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Wedge Sole Work Boots

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  • Wedge Sole Work Boots


  • Wedge Sole Work Boots


  • Wedge Sole Work Boots


  • Wedge Sole Work Boots


AIMBOO Wedge Work Boots for Industrial and Manufacturing Settings

AIMBOO wedge sole work boot is a shoe that provides support against the floor, as well as added stiffness and stability. It was originally intended for military use, but today it is used more commonly by workers in industrial or manufacturing settings.
This type of shoe offers support against the ground while still allowing you to have a good range of motion. The sole on the bottom of this type of work boot can be made from a variety of different materials, including metal and composite plastic.
The primary advantage of AIMBOO wedge sole work boots is that they have a larger contact surface area than traditional boot designs. A typical boot has a raised heel, creating a gap between the tread of the sole that sits under the front of the foot and that of the heel. The arch of the foot has no tread underneath it.

4 Features and Benefits of AIMBOO Wedge Steel Toe Work Boots

– High-quality, easy to clean
– breathable upper material
– Waterproof & anti-bacterial waterproof membrane
– Durable Anti-fatigue

Engineered Providing Excellent Comfort and Protection – AIMBOO Wedge Sole Steel Toe Work Boots

AIMBOO® Wedge Sole Work Boots are carefully engineered with high-quality materials to be comfortable, stylish, and durable. The combination of the wedge sole and zero heel lift enhances your balance when walking or working on uneven surfaces. The work boots have a lightweight upper material that is both breathable and durable.
AIMBOO is one of the most professional companies offering high-quality products worldwide. We are proud to provide our clients with quality shoes including wedge sole work boots, work boots for women, steel toe boots, and so on. Our Wedge soled work boots are extremely versatile in the workplace.
They are not only excellent for protection, but they also provide comfort that is unmatched by any other style of boot. Get your pair now and experience the difference of AIMBOO PPE footwear.

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