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Velcro Safety Shoes- A Complete FAQ Guide

If you’re looking to purchase Velcro Safety Shoes for your business but do not have enough knowledge regarding their use and advantages, this FAQ guide is just the right place for you to get your queries answered.

The purpose of this guide is to eliminate all confusion regarding Velcro Safety Shoes and to help you in deciding what factors need to be focused on during their purchase.

Hence, to understand the pros and cons of Velcro Safety Shoes, continue reading this guide.

What are Velcro Safety Shoes?

Velcro Safety Shoes use a velcro fastener to easily wear and remove safety shoes in case of emergencies or everyday use.

Velcro Safety Shoes are a perfect fit for workplaces as they can be adjusted according to the foot structure and can provide protection along with comfort.

Velcro Safety Shoes replace laces as it can be tiresome to tie and untie shoelaces on an everyday basis and shoelaces also provide a higher chance of tripping and causing injuries if not paid attention to.

In What Cases Should Safety Shoes with Velcro Fastening be Used?

Velcro Safety Shoes should be used if you require the perfect fit for your foot as they can be adjusted by tightening or loosening according to your foot shape.

They are also preferred in workplaces so shoes can be instantly removed if faced with an accident.

The most common use of Velcro Safety Shoes is to get rid of the tiresome activity of tying and untying your laced shoes and instead have a quick fix by just opening and closing the velcro fastening.

What are the Two Different Sides of a Velcro Fastener in Safety Shoes?

The two different sides of a Velcro Fastener in safety shoes include a hook and a loop, in which the hook is the rougher and scratchy side, whereas the softer and fuzzy side is the loop.

The hook and loop are just two strips that attach themselves together in order to be fastened in place.

The more hooks and loops that are attached to a velcro fastener, the stronger it will be and have lesser chances of loosening over time.

Which Side of a Velcro Fastener in Safety Shoes is Stronger?

The hook strip of a velcro fastener in safety shoes is typically stronger as compared to the loop strip as hooks are made up of a harder material and aren’t affected much due to excessive use.

The loop strip wears out much faster and loosens the grip of the velcro fastener which causes Velcro Safety Shoes to be applied with a new velcro fastener.

It is generally said that even a two-inch piece of velcro can hold the weight of up to 175 pounds.

Are Velcro Safety Shoes in Style?

One of the reasons why Velcro Safety Shoes are always in trend is because they combine style and practicality together and can provide efficient results without compromising on appearance.

Velcro Safety Shoes have existed for a long time and are generally preferred by adults and hence, they are usually identified as “adult style”.

However, they can be used for all working-age groups and provide effective results nonetheless.

How Long do Velcro Safety Shoes Last?

The life span of Velcro Safety Shoes varies depending on the manufacturer and the material and standards used by them in their production.

Usually, Velcro Safety Shoes last up to a year or more if taken care of properly, however, the velcro fastener might loosen over time and needs to be replaced a couple of times.

If a velcro fastener is loosened, you do not have to replace the whole shoe as Velcro Safety Shoes, as a whole are very durable and can be renewed just by replacing the velcro fastener.

How does a Velcro Fastening in Safety Shoes Work?

A velcro fastener is designed with the intent that when the two strips are pressed together, they cling on to each other and do not provide an opening for any potential hazard to reach the foot.

It works in such a way that the hook engages with the loop and both the sides stick together so that the opening is sealed.

A velcro fastening in safety shoes is preferred for its quick attaching and detaching qualities.

Does a Velcro Fastener in Safety Shoes Loosen Over Time?

A disadvantage of Velcro Safety Shoes is that the velcro fastener requires a bit more maintenance as it is most likely to loosen over time if not taken care of properly.

The effectiveness of a velcro fastener also depends on the number of times they are detached and attached and the amount of force applied.

The grip will loosen if Velcro Safety Shoes are used excessively, however, certain measures can be taken to make a velcro fastener stick again.

Can Velcro Safety Shoes be Used for Running or Activities that Require Movement?

Velcro Safety Shoes are much preferred for sports as they provide the perfect protective fit for the foot and almost feel like a second skin with its added comfort and lightweight.

