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Electrical Boots

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AIMBOO EN ISO 20341 Certified Electrical Safety Boots

Electrical safety shoes are necessary to protect your feet from potential hazards during electrical work. Electrical safety shoes are made up of steel toe cap that protects you from falling objects, harmful debris like nails and other sharp items. They also provide resistance against electric shock and resist flames in case of fire.
When it comes to workwear, comfort, durability, and safety are always top of mind. After all, when you’re on the job every minute counts. That’s why AIMBOO has developed a certified electrical safety shoe that can be worn for hours at a time without sacrificing style or comfort.
Our shoes feature slip-resistant soles to prevent accidents caused by slippery floors. They also come with electrical insulating properties to protect against electric shock in wet areas.

5 Main Benefits and Features of AIMBOO Electrical Steel Toe Boots

· High voltage electrical resistant safety shoes
· Steel Toe for protection
· meet the requirements of standard EN ISO 20345
· Protection from falling objects, harmful debris like nails, and other sharp items
· Resistance against electric shock and resist flames in case of occurrence

Best Non Conductive, Electrical Safety Footwear by AIMBOO

There’s a myth that safety shoes should be ugly and unfashionable. Safety and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive – you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. The AIMBOO electrical safety shoes are designed with style in mind, which makes them ideal for anyone who wants to keep their feet protected while looking great at work or play.
The safety boots are designed to protect against electrical hazards to meet the requirements of standard EN ISO 20345, which is an international standard for Personal protective footwear.
It is very important to select the right safety shoes for workers. The electrical safety footwear should be carefully selected first. Different types of safety shoes are available in the market. It is very important to choose the best quality shoes that will protect your feet from any kind of damage. For your needs of protective footwear, contact AIMBOO or simply browse from our selection!

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