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Metal Free Safety Boots

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AIMBOO Metal-Free Safety Shoes for Diverse Industry

Safety shoes are a vital choice for virtually all industries. They supply protection from slips, falls, and bumps, which is crucial to avoiding injuries in the workplace. To create a safe environment for employees and clients alike, it’s important to choose footwear that can be worn anywhere on-site with ease – from the office to the warehouse flooring.
With safety shoes, we can move freely and without worrying about any accident. Unlike metal safety toe shoes, metal-free safety shoes are made of rubber and non-metal materials, which provide a comfortable feeling while walking or running.
AIMBOO metal detector friendly boots are best for industries and work environments that have maximum security including but not limited to:
· Security
· Airports
· Military bases
· Nuclear plants
· Factories
· Sites
· Business places

3 Benefits of Aimboo Metal-Free Safety Shoes

· Ideal for working environments with electrical hazards
· Lightweight, easy to move around
· Greater comfort in hot conditions when compared to steel toes

Lighter Safety Work Shoes Providing Extra Comfort

With the introduction of new safety standards in many industries, particularly construction and manufacturing, comes a need for new types of safety shoes. AIMBOO Metal-free Safety Shoes are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, like those set by ANSI and CSA. And they do it without compromising comfort or style.
Aimboo non-metallic or composite toe safety shoes are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. They are made of a composite material that is strong enough to protect your feet against impact, compression, shock, and extreme temperatures.
The composite material we used in these work boots makes them lighter, but also provides greater shock absorption and resistance to abrasion than other types of work boots.
Get the best non-metallic work boots here at Aimboo and explore other options of PPE footwear.

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