The way Velcro Safety Shoes adapt to the structure of your foot provides flexibility and dexterity for movements in the workplace that require you to be quick on your feet.

Due to the lightweight of Velcro Safety Shoes, they are ideal for haphazard and chaotic situations during a workplace emergency.

Does Your Company Need Velcro Safety Shoes for Business?

Velcro Safety Shoes are currently in trend due to their style and practicality, and as a business holder, these two factors should be your main focus to ensure that your potential consumers are satisfied with your product.

To stay up to date with trends is also essential for you as you need to manage the supply and demand proportion of Velcro Safety Shoes.

Velcro Safety Shoes also provide a lot of room for you to express your innovative ideas through your brand and make your brand stand out amongst all competition.

What Kind of Protection do Velcro Safety Shoes Offer?

Velcro Safety Shoes protect your feet against potential hazards at the workplace such as:

  • Heavy objects falling from a distance with a speed that has the potential to crush your foot.
  • Objects that might penetrate through your skin and cause an infection.
  • Sharp objects like glass or nails that might pierce your skin and leave serious cuts and injury.
  • Contact with heavy machinery such as chainsaws.
  • Injuries due to slipping in the workplace in a wet environment,
  • Chemicals, harmful solutions, and the resistance from extreme temperatures.

How to Maintain Velcro Safety Shoes in Order to Extend Their Lifespan?

Velcro Safety Shoes require more attention and maintenance as compared to other safety shoes as they collect more dirt and need to be cleaned lightly every day and have a proper cleaning session every month.

It is suggested to store your Velcro Safety Shoes at room temperature.

You also need to take added measures to make the velcro fastener stick again if it loses its grip.

It is also very easy to replace a velcro fastener, and it is suggested by experts to get the velcro fastener of your safety shoes replaced once it gets caught up with too much debris to ensure maximum protection.

In What Areas or Industries are Velcro Safety Shoes Worn?

Velcro Safety Shoes are most commonly worn in the following industries:

Workplaces that are very time-sensitive or require workers to take off their shoes often deem it compulsory to wear Velcro Safety Shoes.

What Test Methods are Used to Ensure Maximum Protection in Velcro Safety Shoes?

Velcro fasteners are tested with the help of an EN fasten strength test to ensure that their grip is strong enough to seal the opening of the Velcro Safety Shoe.

Some other testing methods adopted for maximum protection in Velcro Safety Shoes include:

  • Outsole Abrasion Resistance Test
  • Midsole Penetration Resistance Test
  • Tear Strength Test
  • Toe Cap Anti Pressure Test
  • Upper/ Outsole Bond Strength Test
  • Compression and Puncture Test
  • Bending Test
  • Anti Static Test

What Characteristics do Velcro Safety Shoes Offer?

Velcro Safety Shoes offer the following characteristics:

  • Energy absorption enables the shoe to protect the foot from shocks upon contact with the ground.
  • Slip resistance prevents the foot from slipping and causing injuries due to a slippery environment.
  • Heat resistance prevents sunburns and blisters caused due to contact with excessive heat.
  • Cold resistance prevents the foot from going numb in harsh conditions.
  • Odor-free to avoid the unpleasant smell from feet due to sweating.
  • Lightweight to avoid straining and swelling of the foot.

What Materials are Used in the Production of Velcro Safety Shoes?

High-quality plastic hooks and loops are used for a velcro fastener in safety shoes.

Velcro Safety Shoes can either have a steel or composite toe depending on the preference of the client.

The upper can be made of split leather, cow suede, full-grain, microfiber, flying woven, or KPU, etc.

The outsole can be made up of PU, Rubber, TPU, EVA, and Wedge sole, etc.

What are the Advantages of Velcro Safety Shoes?

The most prominent advantage of Velcro Safety Shoes is that they are extremely convenient and time-saving shoes that can be worn and removed instantly.

Velcro Safety Shoes save you from the hassle of tying and untying your shoelaces every time you have to step into or out of your shoes.

Velcro Safety Shoes adjust completely to the width of your foot so that even if your feet expand in summer or shrink in winters, it can be adjusted perfectly.

