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Work Boots
Manufacturer & Supplier

Aimboo is one of the top work boot brands, manufacturers & suppliers today. With more than 12 years of experience, Aimboo has been known for its best work boots and other PPE footwear. We are registered under ISO 9001:2008.

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Aimboo Work Boots Supply

We offer an exclusive range of work shoes and safety boots. We aim to make sure that all our products meet international quality standards for comfort and safety.

Aimboo is a work boots supplier, offering customized shoes for a specific purpose and use. We ensure to meet all international quality standards with perfect fitting and durability. We aim to make sure that all our products are convenient and easy to wear, useful in harsh weather conditions and harmful workplace conditions.

Aimboo Work Boots Standards

All our work boots and other PPE shoes are manufactured in accordance with international standards like:

  • ANSI & ASTM standards for safety footwear
  • ISO9001: 2008 (Quality Management System)
  • CE Standards for Personal Protective Equipment.
  • AS/NZS 2210:3:2019 standards
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The work boots that we offer are specially designed to protect the foot from any kind of harm and injury in heavy workplaces.

Work Boots Production

Work Boots  Manufacturing

Work Boots Testing

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Why Choose Us

Leading Work Boots Manufacturer

Aimboo is a trusted work boots  manufacturer with over ten years in the business. We offer a wide range of products including work boots, steel toe cap shoes, slip-resistant shoes, and so on.

Work Boots Manufacturing

We have an expert team of designers who are dedicated to designing safety shoes that are comfortable to wear for continuous working hours. Our quality control team ensures that all work boots made are compliant with international standards of quality and durability.

Custom Work Boots

Aimboo also offers customized work boots according to customers' specific requirements. Our vast range of work boots is available in all sizes, colors, and designs.

Work Boots Design

We have a team of expert shoemakers who are highly experienced in the manufacturing process. Aimboo ensures that all boots are designed with utmost care to meet the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. We always come up with new ideas and designs in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Work Boots Testing

All work boots are tested by quality controllers before being supplied to the customers. Aimboo designers and shoemakers ensure that all work boots are durable, comfortable, and can bear harsh outdoor conditions. Our shoes are used in a variety of industries such as construction, agriculture, landscaping & more.

Safety Footwear Quality Control

Aimboo's quality inspection team ensures that each pair of work boots is free from any fault or defect. Our quality control team conducts various tests such as drop tests, pressure tests, and many more to make sure that all work boots supplied by Aimboo meet international standards of durability and strength.

Private Label Work Boots

Aimboo also offers private label work boots. We offer private labeling for safety footwear with an aim to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This is best for the business owner that wants to offer their customers top-quality shoes and boots.

Work Boots Production

We have a strong production unit that is capable of producing large quantities of quality footwear. Our experienced team knows how to manage each step in the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Aimboo’s work boots offer turnkey solutions for all kinds of foot protection needs. We have expertise in offering safety shoes, steel toe shoes, and anti-static shoes.


We strictly follow the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines to maintain a strong quality system. Our work boots are manufactured following all international standards of quality and safety.


All work boots undergo necessary testing before they are dispatched to our esteemed clients. We make sure that all work boots comply with international quality standards and regulations before being supplied to the customers.

Work Boots Manufacturer

Work Boots Manufacturing at Aimboo

Aimboo is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality work boots for all our customers. Let our experts know about your exact requirements and discover the best safety shoe for you.

Cutting Team

Responsible for cutting the patterns on the selected materials that are used for creating boots. Precise cutting is very important as it determines the quality of the boot being produced.

Sewing Team

Responsible for joining pieces of material together. They use different kinds of materials and stitches depending on the material's strength and durability.

Stitching Team

Responsible for stitching the outsole and trimming onto the boots. They also stitch the lining and the insole, usually with a machine.

Toe Cap Team

Responsible for placing a protective layer on the front of the boot. This process strengthens the boot and makes it more durable.

Cementing Team

Responsible for putting cement on the outsole to attach it onto the upper part of the boot. This is necessary to ensure that the boots last longer.

Quality Control Team

Responsible for checking that the boots are of satisfactory quality to be shipped out. They also check that the order is in accordance with the specifications given in the contract.

Packing Team

Responsible for packing and preparing the boots to be shipped out. This include checking the boots for defects and damages before they are shipped out.

Loading Team

Responsible for loading and unloading the boots onto the transportation trucks. They make sure that the boots are securely packed so that they will not fall off during shipment.

our capacity

Safety Shoes Certification

Our safety shoes and work boots comply with different international standards for workplace safety. We are ISO9001 certified, ASTM certified, and CE certified. We also have a professional QC team that inspects all safety footwear before being packed and shipped to clients.


Aimboo Work Boots Testing Processes

Our quality assurance team conducts various tests before the final dispatch of work boots. These are some of our testing procedures:

Drop Test

This test is performed to ensure that all safety shoes withstand tough use and can bear weight without any defects.

Pressure Test

All safety footwear must be able to withstand the pressure with ease. Aimboo work boots are tested under pressure to ensure that they can bear any weight without any damage.

Durability Test

Aimboo work boots are tested using bond strength machines with the aim to determine their working life.

Water Resistance Test

Our quality controllers test our shoes by immersing them in water for a certain period of time before being taken out. This test ensures that shoes are waterproof.

There are other tests that are performed to check the quality of safety footwear. These tests ensure that work boots supplied by Aimboo comply with international standards of quality.

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