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Conductive Shoes

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Conductive Safety Shoes: Protection From Static Electric Shocks.

Due to the presence of electricity, new problems arose. One main problem was how to handle static electric shocks. A new kind of shoe was invented to help with this issue. Conductive safety shoes are designed to conduct static electricity into the ground by creating a pathway or “conducting” it through the material of the shoe and into the ground.
AIMBOO Conductive safety shoes are made of rubber and/or PVC material, with polyurethane or carbon fiber injected into the sole. Compared with ordinary non-conducting shoes, they have a strong anti-static ability and good electrical conductivity.
AIMBOO® Conductive Safety Shoes are designed to meet the ASTM F2413 Standard for Static Dissipative Electrical Protective Footwear. They are available with an optional conductive plate that provides protection from electrical hazards on the job site.

3 Main Benefits of AIMBOO Conductive Safety Boots

· Made of rubber and/or PVC material
· Anti-static ability, good electrical conductivity
· Conform to ASTM F2413 Standard for Static Dissipative

Reliable Conductive Work Boots Electrical Hazardous Environment

The AIMBOO Conductive Safety Shoes are designed with a slip-resistant, oil and water-resistant sole for increased traction. The shoes feature a moisture-wicking mesh lining for breathability and an adjustable lace-up system that provides a secure fit. The uppers of the shoes are made from a combination of leather and rubber, while the soles contain ESD conductivity to protect against static shock.
AIMBOO is a new, ground-breaking concept in personal protection equipment (PPE) that combines comfort, style, and function. AIMBOO is an all-inclusive conductive shoe supplier with integrated stainless steel composite insoles with flexible conductive plates. The AIMBOO footwear line will provide superior comfort, stability, and protection for workers on their feet all day.

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