Velcro Safety Shoes are extremely flexible and can even help workers with diseases such as diabetes and arthritis to work efficiently.

They also offer maximum support, comfort, cushioning, and stability to the foot.https://www.youtube.com/embed/uXepVJ6SD54?feature=oembed&wmode=opaque

What are the Disadvantages of Velcro Safety Shoes?

Shoes with velcro fasteners are usually considered as shoes for infants and the elderly and possess mixed opinions in the retailing industry.

Velcro fasteners have to be replaced after short periods and if you are a busy worker, it will be a hassle for you.

Velcro Safety Shoes also require more attention and need to be cleaned daily as they attract a lot of dirt and debris that will accumulate if not cleaned daily.

Low-quality velcro fasteners also do not have a strong grip and can end up opening and exposing your foot to potential hazards at the workplace.

Are Velcro Safety Shoes Available for Both Men and Women?

Another advantage of Velcro Safety Shoes is that they come in men’s, women’s, and even unisex pairs.

Velcro Safety Shoes are more common for women as compared to men as they offer a lot of room for customization and are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Since most women have to handle both outdoor and indoor work, Velcro Safety Shoes are the perfect choice for them as they can be used in both areas.

Men with exhaustive working hours also have the benefit of not getting entangled and frustrated with shoelaces if they use Velcro Safety Shoes.

Does Water Affect Velcro Fastener in Safety Shoes?

It is a myth that you shouldn’t bring your Velcro Safety Shoes in contact with water as water ruins velcro fasteners.

In fact, most velcro fasteners are made of nylon that does not absorb water easily and hence, remains unaffected by water.

However, it is possible that if velcro fasteners are attached to the safety shoe with the help of adhesive glue, the water may loosen the velcro fastener and cause it to come off of the shoe.

If the velcro fastener is sewed on, it will not get affected by water whatsoever.

What Standards do Safety Shoes with Velcro Fastening Comply with?

The most common standards that are followed in the production of Velcro Safety Shoes include EN 20345, EN20347, and ASTM F2412.

These specify the impact resistance, puncture resistance, compression resistance, and the testing methods and characteristics that safety shoes need to follow.

Standards may also differ depending on your location, but these standards are known worldwide.

Velcro Safety Shoes can also be produced with any of the following standards: S1, S1P, S2, S3.

What Shoe Sizes are Available for Velcro Safety Shoes?

The shoe sizes offered by the manufacturer differ according to the client’s preference.

The more variance you opt for in your order, the more options your consumers will have.

The most common size range includes 35-48 for European sizes of safety shoes, whereas 2-14 for UK sizes.

What Method is Adopted for the Payment of Velcro Safety Shoes?

The payment procedures take into account your geographical location and the total amount needing to be transferred, and then through mutual co-operation, manufacturers and clients can come up with a procedure that is efficient for both of them.

The most common procedures for the transfer of payments include Telegraphic Transfer and Letter of Credit.

Is Warranty Provided for Velcro Safety Shoes?

Most manufacturers do provide a warranty for their Velcro Safety Shoes as it enables the client to contact them again for service.

The warranty period depends on the quality and experience of the manufacturer, and you should always opt for a manufacturer that provides at least 6 months of warranty.

During this period, if there are any defects with their product, the manufacturer will offer compensation.

Can Velcro Fastener be Applied to Safety Shoes at Home?

If the velcro fastener in your safety shoe has worn out, you can replace it with another on your own.

Velcro fasteners can be applied with the help of adhesive glue or they can be sewn over materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and metal.

You can attach velcro to fasten your shoes by connecting both the hook and loop side by side.

First, you need to insert one strip through the tongue hole, and then fold the other strip over to fasten them.https://www.youtube.com/embed/X8JJ67zWBtA?feature=oembed&wmode=opaque

How Many Times Can You Attach and Detach Velcro Fastener in Safety Shoes Before it Stops Working?

The lifespan of velcro fastener in Safety Shoes depend on the times they are attached or detached.

It is advised to not attach and detach your velcro fastener without a purpose as it loses its grip sooner.

