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TPU Sole Shoes

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TPU Sole Shoes Providing Comfort for Long Hours of Work

A shoe’s sole is one of its most important components. It provides direct contact with the ground and affects comfort, fit and overall performance. The type of material used for a shoe’s outsole determines how long you can wear it without pain or discomfort, how much support it will provide, and whether or not your feet will be able to maintain traction on different surfaces.
The AIMBOO TPU sole shoes & safety boots are wear-resistant and durable and can protect the feet from harmful materials. The strong and flexible PVC anti-slip outsole of the shoes is more suitable for workers who stand for a long time or walk on slippery surfaces. Abrasion-resistant and non-slip features make the shoes safer to use.
Today, with the development of the oil and natural gas industry, TPU is a material that is more commonly used in the production of shoes.

4 Features and Benefits of AIMBOO TPU Sole Shoes

– wear-resisting
– anti-aging performance – international advanced level
– non-toxic property
– No smell and low pollution

Certified TPU Sole Shoes by AIMBOO

AIMBOO is one of the best PPE, Safety shoes suppliers today. With more than 10 years of experience, we are a professional manufacturer with a strong ability to produce various kinds of safety shoes, including AIMBOO TPU sole shoes and other safety footwear which are very popular among customers.
AIMBOO has an ISO9001:2008 certificate, BV Certificated, and so on, which can ensure top quality for our products. Aimboo TPU sole shoes allow for better shock absorption than regular rubber sole shoes because the material is softer and has a lot of elasticity, which means that it can absorb more force before it becomes damaged.
It also means that they will be able to protect your feet from impact trauma caused by walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. If you are looking for other footwear, please feel free to explore our vast selection and find exactly what you need!

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