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Aimboo Safety Shoes Blog

Safety Shoes Brands
Best TPU Sole Safety Shoes 2023 – Non-slip and Sturdy Footwear

TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is a tough material that is used in the soles of TPU safety shoes. It makes these shoes shock absorbent, sturdy, and non-slip. Unlike rubber, TPU doesn’t crack or become damaged by oil. Slipping in oil is one of the most common causes of work-related injuries. TPU is also resistant to

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white work boots
Safety Shoes Brands
Best White Work Boots 2023 – Clean and Protected

When you’re working with harsh chemicals or in an environment where there is a lot of dust, it’s important to have the proper footwear. White work boots are a great option because they are easy to clean and maintain. They will stay looking good for longer, and you won’t have to worry about any dirt

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Safety Shoes Brands
Best Foam Work Shoes 2023 – Protection and Stability

As a worker, you will be using your work shoes and boots for many hours. Some jobs require long hours of standing and walking, and wearing the wrong shoes can lead to leg and back pain. The right work shoe can alleviate such problems while providing you with support and protection from rough terrain that

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Safety Shoes Brands
Best EVA Safety Shoes 2023 – Added Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Demand for safety shoes and work boots is rising each year. More and more construction, landscaping, and utility workers are wearing safety shoes that provide comfort, security, and protection against injuries caused by everyday tasks. These shoes typically rely on rubber soles for gripping power, but some companies are beginning to experiment with an innovative

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Safety Shoes Brands
Best PU Safety Shoes 2023

PU or Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer that is created through the combination of two molecules, one being alcohol and the other being an acid. This creates a material that is resistant to both abrasion and wear and tear. It also has good resistance against most chemicals. The great advantage of PU shoes over leather

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Safety Shoes Brands
Best Tan Work Boots 2023 – Classic Look, New Protection

Work boots and safety shoes are important pieces of clothing for anyone who works in a hazardous environment. It is important to know the difference between work boots and safety shoes, as well as what type of work boot or safety shoe is best for your needs. There are many different types of work boots

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