A good quality velcro can be fastened and unfastened about 2000 to 20,000 times.

What is the Cause for Velcro Fastening in Safety Shoes to Stop Working?

Velcro fastener easily attracts debris, lint, and all sorts of tiny particles because of its sticky nature and once it gets accumulated, it might lose its effectiveness.

The loops also loosen over time and if velcro is unfastened with a strong and harsh grip it might undo the loop which gives no option to the hook to attach itself to.

A velcro fastener might also stop working because of excessive use.

Can You Fix Worn Out Velcro Safety Shoes?

Fixing Velcro Safety Shoes depend on whether it is is the hook or the loop that has worn out.

In most cases, it is the loop that gives out first which means that the hook doesn’t have anything to cling to which is why the whole velcro fastener becomes ineffective.

If the loop of your velcro fastener has worn out, it is advised to get it replaced or replace it yourself.

However, if the hook of your velcro fastener has worn out, it is most probably due to debris getting stuck.

Hence, try cleaning your Velcro Safety Shoes thoroughly and remove all the debris.

How to Clean Velcro Fastening so that it Sticks to the Safety Shoes Again?

Velcro Safety Shoes usually get clogged which makes the velcro fastener not stick completely and has the danger of being exposed to hazards at the workplace.

You can use a toothbrush and clean out all the debris and dirt accumulated in the strips

Sometimes compressed air is also used to get rid of all tiny particles and even combs are used to clean Velcro Safety Shoes.

You can even pull out the lint from your Velcro Safety Shoes with your bare fingers but if it isn’t coming out, you can also use tweezers.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Velcro Safety Shoes?

Most manufacturers deal in B2B marketing and accept bulk orders from large chain stores, wholesalers, and distributors only.

Their minimum order quantity may vary, however, Safeft accepts a minimum order quantity of up to 500 to 1000 pairs of Velcro Safety Shoes.

This quantity is enough for you if you are a first-time client, and you can later increase the quantity if you are satisfied with the results.

What is the Estimated Delivery Period for Velcro Safety Shoes?

The delivery period mainly depends on the quantity of your order and whether you require customizations or the standard product.

The average delivery period for Velcro Safety Shoes falls between 35 to 45 days.

The sample may be delivered within 10 to 15 days.

What is the Price Range of Velcro Safety Shoes?

The price range of Velcro Safety Shoes differs amongst different manufacturers depending on their experience and quality.

Bulk orders are usually very economical as compared to separate pairs and on most occasions even provide you larger profits.

Velcro Safety Shoes can be bought under 10USD-25USD for a single pair.

How to Choose the Best Velcro Safety Shoes for Your Business?

The most important factors while looking to buy Velcro Safety Shoes for your business include the width, traction, and the material used in their production.

Regarding the manufacturer, you need to consider their price, quality, reviews, and past experiences.

You need to focus on the comfort provided by the Velcro Safety Shoes as your consumers will have to wear these shoes for long periods and that is also their priority.

How Can Velcro Safety Shoes Upgrade Your Business?

A Velcro Safety Shoe business would help you to unleash your creativity and worth in the safety shoe industry and give you enough room to separate yourself from other competitors who supply their consumers with the same old and boring standard versions of Velcro Safety Shoe.

In order to have a successful Velcro Safety Shoe business, you need to focus on your brand and on adding your brand logo along with added characteristics that are unique and help you stand out.

What are the Benefits Of a Velcro Safety Shoe Business?

A Velcro Safety Shoe business is beneficial in terms of being a common in-demand product all year round and never going out of trend so you do not have to worry about discontinuing the product.

Velcro Safety Shoes also provide the benefit of customization that is much preferred by consumers as it elevates their overall appearance.

You can hardly ever go wrong with a Velcro Safety Shoe business as its pros outweigh the cons by a long shot.

We hope our goal of eradicating all your queries has been fulfilled and you are ready to place your order of Velcro Safety Shoes to a manufacturer.

If any of your questions still remain unanswered, please feel free to contact our experts and have a chat with them.

All you need to do is to click here.

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