes using the designs that you may prefer and which suits your specific need.

Customization serves as a great way of making your TPU sole shoes look unique and more interesting.

Once you have settled on the design that you prefer, manufacturers will custom make your TPU sole shoes to suit your specifications.

What Causes Failure in Sole Bonding in TPU Sole Shoes?

The most common forms of failure in sole bonding in TPU sole shoes include:

  • Peeling of adhesive from upper: this is established by no adhesive remaining on the upper TPU sole shoe material and a coating of adhesive on the outsole.
  • Upper surface tear: the upper TPU sole shoe material may be weak and reach a point that it is torn away from the bond of adhesive.

This will leave all adhesive and a very little amount of upper material attached to the outsole of TPU sole shoes.

  • Peeling of adhesive from outsole: this is caused by an adhesive that has not bonded well with the outsole thus leaving the adhesive attached to its upper material.

There is no material left in the TPU sole shoes’ outsole material.

  • Adhesive non-coalescence: whereby the bond of an adhesive has failed thus leaving the adhesive on the upper and outsole materials.
  • Breakdown of adhesive: this is where an adhesive did not coagulate and cross-link thus causing a breakdown of the bond.
  • Sole surface tear: whereby and outsole material for TPU sole shoes has torn away leaving the layer of adhesive fixed to the upper material.

Such problems of failure in sole bonding can be solved by implementing the following:

  • Conducting in-line inspections.
  • Ensuring quality assurance.
  • Implementation of good fact

Which Sizes are available for TPU Sole Shoes?

Some of the available size ranges for TPU sole shoes include:

  • Between number 35 to number 48 for Europe sizing
  • Between number 2 to number 14 for the UK sizing

What are the available Color Options for TPU Sole Shoes?

TPU sole shoes are available in several color options some of which include:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Beige

Is TPU Sole Shoes Oil and Acid Resistant?

Yes, TPU sole shoes are highly resistant to oil and acid.

This makes them suitable for use as safety shoes in different industrial applications.

TPU Sole Shoes Oil and Acid Resistant

TPU Sole Shoes Oil and Acid Resistant

Which Material do you use to Make TPU Sole Shoes?

TPU sole shoes are made from TPU polyurethane material named thermoplastic.

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer polymer material possesses excellent toughness, elasticity, bending resistance, high hardness, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance.

Why are TPU Sole Shoes Best for Cold Weather?

Yes, the maximum advantage of TPU sole shoes is their resistance to cold weather.

However, it is not recommended to use on hot ground surfaces.

Therefore, if you work in environments of cold temperatures during some seasons, then TPU sole shoes are the best.

This is because, even in environments with low temperatures, TPU sole shoes always maintain their elasticity.

Do TPU Sole Shoes have a Warranty?

Yes, TPU sole shoes have a six months manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. However, it is important to note that this warranty only takes care of material and manufacturing faults.

This warranty will not take care of TPU sole shoes which have been subject 5 to excess wear and tear or misuse.

The warranty for TPU sole shoes is offered in addition to other remedies and rights in place under the law.

Are TPU Sole Shoes Durable?

Yes, TPU sole shoes are very durable due to their resistance to abrasion, flexibility, and sturdiness.

TPU sole shoes are also made from high-quality raw material which ensures their durability.

Are TPU Sole Shoes Non-slip?

Yes, TPU sole shoes have premium slip resistance for surfaces that are slippery and uneven.

This is of great benefit to individuals as it increases TPU sole shoe durability, reduces accidents, repels oils, and grants peace of mind.

What is the Maximum Temperature TPU Soles can Withstand?

TPU sole shoes can withstand resistance to temperature up to 130 degrees Celsius or 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Causes TPU Sole Shoes to Yellow?

Some TPU sole shoes have a tendency to yellowing over time. There are several myths as to why they yellow.

The basic theory is that it results from direct sunlight breaking down chemicals used to make TPU sole shoes.

TPU sole shoes easily turn yellow in the sun as they oxidize and change to yellow after washing and staying long in the air.

TPU sole shoes also turn yellow as a result of continuous deposits like sweat stains and dirt. Another cause of the yellowing in TPU sole shoes maybe if they still have some amount of detergent not cleaned completely.

This detergent forms a chemical reaction under the sun in the ventilation process thus causing the TPU sole shoes to turn yellow.

You can prevent yellowing in TPU sole shoes by doing the following:

  • Storing TPU sole shoes properly.
  • Sliding the TPU sole shoes in a plastic bag before storing them.
  • Heat sealing the TPU sole shoes using a shrink wrap to achieve more secure storage.
  • Protecting TPU sole shoes using a moisture barrier bag.
  • Avoiding using bleach when washing the TPU sole shoes.
  • Wrapping TPU sole shoes that are wet using tissue paper or newspaper.
  • Letting TPU sole shoes air dry for at least twelve hours.
  • For long-term storage, keep TPU sole shoes in a cool and dry place.

Are TPU Sole Shoes Safe?

TPU sole shoes are safe due to the various safety features that they possess some of which include:

  • Premium slip resistance on different surfaces like uneven and slippery ones
  • Protective toe cap for protection from compression and impact
  • anti-penetration midsole which can keep you safer at your work
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • TPU sole shoes provide maximum cold resistance.

What Causes Hydrolysis in TPU Sole Shoes?

Hydrolysis in TPU sole shoes is caused by storing the shoes for prolonged periods without wearing them.

It is a chemical process that may cause the material in TPU sole shoes to disintegrate.

Some of the tips you can use to prevent hydrolysis of your TPU sole shoes include:

  • Cleaning the TPU soles thoroughly before storage.
  • Switching up the TPU sole shoes to ensure they do not stay at one place for a very long time.
  • Giving your TPU sole shoes some attention and not only saving them for special occasions.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we offer high quality and reliable TPU sole shoes for many industries.

We can also support your OEM TPU sole shoes business.

Contact us now for all your TPU sole shoes from China.

Keep Safe,
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